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a2ps: GNU a2ps is an Any to PostScript filter
4.14-3mamba - a2ps(arm) a2ps-devel(arm) a2ps(source)

abootimg: A tool to read/write/update Android boot images
20130917git-1mamba - abootimg(arm) abootimg-debug(arm) abootimg(source)

ac-archive: Autoconf Macro Archive for developers
1:2007.0205-4mamba - ac-archive(arm) ac-archive-doc(arm) ac-archive(source)

accounts-qt: Qt bindings to the Accounts & SSO framework
1.13-1mamba - accounts-qt(arm) accounts-qt-debug(arm) libaccounts-qt(arm) libaccounts-qt-devel(arm) libaccounts-qt5(arm) libaccounts-qt5-devel(arm) accounts-qt(source)

acpid: The ACPI event daemon
2.0.32-1mamba - acpid(arm) acpid(source)

adns: Advanced, easy to use, asynchronous-capable DNS client library
1.5.1-1mamba - adns(arm) libadns(arm) libadns-devel(arm) adns(source)

adwaita-icon-theme: Adwaita icon theme for the Gnome Desktop Environment
3.34.3-1mamba - adwaita-icon-theme(arm) adwaita-icon-theme-devel(arm) adwaita-icon-theme(source)

aircrack-ng: An 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program that can recover keys and more
1.5.2-1mamba - aircrack-ng(arm) aircrack-ng-debug(arm) aircrack-ng(source)

akonadi: PIM Storage Service
19.12.0-1mamba - akonadi(arm) libakonadi(arm) libakonadi-devel(arm) akonadi(source)

akonadi-mime: KDE Frameworks 5 Akonadi Mime library
19.12.0-1mamba - akonadi-mime-debug(arm) libakonadi-mime(arm) libakonadi-mime-devel(arm) akonadi-mime(source)

akonadi-notes: KDE Frameworks 5 Akonadi nodes library
19.12.0-1mamba - akonadi-notes-debug(arm) libakonadi-notes(arm) libakonadi-notes-devel(arm) akonadi-notes(source)

akonadi-search: KDE Frameworks 5 Akonadi search component
19.12.0-1mamba - akonadi-search(arm) akonadi-search-debug(arm) libakonadi-search(arm) libakonadi-search-devel(arm) akonadi-search(source)

akonadi4: PIM Storage Service
1.13.0-6mamba - akonadi4(arm) libakonadi4(arm) libakonadi4-devel(arm) akonadi4(source)

alsa-firmware: Firmware files for several ALSA-supported sound cards
1.2.1-1mamba - alsa-firmware(arm) alsa-firmware-extras(arm) alsa-firmware(source)

alsa-oss: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) wrapper for OSS
1.1.8-1mamba - alsa-oss(arm) libalsa-oss(arm) libalsa-oss-devel(arm) libalsa-oss-static(arm) alsa-oss(source)

alsa-tools: Specialist tools for ALSA
1.1.7-1mamba - alsa-tools(arm) alsa-tools-firmware(arm) alsa-tools-X11(arm) alsa-tools(source)

alsa-utils: Utilities for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)
1.2.1-1mamba - alsa-utils(arm) alsa-utils-midi(arm) alsa-utils(source)

amor: Amusing Misuse Of Resources put's comic figures above your windows
4.14.3-1mamba - amor(arm) amor-debug(arm) amor(source)

android-prebuilt-toolchain: Prebuilt arm-eabi toolchain needed to build kernels for Android-friendly platforms/bootloaders
20130916git-1mamba - android-prebuilt-toolchain(arm) android-prebuilt-toolchain-debug(arm) android-prebuilt-toolchain(source)

antlr: ANother Tool for Language Recognition
2.7.7-9mamba - antlr(arm) antlr-C++(arm) antlr-C++-doc(arm) antlr-gcj(arm) antlr-javadoc(arm) antlr-manual(arm) antlr-repolib(arm) antlr-sharp(arm) python-antlr(arm) antlr(source)

antlr3: ANother Tool for Language Recognition
3.2-2mamba - antlr3(arm) antlr3-gunit(arm) javascript-antlr3(arm) libantlr3c(arm) libantlr3c-devel(arm) libantlr3c-doc(arm) libantlr3c-static(arm) python-antlr3(arm) antlr3(source)

apache: The Apache webserver
1:2.4.41-1mamba - apache(arm) apache-debug(arm) apache-devel(arm) apache-manual(arm) apache-mod_suexec(arm) apache(source)

apache-ant: A Java-based build tool
1.9.13-2mamba - apache-ant(arm) apache-ant-manual(arm) apache-ant(source)

apache-ant-antunit: Java regression test package.
1.1-7mamba - apache-ant-antunit(arm) apache-ant-antunit-javadoc(arm) apache-ant-antunit(source)

apache-batik: Scalable Vector Graphics for Java
1.7-10mamba - apache-batik(arm) apache-batik-demo(arm) apache-batik-javadoc(arm) apache-batik-rasterizer(arm) apache-batik-rasterizertask(arm) apache-batik-rasterizertask-javadoc(arm) apache-batik-slideshow(arm) apache-batik-squiggle(arm) apache-batik-svgpp(arm) apache-batik-ttf2svg(arm) apache-batik(source)

apache-commons-daemon: Apache Commons Daemon Package
1.0.15-1mamba - apache-commons-daemon(arm) apache-commons-daemon-javadoc(arm) apache-commons-daemon-jsvc(arm) apache-commons-daemon-source(arm) apache-commons-daemon(source)

apache-log4j: Java logging package
1.2.15-7mamba - apache-log4j(arm) apache-log4j-javadoc(arm) apache-log4j-manual(arm) apache-log4j-repolib(arm) apache-log4j(source)

apache-mod_perl: Apache module interface to PERL
2.0.10-1mamba - apache-mod_perl(arm) apache-mod_perl(source)

apache-mod_wsgi: an Apache module that implements a WSGI compliant interface for hosting Python based web applications
4.6.7-2mamba - apache-mod_wsgi(arm) apache-mod_wsgi-py3(arm) apache-mod_wsgi-py36(arm) apache-mod_wsgi(source)

apache-ws-jaxme: an open source implementation of JAXB, the specification for Java/XML binding.
0.5.2-2mamba - apache-ws-jaxme(arm) apache-ws-jaxme-javadoc(arm) apache-ws-jaxme-manual(arm) apache-ws-jaxme(source)

apper: A KDE interface and plasmoid for PackageKit
1:1.0.0-2mamba - apper(arm) apper-debug(arm) apper(source)

appres: X.Org application: list X application resource database
1.0.5-1mamba - appres(arm) appres(source)

appstream: Tools and libraries to work with AppStream metadata
0.12.9-1mamba - appstream(arm) appstream-debug(arm) libappstream(arm) libappstream-devel(arm) libappstream-qt(arm) libappstream-qt-devel(arm) appstream(source)

appstream-glib: A library that provides GObjects and helper methods to make it easy to read and write AppStream metadata
0.7.16-1mamba - appstream-glib(arm) appstream-glib-debug(arm) libappstream-glib(arm) libappstream-glib-devel(arm) appstream-glib(source)

appstream011: Tools and libraries to work with AppStream metadata
0.11.3-2mamba - appstream011(arm) appstream011-debug(arm) libappstream011(arm) libappstream011-devel(arm) libappstream011-qt(arm) libappstream011-qt-devel(arm) appstream011(source)

argyllcms: An ICC compatible color management system with support for different colorimeter hardware
2.1.1-1mamba - argyllcms(arm) argyllcms-debug(arm) argyllcms(source)

ark: Manager for compressed files and archives
19.12.0-1mamba - ark(arm) ark-debug(arm) ark(source)

asciidoc: Text based documentation
8.6.10-1mamba - asciidoc(arm) asciidoc(source)

aspell: A Free and Open Source interactive spelling checker program
0.60.8-1mamba - aspell(arm) libaspell(arm) libaspell-devel(arm) aspell(source)

aspell-da: Danish dictionary for aspell
0.50.1-3mamba - aspell-da(arm) aspell-da(source)

aspell-de: German dictionary for aspell
20161207-1mamba - aspell-de(arm) aspell-de(source)

aspell-en: English dictionary for aspell
2018.04.16-1mamba - aspell-en(arm) aspell-en(source)

aspell-es: Spanish dictionary for aspell
1.11-2mamba - aspell-es(arm) aspell-es(source)

aspell-fr: French dictionary for aspell
0.50.3-1mamba - aspell-fr(arm) aspell-fr(source)

aspell-it: Italian dictionary for aspell
2.2_20050523-2mamba - aspell-it(arm) aspell-it(source)

aspell-nl: Duch dictionary for aspell
0.50.2-1mamba - aspell-nl(arm) aspell-nl(source)

at: Job spooling tools
3.2.1-1mamba - at(arm) at(source)

at-spi2-core: Protocol definitions and daemon for D-Bus at-spi
2.34.0-1mamba - at-spi2-core(arm) at-spi2-core-debug(arm) libat-spi2-core(arm) libat-spi2-core-devel(arm) at-spi2-core(source)

attica: A Qt library that implements the Open Collaboration Services API
5.65.0-1mamba - attica-debug(arm) libattica5(arm) libattica5-devel(arm) attica(source)

attr: Commands for Manipulating Filesystem Extended Attributes
2.4.48-1mamba - attr(arm) attr-debug(arm) libattr(arm) libattr-devel(arm) attr(source)

audacity: A free audio editor
1:2.3.3-1mamba - audacity(arm) audacity-debug(arm) audacity(source)

audiocd-kio: Rip audio from CD's and re-encode it into different formats with KDE
19.12.0-1mamba - audiocd-kio(arm) audiocd-kio-debug(arm) libaudiocd-kio(arm) libaudiocd-kio-devel(arm) audiocd-kio(source)

audit: User space tools for kernel auditing
2.8.5-1mamba - audit(arm) audit-plugins(arm) libaudit(arm) libaudit-devel(arm) libaudit-static(arm) python-audit(arm) python-audit-py3(arm) audit(source)

augeas: A command line tool that focuses on the most basic problem in handling Linux configurations programmatically
1.12.0-1mamba - augeas(arm) augeas-debug(arm) libaugeas(arm) libaugeas-devel(arm) augeas(source)

autoconf: A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code
1:2.69-1mamba - autoconf(arm) autoconf(source)

autoconf-archive: Autoconf Macro Archive for developers
1:2019.01.06-1mamba - autoconf-archive(arm) autoconf-archive(source)

autoconf2.13: A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code
2.13-4mamba - autoconf2.13(arm) autoconf2.13(source)

autodist: A tool based on autospec for repository-level automatic builds
1.0.2-1mamba - autodist(arm) autodist-webbuild(arm) autodist(source)

