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openmamba milestone2 bootusb 2.0.10 release announcement - 07/22/2012

The openmamba maintainer is happy to announce the immediate availability of the milestone2 2.0.10 release of the openmamba bootusb distribution.


Lets you boot an openmamba ISO image from a USB storage device (e.g. a pendrive) thus allowing live use and installation on computers which don't have a CD/DVD-ROM reader.
It can be used as a live portable system thanks to the automatic hardware detection mechanism and it keeps user data and system changes thanks to the union mount mechanism.


A Personal Computer (PC) or an Intel based Mac with the following minimum features:

  • processor: Intel Pentium III or higher or AMD K6/Duron/Athlon or higher
  • 512 MB of RAM (2GB are recommended)
  • BIOS boot support from USB
It also requires for preparation:
  • an ISO image of a live openmamba system with same kernel release


LanguageArchDownload linkSizeDateMD5
italiani586openmamba-bootusb-it-milestone2-2.0.10.i586.cpio.gz 49 MB2012-07-129f936a2f2f37eb93fba33e33582f6149
englishi586openmamba-bootusb-en-milestone2-2.0.10.i586.cpio.gz 49 MB2012-07-12ae093913dda5722c74936e15fefb77cb
spanishi586openmamba-bootusb-es-milestone2-2.0.10.i586.cpio.gz 49 MB2012-07-12be0324ae99bd6d4672fec59364c38761

Operating system information

  • Name: openmamba
  • Type: GNU/Linux operating system
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3
  • Release branch: milestone2
  • Planned maintenance: long term
  • Updates level: bugfix, security, end-user applications
  • Default updates channels: milestone2, milestone2-updates, milestone2-games

Kernel, boot and drivers

Linux kernel3.2.21kernel-mamba kernel-mamba-64GB kernel-mamba-64GB-wireless kernel-mamba-wireless
boot system (dracut)015dracut

GNU Toolchain

gcc4.5.3libgcc libstdc++6
glibc2.14.1glibc ldconfig

Graphical and Desktop environment

Mesa7.11.2libEGL libgbm libGL-Mesa-dri libglapi


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