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openmamba milestone2 livecd release announcement - 07/19/2012

The openmamba maintainer is happy to announce the immediate availability of the milestone2 release of the openmamba livecd distribution.


openmamba livecd is a live release of the openmamba operating system distributed in ISO format so that you can make a CD or DVD with it, then the system can be used simply by booting (or rebooting) your computer after inserting the medium in the CD/DVD reader.
It also provides an installation interface for system installation on fixed disk that lets you use openmamba while maintaining the operating system pre-installed in your computer (e.g. Windows).
It can also be installed into an external USB storage device (e.g. a pendrive) by using the system tool openmamba USB installation.
It works on almost any Personal Computer: notebook, desktop and server.

Who is it for

openmamba livecd is the base medium for a minimal installation into a computer. The installation can be completed later through the network.
It is suitable for most kinds of computer usages at home or office, i.e. accessing Internet, producing documents, listening to music and watching movies and it's useful for data recovery on computers where the installed operating system does no longer work.


A Personal Computer (PC) or an Intel based Mac with the following minimum features:

  • processor: Intel Pentium III or higher or AMD K6/Duron/Athlon or higher
  • 512 MB of RAM (2GB are recommended)
  • a CD-ROM drive or USB with boot support
Additional requirements for system installation:
  • a fixed disk with 20 GB of free space or more


  • KDE based live desktop system for standard Personal Computers (Intel x86 compatibile hardware)
  • top applications: LibreOffice, chromium, amarok, kaffeine, wine, gimp, kopete, audacity, k3b
  • 3D graphical desktop support with open and proprietary drivers
  • automatic hardware detection and configuration
  • NTFS read and write support using ntfs-3g
  • fixed disk installation interface


LanguageArchDownload linkSizeDateMD5
italiani586openmamba-livecd-it-milestone2- 698 MB2012-07-13bb06567f5c2bd63c0dfb3719d7f0ee9d
englishi586openmamba-livecd-en-milestone2- 680 MB2012-07-1342ea932d16da04fc1b76a71867ef4803
spanishi586openmamba-livecd-es-milestone2- 711 MB2012-07-1360b9d257d93fe44c9d8dfb4998b7acb8

Operating system information

  • Name: openmamba
  • Type: GNU/Linux operating system
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3
  • Release branch: milestone2
  • Planned maintenance: long term
  • Updates level: bugfix, security, end-user applications
  • Updates default channels: milestone2, milestone2-updates, milestone2-games

Kernel, boot and drivers

Linux kernel3.2.21kernel-mamba kernel-mamba-sound kernel-mamba-wireless
bootloader (grub)1.99grub
boot system (dracut)015dracut
NVIDIA proprietary driver295.53kernel-mamba-nongpl-nvidia libGL-nvidia-X11 xorg-drv-video-nvidia xorg-ext-libglx-nvidia
AMD/ATI proprietary driver8.980.12.6kernel-mamba-nongpl-fglrx libGL-fglrx-X11 xorg-drv-video-fglrx

GNU Toolchain

gcc4.5.3gcc-cpp libgcc libgfortran libgomp libssp libstdc++6
glibc2.14.1glibc ldconfig timezone
binutils2.22binutils libbinutils

Packages and updates management

RPM5.2.1python-rpm rpm
Smart Package Manager1.4smart smart-gui
PackageKit0.6.21PackageKit PackageKit-glib PackageKit-qt
KDE PackageKit GUI0.6.3.3kpackagekit

Graphical and Desktop environment

X.org1.10.4xorg-ext-libglx xorg-server
Mesa8.0.4libEGL libgbm libGL-Mesa-dri libglapi libGLU
KDE4.7.4kde-workspace kinfocenter python-plasma-scriptengine ruby-plasma-scriptengine

Graphics packages

okular4.7.4libokular okular

Internet/Networking packages

NetworkManager0.9.4.0libnm NetworkManager
KDE network management applet0.9.0libknetworkmanager plasma-applet-networkmanagement plasma-applet-networkmanagement-pptp plasma-applet-networkmanagement-vpnc
KDE Firewall interface0.4.0kcm_ufw

Multimedia packages

kdemultimedia4.7.4juk kmix libkdemultimedia

Recovery and diagnostic tools

Partition editor0.12.1gparted
Data recovery6.13testdisk
MBR boot loader1.1.11mbr


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