autofs: Userspace tools that work with the kernel to mount and un-mount removable file systems
5.1.6-1mamba - autofs(arm) autofs(source)

autogen: Simplifies the creation and maintenance of programs
5.18.12-1mamba - autogen(arm) libopts(arm) libopts-devel(arm) libopts-static(arm) autogen(source)

automake: A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles
1.16.1-1mamba - automake(arm) automake(source)

automake1.10: A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles
1.10.2-3mamba - automake1.10(arm) automake1.10(source)

automake1.13: A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles
1.13.4-1mamba - automake1.13(arm) automake1.13(source)

automake1.14: A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles
1.14.1-3mamba - automake1.14(arm) automake1.14(source)

automake1.6: A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles
1.6.3-3mamba - automake1.6(arm) automake1.6(source)

automoc4: Automatic moc for Qt 4 packages
0.9.88-5mamba - automoc4(arm) automoc4(source)

autospec: Create specfiles and automatically update/check/fix rpm packages - autospec(arm) autospec-config-openmamba(arm) autospec-libs(arm) autospec-plugins(arm) autospec-templates-openmamba(arm) autospec-tests(arm) autospec-tools(arm) autospec(source)

autotrace: Utility for converting bitmaps to vector graphics
0.31.1-13mamba - autotrace(arm) libautotrace(arm) libautotrace-devel(arm) autotrace(source)

avahi: A system which facilitates service discovery on a local network
0.7-1mamba - avahi(arm) avahi-compat-howl(arm) avahi-compat-howl-devel(arm) avahi-compat-libdns_sd(arm) avahi-compat-libdns_sd-devel(arm) avahi-mono(arm) libavahi(arm) libavahi-devel(arm) libavahi-glib(arm) libavahi-glib-devel(arm) libavahi-gtk3(arm) libavahi-gtk3-devel(arm) libavahi-qt3(arm) libavahi-qt3-devel(arm) libavahi-qt4(arm) libavahi-qt4-devel(arm) python-avahi(arm) avahi(source)

avr-libc: High quality C library for use with GCC on Atmel AVR microcontrollers
2.0.0-1mamba - avr-libc(arm) avr-libc(source)

avrdude: AVR Downloader/UploaDEr
6.3-1mamba - avrdude(arm) libavrdude(arm) libavrdude-devel(arm) avrdude(source)

baekmuk-fonts-ttf: Free Korean TrueType fonts
2.2-4mamba - baekmuk-fonts-ttf(arm) baekmuk-fonts-ttf(source)

baloo: Baloo provides search capabilities in KDE5
5.65.0-1mamba - baloo(arm) baloo-debug(arm) libbaloo(arm) libbaloo-devel(arm) baloo(source)

baloo-widgets: KDE Frameworks 5 Baloo Widgets
19.12.0-1mamba - baloo-widgets(arm) baloo-widgets-debug(arm) libbaloo-widgets(arm) libbaloo-widgets-devel(arm) baloo-widgets(source)

bash: The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash)
5.0.011-1mamba - bash(arm) bash-debug(arm) bash-devel(arm) bash-doc(arm) bash(source)

bash-completion: Programmable completion for bash
1:2.10-1mamba - bash-completion(arm) bash-completion-devel(arm) bash-completion(source)

bc: GNU interactive algebraic language
1.07.1-1mamba - bc(arm) bc(source)

bctoolbox: Utilities library used by Belledonne Communications softwares like belle-sip, mediastreamer2 and linphone
0.6.0-1mamba - bctoolbox-debug(arm) libbctoolbox(arm) libbctoolbox-devel(arm) bctoolbox(source)

bcunit: A fork of the defunct project CUnit, with several fixes and patches applied
1:3.0.2-1mamba - bcunit-debug(arm) libbcunit(arm) libbcunit-devel(arm) bcunit(source)

bdftopcf: X.Org utility that converts fonts from bdf to pcf format
1.1-1mamba - bdftopcf(arm) bdftopcf(source)

beecrypt: Beecrypt is a general-purpose cryptography library
4.1.2-4mamba - java-beecrypt(arm) libbeecrypt(arm) libbeecrypt-devel(arm) python-beecrypt(arm) beecrypt(source)

beforelight: The beforelight program is a sample implementation of a screen saver for X servers supporting the MIT-SCREEN-SAVER extension.
1.0.5-1mamba - beforelight(arm) beforelight(source)

belle-sip: A SIP (RFC3261) implementation written in C, with an object oriented API.
1.6.3-1mamba - belle-sip-debug(arm) libbelle-sip(arm) libbelle-sip-devel(arm) belle-sip(source)

bind: A DNS (Domain Name System) server
9.15.6-1mamba - bind(arm) bind-devel(arm) bind-utils(arm) bind(source)

binutils: GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities
2.33.1-4mamba - binutils(arm) binutils-debug(arm) cross-arm-openmamba-linux-gnueabihf-binutils(arm) cross-avr-binutils(arm) libbinutils(arm) libbinutils-devel(arm) binutils(source)

bioapi: A high-level generic biometric authentication model
1.2.4-1mamba - bioapi(arm) libbioapi(arm) libbioapi-devel(arm) libbioapi-qt(arm) libbioapi-qt-devel(arm) bioapi(source)

bison: A GNU general-purpose parser generator
3.5-1mamba - bison(arm) bison(source)

bitmap: bitmap (XBM) editor and converter utilities
1.0.9-1mamba - bitmap(arm) bitmap(source)

blinken: The KDE version of the well-known game Simon Says
19.12.0-1mamba - blinken(arm) blinken(source)

bluedevil: A set of components which integrates bluetooth within KDE 4
1:1.3.2-3mamba - bluedevil(arm) bluedevil-devel(arm) bluedevil(source)

bluedevil5: A set of components which integrates bluetooth within KDE 5
1:5.17.5-1mamba - bluedevil5(arm) bluedevil5(source)

bluez: Userspace tools for the Bluetooth wireless library for Linux
5.50-3mamba - bluez(arm) libbluetooth(arm) libbluetooth-devel(arm) bluez(source)

bluez-firmware: Firmware for the Bluetooth wireless library for Linux
1.2-2mamba - bluez-firmware(arm) bluez-firmware(source)

bluez-qt: KDE Frameworks 5 Qt wrapper for BlueZ 5 DBus API
5.65.0-1mamba - bluez-qt-debug(arm) libbluez-qt(arm) libbluez-qt-devel(arm) bluez-qt(source)

bluez-tools: A set of tools to manage bluetooth devices for linux - bluez-tools(arm) bluez-tools-debug(arm) bluez-tools(source)

bluez4: Userspace tools for the Bluetooth wireless library for Linux
4.101-5mamba - bluez4(arm) libbluetooth4(arm) libbluetooth4-devel(arm) bluez4(source)

bluez4-tools: A set of tools to manage bluetooth devices for linux
0.1.38_662e-5mamba - bluez4-tools(arm) bluez4-tools-debug(arm) bluez4-tools(source)

boost-jam: A build tool based on FTJam, which in turn is based on Perforce Jam
3.1.18-1mamba - boost-jam(arm) boost-jam(source)

bootchart: Bootchart is a tool for performance analysis and visualization of the GNU/Linux boot process
1.20-1mamba - bootchart(arm) bootchart-logger(arm) bootchart(source)

brcm_patchram: Patchram files downloader for Broadcom Bluetooth based silicon and combo chips
20130728git-4mamba - brcm_patchram(arm) brcm_patchram(source)

breeze: Breeze Dark Desktop Design Language by the KDE VDG
5.17.5-1mamba - breeze(arm) breeze-debug(arm) breeze-kde4(arm) breeze(source)

breeze-gtk: A GTK Theme Built to Match KDE's Breeze
5.17.5-1mamba - breeze-gtk(arm) breeze-gtk-debug(arm) breeze-gtk(source)

breeze-icons: KDE Frameworks 5 freedesktop.org compatible icon theme.
5.65.0-1mamba - breeze-icons(arm) breeze-icons(source)

breeze-plymouth: KDE Plasma 5 boot splash theme
5.17.5-1mamba - breeze-plymouth(arm) breeze-plymouth-debug(arm) breeze-plymouth(source)

bridge-utils: Utilities for configuring the linux ethernet bridge
1.6-1mamba - bridge-utils(arm) bridge-utils(source)

broadcom-firmware: Broadcom firmware for various Bluetooth and Wireless chips
20130917-2mamba - broadcom-firmware(arm) broadcom-firmware(source)

btrfs-progs: Userspace utilities for btrfs filesystem
5.4-1mamba - btrfs-progs(arm) libbtrfs-progs(arm) libbtrfs-progs-devel(arm) btrfs-progs(source)

build: A massively-parallel software build system implemented on top of GNU make
0.3.9-1mamba - build(arm) build(source)

byaccj: Parser Generator with Java Extension
1.15-3mamba - byaccj(arm) byaccj(source)

bzip2: Extremely powerful file compression utility
1.0.8-1mamba - bzip2(arm) libbzip2(arm) libbzip2-devel(arm) bzip2(source)

ca-certificates: The Mozilla CA root certificate bundle
20190110-1mamba - ca-certificates(arm) ca-certificates(source)

cabextract: A program to extract Microsoft cabinet (.CAB) files
1.9.1-1mamba - cabextract(arm) cabextract(source)

camlidl: A stub code generator and COM binding for Objective Caml
1.05-1mamba - camlidl(arm) camlidl-debug(arm) camlidl(source)

camlp4: A software system for writing extensible parsers for programming languages
4.07-1mamba - camlp4(arm) camlp4(source)

ccache: A compiler cache that often boosts from 5 to 10 times speedup in common compilations.
3.7.7-1mamba - ccache(arm) ccache(source)

ccnet-server: A framework for writing networked applications in C
7.0.0-1mamba - ccnet-server(arm) ccnet-server-debug(arm) libccnet(arm) libccnet-devel(arm) python-ccnet(arm) ccnet-server(source)

cdparanoia: Cdparanoia extracts audio from compact discs directly as data
1:10.2-1mamba - cdparanoia(arm) libcdparanoia(arm) libcdparanoia-devel(arm) cdparanoia(source)

celt051: The CELT (Constrained Energy Lapped Transform) ultra-low delay audio codec - celt051(arm) libcelt051(arm) libcelt051-devel(arm) libcelt051-static(arm) celt051(source)

certbot: A fully-featured, extensible client for the Let's Encrypt CA
1.0.0-1mamba - certbot(arm) certbot-apache(arm) certbot(source)

cervisia: KDE CVS Frontend
19.12.0-1mamba - cervisia(arm) cervisia-debug(arm) cervisia(source)

