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openmamba milestone2 livecd-light 2.0.10 release announcement - 07/28/2012

The openmamba maintainer is happy to announce the immediate availability of the milestone2 2.0.10 release of the openmamba livecd-light distribution.


openmamba livecd-light is a lightweight release of the openmamba operating system distributed in ISO format so that you can make a CD or DVD with it, then the system can be used simply by booting (or rebooting) your computer after inserting the medium in the CD/DVD reader.
It also provides an installation interface for system installation on fixed disk that lets you use openmamba while maintaining the operating system pre-installed in your computer (e.g. Windows).
It can also be installed into an external USB storage device (e.g. a pendrive) by using the system tool openmamba USB installation.
It works on almost any Personal Computer: notebook, desktop and server.

Who it's for

openmamba livecd-light is based on a light desktop environment (LXDE) and as tough is fit both less recent computers which have a relatively small amount of RAM memory and installations as server system when it is preffered to have a light desktop environment to be used only for maintenance operations.
The installation can be completed later through the network.


A Personal Computer (PC) or an Intel based Mac with the following minimum features:

  • processor: Intel Pentium III or higher or AMD K6/Duron/Athlon or higher
  • 196 MB of RAM (minimum)
  • a CD-ROM drive or USB with boot support
Additional requirements for system installation:
  • a fixed disk with 5 GB of free space or more


  • LXDE based light desktop system for standard Personal Computers (Intel x86 compatibile hardware)
  • boot option to support systems having 4 or more GB of RAM
  • top applications: LibreOffice, chromium, vlc, wine, gimp, audacity
  • accelerated graphics support with open and proprietary drivers
  • automatic hardware detection and configuration
  • NTFS read and write support using ntfs-3g
  • fixed disk installation interface


LanguageArchDownload linkSizeDateMD5
italiani586openmamba-livecd-light-it-milestone2-2.0.10.i586.iso 646 MB2012-07-28ab820827a0caa8dd7159c7d2b94e1bfc
englishi586openmamba-livecd-light-en-milestone2-2.0.10.i586.iso 626 MB2012-07-28d8977a11d8898a0751bbee65ab9638bc
spanishi586openmamba-livecd-light-es-milestone2-2.0.10.i586.iso 659 MB2012-07-280fd0591299e136b515737ad7bf04c3e1

Operating system information

  • Name: openmamba
  • Type: GNU/Linux operating system
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3
  • Release branch: milestone2 (stable)
  • Planned maintenance: long term
  • Updates level: bugfix, security, end-user applications
  • Default updates channels: milestone2, milestone2-updates, milestone2-games

Kernel, boot and drivers

Linux kernel3.2.21kernel-mamba kernel-mamba-64GB kernel-mamba-64GB-sound kernel-mamba-64GB-wireless kernel-mamba-sound kernel-mamba-wireless
bootloader (grub)1.99grub
boot system (dracut)015dracut
NVIDIA proprietary driver295.53kernel-mamba-64GB-nongpl-nvidia kernel-mamba-nongpl-nvidia libGL-nvidia-X11 xorg-drv-video-nvidia xorg-ext-libglx-nvidia
AMD/ATI proprietary driver8.961.12.4kernel-mamba-64GB-nongpl-fglrx kernel-mamba-nongpl-fglrx libGL-fglrx-X11 xorg-drv-video-fglrx

GNU Toolchain

gcc4.5.3libgcc libgfortran libgomp libssp libstdc++6
glibc2.14.1glibc ldconfig locales timezone
binutils2.22binutils libbinutils

Packages and updates management

RPM5.2.1python-rpm rpm
Smart Package Manager1.4smart smart-gui
PackageKit0.6.21PackageKit PackageKit-glib
Gnome PackageKit GUI3.2.1gnome-packagekit

Graphical and Desktop environment

X.org1.10.4xorg-ext-libglx xorg-server
Mesa7.11.2libEGL libgbm libGL-Mesa-dri libglapi libGLESv1 libGLESv2 libGLU

Internet/Networking packages

NetworkManager0.9.4.0libnm NetworkManager
Gnome network management applet0.9.4.1network-manager-applet

Multimedia packages

totem2.32.0libtotem totem-mozilla-plugin
xmms20.7.DrNolibxmms2 xmms2

Recovery and diagnostic tools

Partition editor0.12.1gparted
Data recovery6.13testdisk
MBR boot loader1.1.11mbr
Serial terminal emulator2.5.3487minicom


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