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 jpackage-utils: JPackage utilities (source)

Description:Utilities for the JPackage Project <http://www.jpackage.org></http:>:

* /usr/bin/build-classpath build the Java classpath in a portable manner
* /usr/bin/build-jar-repository build a jar repository in a portable manner
* /usr/bin/rebuild-jar-repository rebuild a jar repository in a portable manner (after a jvm change...)
* /usr/bin/build-classpath-directory build the Java classpath from a directory
* /usr/bin/diff-jars show jar content differences
* /usr/bin/jvmjar install jvm extensions
* /usr/bin/create-jar-links create custom jar links
* /usr/bin/clean-binary-files remove binary files from sources
* /usr/bin/check-binary-files check for presence of unexpected binary files
* /usr/share/java-utils/java-functions shell script functions library for Java applications
* /etc/java/jpackage-release string identifying the currently installed JPackage release
* /etc/java/java.conf system-wide Java configuration file
* /etc/rpm/macros.jpackage RPM macros for Java packagers and developers
* /usr/share/doc/jpackage-utils-1.7.5/jpackage-policy Java packaging policy for packagers and developers

It contains also the License, man pages, documentation, XSL files of general
use with maven2, a header file for spec files etc.
License:BSD, JPackage
Size:50.82 KB
Sources:jpackage-utils-1.7.5.tar.bz2 jpackage-utils-README jpackage-utils-abs2rel.sh jpackage-utils-abs2rel.lua
Patches:jpackage-utils-1.7.5-enable-gcj-support.patch jpackage-utils-1.7.5-own-mavendirs.patch jpackage-utils-1.7.5-prefer-jre.patch jpackage-utils-1.7.5-openjdk-8.patch 
Build time:Sat Sep 15 2018
Built RPMS:jpackage-utils(i586) jpackage-utils(arm) jpackage-utils(x86_64)
Build requirements:
Changelog:Sat Sep 15 2018 - silvan (1.7.5-7mamba)
- patched for openkdk 8

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