chaosreader: An open source tool to trace TCP/UDP/... sessions and fetch application data
0.94-2mamba - chaosreader(arm) chaosreader(source)

chkconfig: A system tool for maintaining the /etc/rc*.d hierarchy
1.3.59-1mamba - chkconfig(arm) ntsysv(arm) chkconfig(source)

chromaprint: A client-side library that implements a custom algorithm for extracting fingerprints from any audio source
1.4.3-1mamba - chromaprint-debug(arm) libchromaprint(arm) libchromaprint-devel(arm) chromaprint(source)

chrony: A pair of programs which are used to maintain the accuracy of the system clock on a computer
3.5-1mamba - chrony(arm) chrony(source)

chrpath: Dynamic library load path (rpath) alterer
0.16-1mamba - chrpath(arm) chrpath(source)

cifs-utils: A set of user-space tools to manage the in-kernel CIFS filesystem
6.9-1mamba - cifs-utils(arm) cifs-utils-debug(arm) cifs-utils-devel(arm) cifs-utils(source)

cjkuni-ukai-fonts-ttf: Chinese Unicode TrueType font in Kai face
0.2.20080216.1-5mamba - cjkuni-ukai-fonts-ttf(arm) cjkuni-ukai-fonts-ttf(source)

cjkuni-uming-fonts-ttf: Chinese Unicode TrueType font in Ming face
0.2.20080216.1-6mamba - cjkuni-uming-fonts-ttf(arm) cjkuni-uming-fonts-ttf(source)

clamz: A little command-line program to download MP3 files from Amazon.com's music store
0.5-2mamba - clamz(arm) clamz-debug(arm) clamz(source)

clisp: Common Lisp (ANSI CL) implementation
2.49-2mamba - clisp(arm) clisp-devel(arm) clisp(source)

cln: Class Library for Numbers
1.3.6-1mamba - cln(arm) cln-devel(arm) cln(source)

cmake: A cross-platform, open-source make system
3.16.2-1mamba - cmake(arm) cmake(source)

colord: A system service that makes it easy to manage, install and generate color profiles
1.4.4-2mamba - colord(arm) colord-apidocs(arm) libcolord(arm) libcolord-devel(arm) colord(source)

console-setup: Provides the console with the same keyboard configuration scheme that X Window System has
1.174-2mamba - ckbcomp(arm) console-setup(source)

coreutils: A GNU set of tools commonly used in shell scripts
8.31-1mamba - coreutils(arm) coreutils(source)

cpio: A GNU archiving program
2.13-1mamba - cpio(arm) cpio(source)

cpulimit: CPU Usage Limiter for Linux
20160304-1mamba - cpulimit(arm) cpulimit(source)

cracklib: A password-checking library
2.9.7-1mamba - libcrack(arm) libcrack-devel(arm) libcrack-dicts(arm) python-cracklib(arm) cracklib(source)

crda: The udev helper for communication between the kernel and userspace for regulatory compliance
4.14-1mamba - crda(arm) crda-devel(arm) crda(source)

createrepo: A python program which generate the above format from a set of rpm files
0.10.4-2mamba - createrepo(arm) createrepo-debug(arm) createrepo(source)

crossguid: A minimal, cross platform, C++ GUID library
0.0.20160315git-1mamba - crossguid-debug(arm) libcrossguid-devel(arm) crossguid(source)

crystalcursors: Crystal mouse icons themes for X11
1.0-5mamba - crystalcursors-blue(arm) crystalcursors-gray(arm) crystalcursors-green(arm) crystalcursors-white(arm) crystalcursors(source)

csv2xls: A command line utility that enables the creation of xls files across platforms
0.4.2-3mamba - csv2xls(arm) csv2xls(source)

ctags: A multi-language source code indexing tool
r20191026.git-1mamba - ctags(arm) ctags(source)

cups: Common UNIX Printing System
2.3.1-1mamba - cups(arm) libcups(arm) libcups-devel(arm) cups(source)

cups-bjnp: CUPS back-end for the canon printers using the proprietary USB over IP BJNP protocol
2.0-1mamba - cups-bjnp(arm) cups-bjnp(source)

cups-filters: Backends, filters, and other software for the CUPS printing system
1.26.1-1mamba - cups-filters(arm) cups-filters-debug(arm) cups-filters-devel(arm) cups-filters(source)

curl: A tool for transfering data with URL syntax that supports many protocols
7.68.0-1mamba - curl(arm) libcurl(arm) libcurl-devel(arm) libcurl-gnutls(arm) curl(source)

cvs: The CVS (Concurrent Versions System) tools
1.12.13-5mamba - cvs(arm) cvs-server(arm) cvs(source)

cyrus-sasl: SASL Authentication Daemon for simple authentication and security
2.1.27-1mamba - cyrus-sasl(arm) libsasl2(arm) libsasl2-devel(arm) cyrus-sasl(source)

cyrus-sasl2125: SASL Authentication Daemon for simple authentication and security
2.1.25-4mamba - cyrus-sasl2125(arm) libsasl2125(arm) libsasl2125-devel(arm) cyrus-sasl2125(source)

Cython: The Cython compiler for writing C extensions for the Python language
1:0.19.2-1mamba - Cython(arm) Cython(source)

dash: A lightweight POSIX-compliant implementation of /bin/sh - dash(arm) dash(source)

db47: The Berkeley DB database library
4.7.25-3mamba - db47-tools(arm) libdb47(arm) libdb47-devel(arm) db47(source)

db51: The Berkeley DB database library
5.1.25-4mamba - db51-apidocs(arm) db51-tools(arm) libdb51(arm) libdb51-devel(arm) libdb51-static(arm) db51(source)

db53: The Berkeley DB database library
5.3.28-1mamba - db53-tools(arm) libdb53(arm) libdb53-cxx(arm) libdb53-devel(arm) libdb53-java(arm) libdb53-java-devel(arm) libdb53-sql(arm) libdb53-static(arm) libdb53-tcl(arm) db53(source)

dblatex: DocBook to LaTeX/ConTeXt Publishing
0.3.11-1mamba - dblatex(arm) dblatex(source)

dbus: A message bus, used for sending messages between applications
1.13.8-4mamba - dbus(arm) dbus-apidocs(arm) dbus-debug(arm) libdbus(arm) libdbus-devel(arm) dbus(source)

dcadec: A free DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder with support for HD extensions
0.2.0-1mamba - dcadec(arm) dcadec-debug(arm) libdcadec(arm) libdcadec-devel(arm) dcadec(source)

dconf: A low-level configuration system
0.34.0-1mamba - dconf(arm) dconf-apidocs(arm) libdconf(arm) libdconf-devel(arm) dconf(source)

ddcutil: Query and change Linux monitor settings using DDC/CI and USB
0.9.8-1mamba - ddcutil(arm) ddcutil-debug(arm) libddcutil(arm) libddcutil-devel(arm) ddcutil(source)

debianutils: Miscellaneous utilities from Debian
4.9-1mamba - debianutils(arm) debianutils(source)

declarative-plasmoids: Decorative plasmoids used by KDE Plasma Active
4.10-1mamba - declarative-plasmoids(arm) declarative-plasmoids(source)

dejagnu: A framework for testing other programs
1.6.2-1mamba - dejagnu(arm) dejagnu(source)

dejavu-fonts-ttf: A font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts with a wider range of characters
2.33-3mamba - dejavu-fonts-common(arm) dejavu-fonts-ttf(arm) dejavu-lgc-fonts-ttf(arm) dejavu-fonts-ttf(source)

deltarpm: Create deltas between rpms
3.6.2-1mamba - deltarpm(arm) deltarpm-debug(arm) python-deltarpm(arm) python-deltarpm-py3(arm) deltarpm(source)

desktop-base-kde: KDE default desktop theme and menu entries for openmamba
4.0.6-3mamba - desktop-base-kde(arm) desktop-base-kde-4(arm) openmamba-wallpaper-bamboo(arm) openmamba-wallpaper-circles(arm) desktop-base-kde(source)

desktop-base-openmamba: openmamba default desktop theme and menu entries
4.95.2-3mamba - desktop-base-openmamba(arm) system-base-openmamba(arm) desktop-base-openmamba(source)

desktop-file-utils: The desktop-file-utils package contains command line utilities for working with desktop entries.
0.24-1mamba - desktop-file-utils(arm) desktop-file-utils(source)

dhcdbd: Provides D-BUS control of the ISC dhclient software
3.0-2mamba - dhcdbd(arm) dhcdbd(source)

dhcp: The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) client
4.4.1-1mamba - dhcp-client(arm) dhcp-devel(arm) dhcp-server(arm) dhcp(source)

dhcpcd: A RFC 2131 compliant DHCP client
8.1.5-1mamba - dhcpcd(arm) dhcpcd(source)

diffutils: A GNU collection of diff utilities
3.7-1mamba - diffutils(arm) diffutils(source)

discount: A implementation of John Gruber & Aaron Swartz's Markdown markup language
2.2.6-1mamba - discount(arm) discount-debug(arm) libmarkdown(arm) libmarkdown-devel(arm) discount(source)

discover: KDE Frameworks 5 application installer
5.17.5-1mamba - discover(arm) discover-debug(arm) discover-notifier(arm) discover(source)

distcache: Distributed session caching tools and APIs, primarily for SSL/TLS servers
1.5.1-1mamba - distcache(arm) libdistcache-devel(arm) distcache(source)

django-constance10: Django live settings with pluggable backends, including Redis
1.0.1-1mamba - django-constance10(arm) django-constance10(source)

django-picklefield: Pickled object field for Django
0.3.2-1mamba - django-picklefield(arm) django-picklefield(source)

djvulibre: Web-centric format and software platform for distributing documents and images
3.5.27-1mamba - djvulibre(arm) libdjvulibre(arm) libdjvulibre-devel(arm) djvulibre(source)

dkms: Dynamic Kernel Module Support
2.8.1-1mamba - dkms(arm) dkms(source)

dmraid: Device mapper RAID interface
1.0.0.rc16_3-1mamba - dmraid(arm) dmraid-debug(arm) libdmraid(arm) libdmraid-devel(arm) dmraid(source)

dmxproto: X11 prototype headers for the dmx protocol
1:2.3.1-1mamba - dmxproto-devel(arm) dmxproto(source)

dmz-cursor-themes: DMZ X cursors themes
0.4-4mamba - dmz-cursor-themes(arm) dmz-cursor-themes(source)

dnf: Package manager based on libdnf and libsolv
4.2.6-2mamba - dnf(arm) yum(arm) dnf(source)

dnf-plugins-core: Core DNF Plugins
4.0.10-3mamba - dnf-plugins-core(arm) dnf-plugins-core(source)

dnsmasq: A lightweight DHCP/caching DNS server
2.80-1mamba - dnsmasq(arm) dnsmasq(source)

docbook-dsssl: DocBook DSSL Stylesheet
1.79-2mamba - docbook-dsssl(arm) docbook-dsssl(source)

docbook-dtds: SGML and XML document type definitions for DocBook.
20080923-3mamba - docbook-dtds(arm) docbook-dtds(source)

docbook-utils: Shell scripts to manage DocBook documents
0.6.14-4mamba - docbook-utils(arm) docbook-utils(source)

docbook-xsl: Norman Walsh's XSL stylesheets for DocBook XML
1.79.2-2mamba - docbook-xsl(arm) docbook-xsl(source)

dolphin: KDE Frameworks 5 File Manager
19.12.0-1mamba - dolphin(arm) dolphin-debug(arm) libdolphin(arm) libdolphin-devel(arm) dolphin(source)

dolphin-plugins: Extra plugins for the Dolphin file manager
19.12.0-1mamba - dolphin-plugins(arm) dolphin-plugins-debug(arm) dolphin-plugins(source)

dos2unix: Text file format converters
7.4.1-1mamba - dos2unix(arm) dos2unix(source)

dosfstools: Utilities to make and check MS-DOS filesystems (FAT)
4.1-1mamba - dosfstools(arm) dosfstools(source)

doxygen: A documentation system for C, C++, Java, IDL, Objective-C, PHP, C# and D
1.8.17-1mamba - doxygen(arm) doxygen-doc(arm) doxygen-doxywizard(arm) doxygen(source)

dracut: Generic, modular initramfs generation tool that can be used across various distributions
049-6mamba - dracut(arm) dracut-modules-extras(arm) dracut(source)

dragon: A simple video player for KDE 4
19.12.0-1mamba - dragon(arm) dragon-debug(arm) dragon(source)

driconf: A configuration applet for the Direct Rendering Infrastructure
0.9.1-4mamba - driconf(arm) driconf(source)

drkonqi: KDE Plasma 5 crash handler
5.17.5-1mamba - drkonqi(arm) drkonqi-debug(arm) drkonqi(source)

dssi: An API for audio plugins, with particular application for software synthesis plugins with native user interfaces
1.1.1-1mamba - dssi(arm) dssi-devel(arm) dssi(source)

e2fsprogs: Utilities for managing the ext2/3/4 filesystem
1.45.5-1mamba - e2fsprogs(arm) libe2fs(arm) libe2fs-devel(arm) e2fsprogs(source)

easy-rsa: Simple shell based CA utility
3.0.6-1mamba - easy-rsa(arm) easy-rsa(source)

easy-rsa2: Simple shell based CA utility
2.2.2-2mamba - easy-rsa2(arm) easy-rsa2(source)

ebook-tools: Tools for accessing and converting various ebook file formats
0.2.2-2mamba - ebook-tools(arm) ebook-tools-debug(arm) libebook(arm) libebook-devel(arm) ebook-tools(source)

eclipse-ecj: Eclipse Compiler for Java
4.7.2-1mamba - eclipse-ecj(arm) eclipse-ecj(source)

ed: The GNU line editor
1.15-1mamba - ed(arm) ed(source)

editres: editres - a dynamic resource editor for X Toolkit applications
1.0.7-1mamba - editres(arm) editres(source)

efivar: Tools and library to manipulate EFI variables
37-1mamba - efivar(arm) efivar-debug(arm) libefivar(arm) libefivar-devel(arm) efivar(source)

eggdbus: GObject bindings for D-Bus
0.6-1mamba - eggdbus(arm) eggdbus-devel(arm) eggdbus(source)

egl-wayland: The EGLStream-based Wayland external platform
1.1.4-1mamba - egl-wayland-debug(arm) libegl-wayland(arm) libegl-wayland-devel(arm) egl-wayland(source)

eglexternalplatform: The EGL External Platform interface
1.1-1mamba - eglexternalplatform-devel(arm) eglexternalplatform(source)

eigen3: A C++ template library for linear algebra
3.3.7-1mamba - eigen3-devel(arm) eigen3(source)

elfutils: A collection of utilities and DSOs to handle compiled objects
0.177-1mamba - elfutils(arm) elfutils-debug(arm) libdw(arm) libdw-devel(arm) libelf(arm) libelf-devel(arm) elfutils(source)

elinks: An advanced and well-established feature-rich text mode web browser
0.13-1mamba - elinks(arm) elinks(source)

emacs: Common files needed to run the GNU Emacs text editor
26.3-1mamba - emacs(arm) emacs-doc(arm) emacs-el(arm) emacs-leim(arm) emacs-nox(arm) emacs-X11(arm) emacs(source)

enblend-enfuse: Image Blending with Multiresolution Splines
4.2-1mamba - enblend-enfuse(arm) enblend-enfuse(source)

enca: Enca detects the encoding of text files, on the basis of knowledge of their language. It can also convert them to other encodings
1.19-1mamba - enca(arm) libenca(arm) libenca-devel(arm) enca(source)

enchant: An Enchanting Spell Checking Library
2.2.7-1mamba - enchant(arm) enchant-aspell(arm) enchant-voikko(arm) libenchant(arm) libenchant-devel(arm) enchant(source)

enchant1: An Enchanting Spell Checking Library
1.6.0-5mamba - enchant1(arm) enchant1-aspell(arm) enchant1-voikko(arm) libenchant1(arm) libenchant1-devel(arm) enchant1(source)

enscript: Converts plain ASCII to PostScript.
1.6.6-1mamba - enscript(arm) enscript(source)

espeak: A compact open source software speech synthesizer for English and other languages
1.48.04-1mamba - espeak(arm) espeak-mbrola(arm) libespeak(arm) libespeak-devel(arm) espeak(source)

espeak-ng: eSpeak NG is an open source speech synthesizer that supports 108 languages and accents
1.50-1mamba - espeak-ng(arm) espeak-ng-debug(arm) libespeak-ng(arm) libespeak-ng-devel(arm) espeak-ng(source)

ethtool: The standard Linux utility for controlling network drivers and hardware
1:5.3-1mamba - ethtool(arm) ethtool(source)

eventlog: A replacement of the simple syslog() API provided on UNIX systems
0.2.12-1mamba - libeventlog(arm) libeventlog-devel(arm) eventlog(source)

expat: An XML parser written in C
2.2.9-1mamba - expat(arm) libexpat(arm) libexpat-devel(arm) expat(source)

expat0: An XML parser written in C
1:1.95.8-2mamba - expat0(arm) libexpat0(arm) libexpat0-devel(arm) expat0(source)

expect: A tool for automating interactive applications
1:5.45.4-1mamba - expect(arm) expect-debug(arm) expect-devel(arm) expect-examples(arm) expect-tk(arm) expect(source)

extra-cmake-modules: Extra cmake modules used by kde framework
5.65.0-1mamba - extra-cmake-modules(arm) rpm-macros-kde5(arm) extra-cmake-modules(source)

f2fs-tools: Userland tools for the f2fs filesystem
1.13.0-1mamba - f2fs-tools(arm) f2fs-tools-debug(arm) libf2fs(arm) libf2fs-devel(arm) f2fs-tools(source)

faac: Freeware Advanced Audio Coder
1.30-1mamba - faac(arm) libfaac(arm) libfaac-devel(arm) faac(source)

faad2: Freeware Advanced Audio Decoder 2
1:2.9.1-1mamba - faad2(arm) libfaad2(arm) libfaad2-devel(arm) faad2(source)

fail2ban: Daemon to ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors
0.10.5-1mamba - fail2ban(arm) fail2ban(source)

farstream: A collection of GStreamer modules and libraries for videoconferencing
0.2.8-3mamba - farstream(arm) farstream-apidocs(arm) farstream-debug(arm) farstream-devel(arm) python-farstream(arm) farstream(source)

farstream1: A collection of GStreamer modules and libraries for videoconferencing
0.1.2-1mamba - farstream1(arm) farstream1-apidocs(arm) farstream1-debug(arm) farstream1-devel(arm) python-farstream1(arm) farstream1(source)

fastjar: An implementation of Sun's jar utility that comes with the JDK
0.98-1mamba - fastjar(arm) grepjar(arm) fastjar(source)

fbida: A small and fast image viewer, motif-based
2.10-1mamba - fbida(arm) fbida-debug(arm) fbida(source)

fbset: Tools for managing a frame buffer's video mode properties
2.1-3mamba - fbset(arm) fbset(source)

festival: A general framework for building speech synthesis systems
2.4-1mamba - festival(arm) festival-voice-en(arm) festival-voice-it(arm) festival-voice-us(arm) festival(source)

ffmpeg: Hyper fast MPEG1/MPEG4/H263/RV and AC3/MPEG audio encoder
1:4.2.2-1mamba - ffmpeg(arm) ffmpeg-debug(arm) ffmpeg-devel(arm) ffmpeg-examples(arm) ffmpeg-presets(arm) libavcodec-ffmpeg(arm) libavcodec-ffmpeg-devel(arm) libavdevice-ffmpeg(arm) libavdevice-ffmpeg-devel(arm) libavfilter-ffmpeg(arm) libavfilter-ffmpeg-devel(arm) libavformat-ffmpeg(arm) libavformat-ffmpeg-devel(arm) libavresample-ffmpeg(arm) libavresample-ffmpeg-devel(arm) libavutil-ffmpeg(arm) libavutil-ffmpeg-devel(arm) libpostproc-ffmpeg(arm) libpostproc-ffmpeg-devel(arm) libswresample-ffmpeg(arm) libswresample-ffmpeg-devel(arm) libswscale-ffmpeg(arm) libswscale-ffmpeg-devel(arm) ffmpeg(source)

ffmpeg010: Hyper fast MPEG1/MPEG4/H263/RV and AC3/MPEG audio encoder
1:0.10.7-2mamba - ffmpeg010(arm) ffmpeg010-presets(arm) libavcodec-ffmpeg010(arm) libavcodec-ffmpeg010-devel(arm) libavdevice-ffmpeg010(arm) libavdevice-ffmpeg010-devel(arm) libavfilter-ffmpeg010(arm) libavfilter-ffmpeg010-devel(arm) libavformat-ffmpeg010(arm) libavformat-ffmpeg010-devel(arm) libavutil-ffmpeg010(arm) libavutil-ffmpeg010-devel(arm) ffmpeg010(source)

ffmpeg1: Hyper fast MPEG1/MPEG4/H263/RV and AC3/MPEG audio encoder
1:1.2.1-4mamba - ffmpeg1(arm) ffmpeg1-examples(arm) ffmpeg1-presets(arm) libavcodec-ffmpeg1(arm) libavcodec-ffmpeg1-devel(arm) libavdevice-ffmpeg1(arm) libavdevice-ffmpeg1-devel(arm) libavfilter-ffmpeg1(arm) libavfilter-ffmpeg1-devel(arm) libavformat-ffmpeg1(arm) libavformat-ffmpeg1-devel(arm) libavutil-ffmpeg1(arm) libavutil-ffmpeg1-devel(arm) ffmpeg1(source)

ffmpeg2: Hyper fast MPEG1/MPEG4/H263/RV and AC3/MPEG audio encoder
1:2.3.3-4mamba - ffmpeg2(arm) ffmpeg2-devel(arm) ffmpeg2-examples(arm) ffmpeg2-presets(arm) libavcodec-ffmpeg2(arm) libavcodec-ffmpeg2-devel(arm) libavdevice-ffmpeg2(arm) libavdevice-ffmpeg2-devel(arm) libavfilter-ffmpeg2(arm) libavfilter-ffmpeg2-devel(arm) libavformat-ffmpeg2(arm) libavformat-ffmpeg2-devel(arm) libavresample-ffmpeg2(arm) libavresample-ffmpeg2-devel(arm) libavutil-ffmpeg2(arm) libavutil-ffmpeg2-devel(arm) libpostproc-ffmpeg2(arm) libpostproc-ffmpeg2-devel(arm) libswresample-ffmpeg2(arm) libswresample-ffmpeg2-devel(arm) libswscale-ffmpeg2(arm) libswscale-ffmpeg2-devel(arm) ffmpeg2(source)

ffmpeg3: Hyper fast MPEG1/MPEG4/H263/RV and AC3/MPEG audio encoder
1:3.2.4-3mamba - ffmpeg3(arm) ffmpeg3-devel(arm) ffmpeg3-examples(arm) ffmpeg3-presets(arm) libavcodec-ffmpeg3(arm) libavcodec-ffmpeg3-devel(arm) libavdevice-ffmpeg3(arm) libavdevice-ffmpeg3-devel(arm) libavfilter-ffmpeg3(arm) libavfilter-ffmpeg3-devel(arm) libavformat-ffmpeg3(arm) libavformat-ffmpeg3-devel(arm) libavresample-ffmpeg3(arm) libavresample-ffmpeg3-devel(arm) libavutil-ffmpeg3(arm) libavutil-ffmpeg3-devel(arm) libpostproc-ffmpeg3(arm) libpostproc-ffmpeg3-devel(arm) libswresample-ffmpeg3(arm) libswresample-ffmpeg3-devel(arm) libswscale-ffmpeg3(arm) libswscale-ffmpeg3-devel(arm) ffmpeg3(source)

ffmpegthumbs: A lightweight video thumbnailer that can be used by file managers
19.12.0-1mamba - ffmpegthumbs(arm) ffmpegthumbs-debug(arm) ffmpegthumbs(source)

file: An utility for determining file types
5.38-1mamba - file(arm) file-debug(arm) libmagic(arm) libmagic-devel(arm) file(source)

filelight: Graphical disk usage display
19.12.0-1mamba - filelight(arm) filelight-debug(arm) filelight(source)

filesystem: The basic directory layout for a Linux system
2.2-20mamba - filesystem(arm) filesystem(source)

findbugs-bcel: Modified Apache's Byte Code Engineering Library (BCEL) for Findbugs
5.2-5mamba - findbugs-bcel(arm) findbugs-bcel-javadoc(arm) findbugs-bcel(source)

findutils: The GNU versions of find utilities (find, xargs, and locate)
4.7.0-1mamba - findutils(arm) findutils(source)

flatpak: Linux application sandboxing and distribution framework
1.6.0-1mamba - flatpak(arm) flatpak-debug(arm) libflatpak(arm) libflatpak-devel(arm) flatpak(source)

flex: A tool for creating scanners (loxical pattern recognizers)
1:2.6.4-3mamba - flex(arm) libfl(arm) libfl-devel(arm) flex(source)

florence: An extensible scalable virtual keyboard for GNOME
0.6.3-2mamba - florence(arm) libflorence(arm) libflorence-devel(arm) florence(source)

fluidsynth: A real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications
2.1.0-1mamba - fluidsynth(arm) fluidsynth-devel(arm) fluidsynth(source)

fluidsynth1: A real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications
1.1.11-2mamba - fluidsynth1(arm) libfluidsynth1(arm) libfluidsynth1-devel(arm) fluidsynth1(source)

font-util: X.Org font utilites
1.3.2-1mamba - font-util(arm) font-util(source)

fontcacheproto: X11 prototype headers for libXfontcache
1:0.1.3-2mamba - fontcacheproto-devel(arm) fontcacheproto(source)

fontconfig: Font configuration library
2.13.91-1mamba - fontconfig(arm) fontconfig-debug(arm) libfontconfig(arm) libfontconfig-devel(arm) fontconfig(source)

fonttosfnt: fonttosfnt - Wrap a bitmap font in a sfnt (TrueType) wrapper
1.0.5-1mamba - fonttosfnt(arm) fonttosfnt(source)

foo2zjs: A linux printer driver for ZjStream protocol
20150102-1mamba - foo2zjs(arm) foo2zjs(source)

foomatic: Printers, drivers, and driver options in XML files, used by foomatic-db-engine to generate PPD files
3:4.0.10-1mamba - foomatic(arm) perl-foomatic(arm) foomatic(source)

foomatic-db: Printers, drivers, and driver options in XML files, used by foomatic-db-engine to generate PPD files
20191127-1mamba - foomatic-db(arm) foomatic-db-extras(arm) foomatic-db(source)

foomatic-db-nonfree: Manufacturer-supplied PPD files released under non-free licenses
20191127-1mamba - foomatic-db-nonfree(arm) foomatic-db-nonfree(source)

fpc: A Turbo Pascal 7.0 and Delphi compatible 32bit Pascal Compiler
3.0.4-1mamba - fpc(arm) fpc-debug(arm) fpc(source)

frameworkintegration: KDE Frameworks 5 Integration of Qt application with KDE workspaces
5.65.0-1mamba - frameworkintegration(arm) frameworkintegration-debug(arm) libframeworkintegration(arm) libframeworkintegration-devel(arm) frameworkintegration(source)

freerdp: A Remote Desktop Protocol Implementation
1.0.2-2mamba - freerdp(arm) freerdp-debug(arm) freerdp-plugins(arm) libfreerdp(arm) libfreerdp-devel(arm) freerdp(source)

fslsfonts: fslsfonts - list fonts served by X font server
1.0.5-1mamba - fslsfonts(arm) fslsfonts(source)

fstobdf: fstobdf - generate BDF font from X font server
1.0.6-1mamba - fstobdf(arm) fstobdf(source)

ftjam: A small build tool that can be used as a replacement for Make
2.5.2-2mamba - ftjam(arm) ftjam(source)

fuse: File System in Userspace (FUSE) utilities
2.9.9-2mamba - fuse(arm) libfuse(arm) libfuse-devel(arm) fuse(source)

fuse-exfat: Free exFAT file system implementation
1.2.7-2mamba - fuse-exfat(arm) fuse-exfat-debug(arm) fuse-exfat(source)

fuse3: File System in Userspace (FUSE) utilities
3.9.0-1mamba - fuse3(arm) libfuse3(arm) libfuse3-devel(arm) fuse3(source)

gambas2: A development environment based on a BASIC interpreter with object extensions
2.24.0-1mamba - gambas2-gb-chart(arm) gambas2-gb-compress(arm) gambas2-gb-crypt(arm) gambas2-gb-db(arm) gambas2-gb-db-form(arm) gambas2-gb-db-mysql(arm) gambas2-gb-db-postgresql(arm) gambas2-gb-db-sqlite3(arm) gambas2-gb-debug(arm) gambas2-gb-desktop(arm) gambas2-gb-draw(arm) gambas2-gb-eval(arm) gambas2-gb-form(arm) gambas2-gb-form-dialog(arm) gambas2-gb-form-mdi(arm) gambas2-gb-gtk(arm) gambas2-gb-gui(arm) gambas2-gb-image(arm) gambas2-gb-net(arm) gambas2-gb-net-curl(arm) gambas2-gb-net-smtp(arm) gambas2-gb-odbc(arm) gambas2-gb-opengl(arm) gambas2-gb-option(arm) gambas2-gb-pcre(arm) gambas2-gb-pdf(arm) gambas2-gb-qt(arm) gambas2-gb-qt-ext(arm) gambas2-gb-qt-opengl(arm) gambas2-gb-report(arm) gambas2-gb-sdl(arm) gambas2-gb-v4l(arm) gambas2-gb-vb(arm) gambas2-gb-web(arm) gambas2-gb-xml(arm) gambas2-ide(arm) gambas2-runtime(arm) gambas2(source)

gambas3: A development environment based on a BASIC interpreter with object extensions
3.10.0-1mamba - gambas3-gb-cairo(arm) gambas3-gb-chart(arm) gambas3-gb-complex(arm) gambas3-gb-compress(arm) gambas3-gb-crypt(arm) gambas3-gb-data(arm) gambas3-gb-db(arm) gambas3-gb-db-form(arm) gambas3-gb-db-mysql(arm) gambas3-gb-db-odbc(arm) gambas3-gb-db-postgresql(arm) gambas3-gb-db-sqlite2(arm) gambas3-gb-db-sqlite3(arm) gambas3-gb-dbus(arm) gambas3-gb-debug(arm) gambas3-gb-desktop(arm) gambas3-gb-draw(arm) gambas3-gb-eval(arm) gambas3-gb-form(arm) gambas3-gb-gmp(arm) gambas3-gb-gsl(arm) gambas3-gb-gtk(arm) gambas3-gb-gtk3(arm) gambas3-gb-gui(arm) gambas3-gb-httpd(arm) gambas3-gb-image(arm) gambas3-gb-media(arm) gambas3-gb-mime(arm) gambas3-gb-ncurses(arm) gambas3-gb-net(arm) gambas3-gb-net-curl(arm) gambas3-gb-net-pop3(arm) gambas3-gb-net-smtp(arm) gambas3-gb-opengl(arm) gambas3-gb-openssl(arm) gambas3-gb-option(arm) gambas3-gb-pcre(arm) gambas3-gb-pdf(arm) gambas3-gb-qt(arm) gambas3-gb-qt-ext(arm) gambas3-gb-qt-opengl(arm) gambas3-gb-qt-webkit(arm) gambas3-gb-qt5(arm) gambas3-gb-qt5-opengl(arm) gambas3-gb-qt5-webkit(arm) gambas3-gb-report(arm) gambas3-gb-sdl(arm) gambas3-gb-signal(arm) gambas3-gb-v4l(arm) gambas3-gb-vb(arm) gambas3-gb-web(arm) gambas3-gb-xml(arm) gambas3-ide(arm) gambas3-runtime(arm) gambas3(source)

gawk: The GNU version of the awk text processing utility
5.0.1-1mamba - gawk(arm) gawk-devel(arm) gawk(source)

gcab: GNOME cabinet management
1.4-1mamba - gcab(arm) gcab-apidocs(arm) gcab-debug(arm) libgcab(arm) libgcab-devel(arm) gcab(source)

gcc: GNU Compiler Collection (C, C++, Fortran, Go, Ada)
9.2.0-3mamba - cross-avr-gcc(arm) gcc(arm) gcc-c++(arm) gcc-cpp(arm) gcc-d(arm) gcc-doc(arm) gcc-fortran(arm) gcc-go(arm) libasan(arm) libasan-devel(arm) libatomic(arm) libatomic-devel(arm) libcc1(arm) libcc1-devel(arm) libgcc(arm) libgdruntime(arm) libgfortran(arm) libgo(arm) libgo-devel(arm) libgomp(arm) libgomp-devel(arm) libiberty-devel(arm) libitm(arm) libitm-devel(arm) libobjc(arm) libobjc-devel(arm) libssp(arm) libssp-devel(arm) libstdc++6(arm) libstdc++6-debug(arm) libstdc++6-devel(arm) libubsan(arm) libubsan-devel(arm) gcc(source)

gcc6: GNU Compiler Collection (C, C++, Fortran, Java, Ada)
6.4.0-4mamba - gcc6(arm) gcc6-c++(arm) gcc6-cpp(arm) gcc6-doc(arm) gcc6-fortran(arm) gcc6-java(arm) libgcc6(arm) libgcj4(arm) libgcj4-devel(arm) libgfortran3(arm) gcc6(source)

gccmakedep: X.org gccmakedep tool
1.0.3-1mamba - gccmakedep(arm) gccmakedep(source)

GConf: The GConf package contains a configuration database system
3.2.6-3mamba - GConf(arm) GConf-apidocs(arm) libGConf(arm) libGConf-devel(arm) GConf(source)

gconfmm: C++ interface for the GConf package
2.28.3-1mamba - gconfmm(arm) gconfmm-devel(arm) gconfmm(source)

gd: A library used to create PNG, JPEG, or WBMP images
2.0.35-9mamba - gd2-utils(arm) libgd2(arm) libgd2-devel(arm) gd(source)

gdb: A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++, Java and other languages
8.3.1-1mamba - gdb(arm) gdb(source)

generatorrunner: Plugin-based application to run apiextractor-based generators
0.6.16-1mamba - generatorrunner(arm) libgenrunner(arm) libgenrunner-devel(arm) generatorrunner(source)

Geo-db-LiteCountry: GeoLite LiteCountry - Country database for GeoIP
20181126-1mamba - Geo-db-LiteCountry(arm) Geo-db-LiteCountry(source)

geoclue: A modular geoinformation service
2.5.5-1mamba - geoclue(arm) geoclue-apidocs(arm) libgeoclue(arm) libgeoclue-devel(arm) geoclue(source)

geoclue0: A modular geoinformation service
0.12.99-8mamba - geoclue0(arm) geoclue0-apidocs(arm) geoclue0-gsmloc(arm) geoclue0-gui(arm) geoclue0-gypsy(arm) libgeoclue0(arm) libgeoclue0-devel(arm) libgeoclue0-static(arm) geoclue0(source)

geocode-glib: A convenience library for the geocoding and reverse geocoding
3.26.1-1mamba - geocode-glib-debug(arm) libgeocode-glib(arm) libgeocode-glib-devel(arm) geocode-glib(source)

gettext: GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages
0.20.1-1mamba - gettext(arm) gettext-devel(arm) java-gettext(arm) gettext(source)

gexiv2: A GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library
0.10.6-1mamba - gexiv2-debug(arm) libgexiv2(arm) libgexiv2-devel(arm) gexiv2(source)

ggz-client-libs: GGZ Gaming Zone: Core client frontend library - ggz-client-libs(arm) ggz-client-libs-devel(arm) ggz-client-libs(source)

ghostscript: The GPL release of the Ghostscript interpreter
9.50-1mamba - ghostscript(arm) ghostscript-debug(arm) ghostscript-gtk(arm) ghostscript-X11(arm) libgs(arm) libgs-devel(arm) ghostscript(source)

ghostscript-fonts: Fonts and font metrics customarily distributed with Ghostscript
8.11-2mamba - ghostscript-fonts(arm) ghostscript-fonts(source)

gimp: The GNU Image Manipulation Program
1:2.10.14-2mamba - gimp(arm) gimp-console(arm) libgimp(arm) libgimp-apidocs(arm) libgimp-devel(arm) python-gimp(arm) gimp(source)

git: A version control system designed to handle very large projects with speed and efficiency
2.24.1-1mamba - git(arm) git-devel(arm) git-gui(arm) gitweb(arm) perl-Git(arm) git(source)

gjs: GNOME JavaScript bindings based on gobject-introspection
1.58.4-1mamba - gjs(arm) gjs-debug(arm) libgjs(arm) libgjs-devel(arm) gjs(source)

gkermit: G-Kermit is a Unix program for transferring files with the Kermit protocol.
1.00-4mamba - gkermit(arm) gkermit(source)

glade: A User Interface Builder for Gtk+ and Gnome
3.22.1-1mamba - glade(arm) glade-devel(arm) glade(source)

glib: A handy library of utility functions
2:2.62.2-2mamba - glib-apidocs(arm) glib-debug(arm) glib-gettextize(arm) glib-tools(arm) libglib(arm) libglib-devel(arm) libglib-static(arm) python-glib(arm) glib(source)

glib-networking: Networking support for GLib
2.62.3-1mamba - glib-networking(arm) glib-networking(source)

glibc: The GNU libc libraries
2.30-6mamba - cross-arm-openmamba-linux-gnueabihf-glibc(arm) glibc(arm) glibc-apidocs(arm) glibc-debug(arm) glibc-devel(arm) glibc-i18ndata(arm) glibc-utils(arm) ldconfig(arm) locales(arm) nscd(arm) timezone(arm) glibc(source)

glu: Utility library for the Mesa implementation of the OpenGL 3-D graphics library
1:9.0.1-1mamba - glu-debug(arm) libGLU(arm) libGLU-devel(arm) libGLU-static(arm) glu(source)

gmock: Google C++ Mocking Framework
1.10.0-3mamba - gmock-debug(arm) libgmock(arm) libgmock-devel(arm) gmock(source)

gnokii: Tools and a user space driver for use with mobile phones under Linux
0.6.31-1mamba - gnokii(arm) libgnokii(arm) libgnokii-devel(arm) libsmsd-plugin-file(arm) libsmsd-plugin-mysql(arm) libsmsd-plugin-pq(arm) libsmsd-plugin-sqlite(arm) gnokii(source)

gnome-common: Files required to bootstrap various Gnome modules when building from git
3.18.0-1mamba - gnome-common-devel(arm) gnome-common(source)

gnome-desktop: Libraries for the Gnome desktop
3.34.2-1mamba - gnome-desktop(arm) gnome-desktop-apidocs(arm) gnome-desktop-devel(arm) gnome-desktop(source)

gnome-doc-utils: A collection of documentation utilities for the Gnome project
0.20.10-2mamba - gnome-doc-utils(arm) gnome-doc-utils-devel(arm) gnome-doc-utils(source)

gnome-icon-theme: Icons which are used for GNOME desktop theme
3.12.0-1mamba - gnome-icon-theme(arm) gnome-icon-theme(source)

gnome-icon-theme-symbolic: Symbolic icons which are used for GNOME desktop theme
3.12.0-1mamba - gnome-icon-theme-symbolic(arm) gnome-icon-theme-symbolic(source)

gnome-keyring: A series of utilities for the Gnome desktop
3.34.0-1mamba - gnome-keyring(arm) gnome-keyring-devel(arm) gnome-keyring(source)

gnome-menus: GNOME menu library
3.32.0-1mamba - gnome-menus(arm) gnome-menus-devel(arm) gnome-menus(source)

gnome-mime-data: Base set of file types and applications for GNOME
2.18.0-2mamba - gnome-mime-data(arm) gnome-mime-data(source)

gnome-online-accounts: GNOME service to manage online accounts
3.34.1-1mamba - gnome-online-accounts(arm) gnome-online-accounts-apidocs(arm) gnome-online-accounts-devel(arm) gnome-online-accounts(source)

gnome-packagekit: A collection of graphical tools for PackageKit to be used in the GNOME desktop
3.32.0-1mamba - gnome-packagekit(arm) gnome-packagekit(source)

gnome-themes-standard: Themes collection for GNOME 3 Desktop
3.22.3-1mamba - gnome-themes-standard(arm) gnome-themes-standard(source)

gnu-efi: GNU toolchain for building applications that can run in Intel's EFI environment
3.0.9-1mamba - gnu-efi(arm) gnu-efi(source)

gnupg: GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP
1.4.18-1mamba - gnupg(arm) gnupg(source)

gnupg2: GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP
2.2.19-1mamba - gnupg2(arm) gnupg2(source)

gnuplot: Command-line driven interactive datafile and function plotting utility
5.2.8-1mamba - gnuplot(arm) gnuplot-doc(arm) gnuplot(source)

gnutls: A library which provides a secure layer, over a reliable transport layer - gnutls(arm) libgnutls(arm) libgnutls-devel(arm) libgnutls-guile(arm) gnutls(source)

gnutls28: A library which provides a secure layer, over a reliable transport layer
3.3.22-1mamba - gnutls28(arm) libgnutls28(arm) libgnutls28-devel(arm) libgnutls28-extra(arm) libgnutls28-guile(arm) gnutls28(source)

gobject-introspection: A convenient bridge between C and a runtime language and more
1.62.0-1mamba - gobject-introspection(arm) gobject-introspection-apidocs(arm) gobject-introspection-devel(arm) gobject-introspection(source)

google-gadgets-for-linux: Google Gadgets for Linux
0.11.2-9mamba - google-gadgets-for-linux(arm) google-gadgets-for-linux-devel(arm) google-gadgets-for-linux-gtk(arm) google-gadgets-for-linux-js(arm) google-gadgets-for-linux-npapi(arm) google-gadgets-for-linux-qt(arm) google-gadgets-for-linux-webkitjs(arm) google-gadgets-for-linux(source)

goom: Visual effects generator for audio players
2k4.0-3mamba - libgoom2(arm) libgoom2-devel(arm) goom(source)

gpart: A tool which tries to recover the primary partition table
0.3-1mamba - gpart(arm) gpart(source)

gparted: The Gnome Partition Editor application
1.0.0-1mamba - gparted(arm) gparted(source)

gperf: A perfect hash function generator
3.1-1mamba - gperf(arm) gperf(source)

gpicview: Simple and fast Image Viewer for X
0.2.5-1mamba - gpicview(arm) gpicview(source)

gpm: A mouse server for the Linux console
1.20.7.r27.g1fd1941-1mamba - gpm(arm) libgpm(arm) libgpm-devel(arm) gpm(source)

gpsd: A service daemon that monitors one or more GPSes attached to a host computer
3.18.1-1mamba - gpsd(arm) libgps(arm) libgps-devel(arm) libgps-qt(arm) libgps-qt-devel(arm) gpsd(source)

gpsd20: A service daemon that monitors one or more GPSes attached to a host computer
3.9-2mamba - gpsd20(arm) libgps20(arm) libgps20-devel(arm) libgps20-qt(arm) libgps20-qt-devel(arm) gpsd20(source)

gpsd22: A service daemon that monitors one or more GPSes attached to a host computer
3.16-3mamba - gpsd22(arm) libgps22(arm) libgps22-devel(arm) libgps22-qt(arm) libgps22-qt-devel(arm) gpsd22(source)

gptfdisk: A disk partitioning tool loosely modeled on Linux fdisk, but used for modifying GUID Partition Table (GPT) disks
1.0.4-1mamba - gptfdisk(arm) gptfdisk-debug(arm) gptfdisk(source)

granite: An extension to GTK that provides several useful widgets and classes for Graphical User Interfaces
5.3.0-1mamba - granite-debug(arm) libgranite(arm) libgranite-devel(arm) granite(source)

grantleetheme: KDE Frameworks 5 grantlee theme library
19.12.0-1mamba - grantleetheme-debug(arm) libgrantleetheme(arm) libgrantleetheme-devel(arm) grantleetheme(source)

graphviz: Graph Visualization Tools
2.40.1-1mamba - graphviz(arm) graphviz-doc(arm) graphviz-graphs(arm) libgraphviz(arm) libgraphviz-devel(arm) libgraphviz-guile(arm) libgraphviz-java(arm) libgraphviz-R(arm) libgraphviz-ruby(arm) libgraphviz-sharp(arm) libgraphviz-tcl(arm) libgraphviz-tcl-devel(arm) perl-graphviz(arm) python-graphviz(arm) graphviz(source)

grep: The GNU versions of grep pattern matching utilities
3.3-1mamba - grep(arm) grep(source)

groff: groff (GNU Troff) is a typesetting package
1.22.4-1mamba - groff(arm) groff-docs(arm) groff-X11(arm) groff(source)

gsettings-desktop-schemas: A collection of GSettings schemas for settings shared by various components of a desktop
3.34.0-1mamba - gsettings-desktop-schemas(arm) gsettings-desktop-schemas-devel(arm) gsettings-desktop-schemas(source)

gsm: GSM 06.10 lossy speech compression library
1.0.18-1mamba - gsm(arm) libgsm(arm) libgsm-devel(arm) gsm(source)

gst-plugins-bad: A set of plug-ins for gstreamer that aren't up to par compared to the rest
1.16.2-1mamba - gst-plugins-bad(arm) gst-plugins-bad-apidocs(arm) gst-plugins-bad-devel(arm) gst-plugins-bad(source)

gst-plugins-bad010: A set of plug-ins for gstreamer that aren't up to par compared to the rest
0.10.23-5mamba - gst-plugins-bad010(arm) gst-plugins-bad010-devel(arm) gst-plugins-bad010(source)

gst-plugins-base: GStreamer Streaming-media framework plugins
1.16.2-1mamba - libgst-plugins-base(arm) libgst-plugins-base-apidocs(arm) libgst-plugins-base-devel(arm) gst-plugins-base(source)

gst-plugins-base010: GStreamer Streaming-media framework plugins
0.10.36-4mamba - gst-plugins-base010(arm) libgst-plugins-base010(arm) libgst-plugins-base010-apidocs(arm) libgst-plugins-base010-devel(arm) gst-plugins-base010(source)

gst-plugins-farsight: Gstreamer plugin for farsight
0.12.11-1mamba - gst-plugins-farsight(arm) gst-plugins-farsight(source)

gst-plugins-good: A set of plug-ins for gstreamer considered to have good quality code
1.16.2-1mamba - gst-plugins-good(arm) gst-plugins-good-apidocs(arm) gst-plugins-good-devel(arm) gst-plugins-good(source)

gst-plugins-good010: A set of plug-ins for gstreamer considered to have good quality code
0.10.31-2mamba - gst-plugins-good010(arm) gst-plugins-good010-devel(arm) gst-plugins-good010(source)

gst-plugins-ugly: A set of plug-ins for gstreamer considered to have ugly quality code
1.16.2-1mamba - gst-plugins-ugly(arm) gst-plugins-ugly-apidocs(arm) gst-plugins-ugly-devel(arm) gst-plugins-ugly(source)

gst-plugins-ugly010: A set of plug-ins for gstreamer considered to have ugly quality code
0.10.19-2mamba - gst-plugins-ugly010(arm) gst-plugins-ugly010-devel(arm) gst-plugins-ugly010(source)

gstreamer: A framework for streaming media
2:1.16.2-1mamba - gstreamer-tools(arm) libgstreamer(arm) libgstreamer-apidocs(arm) libgstreamer-devel(arm) gstreamer(source)

gstreamer010: A framework for streaming media
1:0.10.36-2mamba - gstreamer010-tools(arm) libgstreamer010(arm) libgstreamer010-apidocs(arm) libgstreamer010-devel(arm) gstreamer010(source)

gtk-doc: API documentation generation tool for GTK+ and GNOME
1.32-1mamba - gtk-doc(arm) gtk-doc(source)

gtk-sharp: A set of .NET bindings for the GTK+ toolkit and assorted GNOME libraries
2.99.3-2mamba - gtk-sharp(arm) gtk-sharp-devel(arm) gtk-sharp-doc(arm) gtk-sharp(source)

gtk-sharp2: A set of .NET bindings for the GTK+ toolkit and assorted GNOME libraries
2.12.10-5mamba - gtk-sharp2(arm) gtk-sharp2-devel(arm) gtk-sharp2-doc(arm) gtk-sharp2(source)

gtknetcat: GtkNetCat (GUI for netcat)
0.1-2mamba - gtknetcat(arm) gtknetcat(source)

gui-ufw: An easy, intuitive, way to manage your Linux firewall. It supports common tasks such as allowing or blocking pre-configured, common p2p, or individual ports port(s), and many others!
13.10.2-2mamba - gui-ufw(arm) gui-ufw(source)

guitarix2: A simple mono amplifier to be used in a 'JACKified' environment
0.34.0-1mamba - guitarix2(arm) guitarix2-debug(arm) libguitarix2(arm) guitarix2(source)

gunicorn017: WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX
0.17.4-2mamba - gunicorn017(arm) gunicorn017(source)

gutenprint: A suite of printer drivers that may be used with cups
5.3.3-1mamba - gutenprint(arm) gutenprint-debug(arm) gutenprint-devel(arm) gutenprint(source)

gv: An user interface for the ghostscript interpreter
3.7.4-1mamba - gv(arm) gv(source)

gvfs: Backends for the gio framework in GLib
1.42.2-1mamba - gvfs(arm) libgvfs(arm) libgvfs-devel(arm) gvfs(source)

gwenview: A fast and easy to use image viewer application
19.12.0-1mamba - gwenview(arm) gwenview(source)

gzip: The GNU data compression program
1.10-1mamba - gzip(arm) gzip(source)

harfbuzz: An OpenType text shaping library
2.6.4-1mamba - harfbuzz(arm) harfbuzz-apidocs(arm) harfbuzz-debug(arm) libharfbuzz(arm) libharfbuzz-devel(arm) harfbuzz(source)

haveged: A simple entropy daemon
1.9.8-1mamba - haveged(arm) haveged-debug(arm) libhaveged(arm) libhaveged-devel(arm) haveged(source)

hciattach-rpi: Userspace tools for the Bluetooth wireless library for Linux
5.41-1mamba - hciattach-rpi(arm) hciattach-rpi(source)

help2man: A tool for automatically generating simple manual pages from program output
1.47.11-1mamba - help2man(arm) help2man(source)

hfst-ospell: HFST spell checker library and command line tool
0.5.1-1mamba - hfst-ospell(arm) hfst-ospell-debug(arm) libhfstospell(arm) libhfstospell-devel(arm) hfst-ospell(source)

hfstools: Tools to initialize and repair HFS and HFS+ filesystems
332.25-1mamba - hfstools(arm) hfstools(source)

hfsutils: Tools for HFS, the ?Hierarchical File System" used on modern Macintosh computers
3.2.6-3mamba - hfsutils(arm) hfsutils(source)

hicolor-icon-theme: Icon-theme contains the standard and also references the default icon theme called hicolor
0.15-1mamba - hicolor-icon-theme(arm) hicolor-icon-theme(source)

hostapd: A user space daemon for access point and authentication servers
2.9-1mamba - hostapd(arm) hostapd-debug(arm) hostapd(source)

hplip: A printer driver for HP inkjet devices
3.19.6-3mamba - hplip(arm) hplip-devel(arm) hplip-plugin(arm) hplip(source)

hspell: A Hebrew spell checker
1.4-1mamba - hspell(arm) hunspell-he(arm) libhspell(arm) libhspell-devel(arm) hspell(source)

hugin: A panoramic photo stitcher
2018.0.0-1mamba - hugin(arm) hugin(source)

hunspell: The default spell checker of OpenOffice.org office suite
1.7.0-1mamba - hunspell(arm) libhunspell(arm) libhunspell-devel(arm) hunspell(source)

hunspell13: The default spell checker of OpenOffice.org office suite
1.3.4-2mamba - hunspell13(arm) libhunspell13(arm) libhunspell13-devel(arm) hunspell13(source)

hunspell14: The default spell checker of OpenOffice.org office suite
1.4.1-2mamba - hunspell14(arm) libhunspell14(arm) libhunspell14-devel(arm) hunspell14(source)

hunspell15: The default spell checker of OpenOffice.org office suite
1.5.4-1mamba - hunspell15(arm) libhunspell15(arm) libhunspell15-devel(arm) hunspell15(source)

hunspell16: The default spell checker of OpenOffice.org office suite
1.6.2-2mamba - hunspell16(arm) libhunspell16(arm) libhunspell16-devel(arm) hunspell16(source)

hwdata: Contains various hardware identification and configuration data, such as the pci.ids, usb.ids and MonitorsDb databases
0.238-1mamba - hwdata(arm) hwdata(source)

i2c-tools: A heterogeneous set of I2C tools for Linux
4.1-1mamba - i2c-tools(arm) libi2c(arm) libi2c-devel(arm) i2c-tools(source)

iana-etc: The iana-etc package provides the Unix/Linux /etc/services and /etc/protocols files
20191231-1mamba - iana-etc(arm) iana-etc(source)

ibus: Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS
1.5.13-1mamba - ibus(arm) ibus-apidocs(arm) ibus-debug(arm) libibus(arm) libibus-devel(arm) ibus(source)

iceauth: The iceauth program is used to edit and display the authorization information used in connecting with ICE.
1.0.8-1mamba - iceauth(arm) iceauth(source)

icecc: A distributed build system based on distcc
1.0.1-6mamba - icecc(arm) icecc(source)

icedtea: The IcedTea project provides a harness to build the openjdk
8u222b10_3.13.0-1mamba - java-openjdk8(arm) java-openjdk8-demo(arm) java-openjdk8-javadoc(arm) java-openjdk8-runtime(arm) java-openjdk8-src(arm) icedtea(source)

ico: ico - animate an icosahedron or other polyhedron
1.0.5-1mamba - ico(arm) ico(source)

icon-naming-utils: Icon handling tools of the Tango Project
0.8.90-1mamba - icon-naming-utils(arm) icon-naming-utils(source)

icoutils: The icoutils are a set of program for extracting and converting images in Microsoft Windows(R) icon and cursor files.
0.32.3-1mamba - icoutils(arm) icoutils(source)

icu: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
65.1-1mamba - icu(arm) libicu(arm) libicu-devel(arm) icu(source)

icu44: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
4.4.2-1mamba - icu44(arm) libicu44(arm) libicu44-devel(arm) icu44(source)

icu50: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
50.1.2-2mamba - icu50(arm) libicu50(arm) libicu50-devel(arm) icu50(source)

icu51: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
51.2-2mamba - icu51(arm) libicu51(arm) libicu51-devel(arm) icu51(source)

icu52: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
52.1-2mamba - icu52(arm) libicu52(arm) libicu52-devel(arm) icu52(source)

icu53: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
53.1-2mamba - icu53(arm) libicu53(arm) libicu53-devel(arm) icu53(source)

icu54: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
54.1-2mamba - icu54(arm) libicu54(arm) libicu54-devel(arm) icu54(source)

icu56: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
56.1-2mamba - icu56(arm) libicu56(arm) libicu56-devel(arm) icu56(source)

icu57: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
57.1-2mamba - icu57(arm) libicu57(arm) libicu57-devel(arm) icu57(source)

icu58: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
58.2-3mamba - icu58(arm) libicu58(arm) libicu58-devel(arm) icu58(source)

icu59: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
59.1-2mamba - icu59(arm) libicu59(arm) libicu59-devel(arm) icu59(source)

icu60: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
60.2-2mamba - icu60(arm) libicu60(arm) libicu60-devel(arm) icu60(source)

icu61: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
61.1-2mamba - icu61(arm) libicu61(arm) libicu61-devel(arm) icu61(source)

icu62: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
62.1-2mamba - icu62(arm) libicu62(arm) libicu62-devel(arm) icu62(source)

icu63: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
63.1-2mamba - icu63(arm) libicu63(arm) libicu63-devel(arm) icu63(source)

icu64: Set of C/C++ and Java libraries for Unicode support
64.2-2mamba - icu64(arm) libicu64(arm) libicu64-devel(arm) icu64(source)

idutils: A set for tools for maintaining an 'ID database'
4.6-1mamba - idutils(arm) idutils(source)

ifenslave: Attach and detach slave interfaces to a bonding device
1.1.0-1mamba - ifenslave(arm) ifenslave(source)

ImageMagick: Tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many image formats - ImageMagick(arm) ImageMagick-apidocs(arm) ImageMagick-debug(arm) libMagick(arm) libMagick-devel(arm) perl-Magick(arm) ImageMagick(source)

ImageMagick6: Tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many image formats - ImageMagick6(arm) ImageMagick6-apidocs(arm) libMagick6(arm) libMagick6-devel(arm) perl-Magick6(arm) ImageMagick6(source)

ImageMagick69: Tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many image formats - ImageMagick69(arm) ImageMagick69-apidocs(arm) libMagick69(arm) libMagick69-devel(arm) perl-Magick69(arm) ImageMagick69(source)

imake: X.Org imake build tool
1.0.8-1mamba - imake(arm) imake(source)

indent: A flexible tool to indent C programs
2.2.12-1mamba - indent(arm) indent(source)

inetutils: A collection of common network programs
1.9.4-1mamba - inetutils(arm) inetutils-ping(arm) inetutils-servers(arm) inetutils-tftpd(arm) inetutils(source)

info2man: Tool to convert GNU info documents into manual pages
1.1.1-3mamba - info2man(arm) info2man(source)

initscripts: Common tools used by initscripts-sysv5 and systemd in sysv5 mode
2.3-1mamba - initscripts(arm) initscripts-sysv5(arm) initscripts(source)

intel-gen4asm: Assembly Language Compiler for Intel 965 Express Chipset
20130316git-1mamba - intel-gen4asm-devel(arm) intel-gen4asm(source)

intltool: Utility for internationalizing various kinds of data files
0.51.0-1mamba - intltool(arm) intltool(source)

iostat: A command line I/O performance monitoring utility
2.2-2mamba - iostat(arm) iostat(source)

iozone3: A filesystem benchmark tool
471-1mamba - iozone3(arm) iozone3-debug(arm) iozone3(source)

ipheth: Pairing tool and udev rule to manage iPhone tethering through USB cables
0.0.git20120515-2mamba - ipheth(arm) ipheth-debug(arm) ipheth(source)

iproute: Advanced routing tools including ipv6 routing
4.15.0-1mamba - iproute(arm) iproute(source)

ipsec-tools: Tools for configuring and using IPSEC
0.8.2-1mamba - ipsec-tools(arm) ipsec-tools-devel(arm) ipsec-tools(source)

iptables: kernel libraries, user tools/libraries for netfilter/iptables firewalling
1.8.4-1mamba - iptables(arm) iptables-devel(arm) iptables-ipv6(arm) iptables(source)

iputils: Network monitoring tools including ping
1:s20151218-1mamba - iputils(arm) iputils(source)

ipw2100-firmware: Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 driver firmware
1.3-3mamba - ipw2100-firmware(arm) ipw2100-firmware(source)

ipw2200-firmware: Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG/2915ABG driver firmware
3.0-3mamba - ipw2200-firmware(arm) ipw2200-firmware(source)

irssi: A terminal based IRC client for UNIX systems
1.2.2-1mamba - irssi(arm) irssi-devel(arm) irssi(source)

iso-codes: Mapping between ISO country codes and full names
4.4-1mamba - iso-codes(arm) iso-codes-devel(arm) iso-codes(source)

isomd5sum: ISO9660 checksum utilities
1.2.3-1mamba - isomd5sum(arm) isomd5sum-debug(arm) isomd5sum-devel(arm) isomd5sum(source)

itstool: A tool to translate XML documents with PO files
2.0.6-1mamba - itstool(arm) itstool(source)

iw: A tool to use nl80211.
5.4-1mamba - iw(arm) iw(source)

jack: A low-latency audio server that can connect a number of different applications to an audio device
1:1.9.11_RC1-2mamba - jack(arm) libjack(arm) libjack-devel(arm) jack(source)

jakarta-bcel: Apache's Byte Code Engineering Library (BCEL)
5.2-11mamba - jakarta-bcel(arm) jakarta-bcel-javadoc(arm) jakarta-bcel-manual(arm) jakarta-bcel(source)

jakarta-bsf: Bean Scripting Framework (BSF)
2.3.0-2mamba - jakarta-bsf(arm) jakarta-bsf-javadoc(arm) jakarta-bsf(source)

jakarta-commons-cli: Jakarta Commons CLI (Command Line Interface) Package
1.1-3mamba - jakarta-commons-cli(arm) jakarta-commons-cli-javadoc(arm) jakarta-commons-cli(source)

jakarta-commons-codec: Implementations of common encoders and decoders
1.3-5mamba - jakarta-commons-codec(arm) jakarta-commons-codec-javadoc(arm) jakarta-commons-codec-repolib(arm) jakarta-commons-codec(source)

jakarta-commons-lang: Jakarta Commons Lang Package
2.3-4mamba - jakarta-commons-lang(arm) jakarta-commons-lang-javadoc(arm) jakarta-commons-lang(source)

jakarta-commons-logging: Jakarta Commons Logging Package
1.1.1-7mamba - jakarta-commons-logging(arm) jakarta-commons-logging(source)

jakarta-regexp: simple regular expressions API
1.5-3mamba - jakarta-regexp(arm) jakarta-regexp-gcj(arm) jakarta-regexp-javadoc(arm) jakarta-regexp(source)

jansson: A C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data
2.12-2mamba - jansson-debug(arm) libjansson(arm) libjansson-devel(arm) jansson(source)

java-aopalliance: AOP Alliance (Java/J2EE AOP standard)
1.0-2mamba - java-aopalliance(arm) java-aopalliance-javadoc(arm) java-aopalliance(source)

java-aspectwerkz: Simple, high-performant, dynamic, lightweight and powerful AOP for Java
2.0-5mamba - java-aspectwerkz(arm) java-aspectwerkz-demo(arm) java-aspectwerkz-javadoc(arm) java-aspectwerkz-manual(arm) java-aspectwerkz(source)

java-backport-util-concurrent: Backport of JSR-166 java.util.concurrent API
3.1-2mamba - java-backport-util-concurrent(arm) java-backport-util-concurrent-javadoc(arm) java-backport-util-concurrent(source)

java-bsh2: Lightweight Scripting for Java
2.0b4-3mamba - java-bsh2(arm) java-bsh2-bsf(arm) java-bsh2-classgen(arm) java-bsh2-console(arm) java-bsh2-demo(arm) java-bsh2-javadoc(arm) java-bsh2-manual(arm) java-bsh2(source)

java-cglib21: Code Generation Library
2.1.3-6mamba - java-cglib21(arm) java-cglib21-demo(arm) java-cglib21-javadoc(arm) java-cglib21(source)

java-concurrent: Utility classes for concurrent Java programming
1.3.4-5mamba - java-concurrent(arm) java-concurrent-javadoc(arm) java-concurrent-repolib(arm) java-concurrent(source)

java-depend: Java Design Quality Metrics
2.6-1mamba - java-depend(arm) java-depend-demo(arm) java-depend-javadoc(arm) java-depend(source)

java-dom4j: flexible XML framework for Java
1.6.1-8mamba - java-dom4j(arm) java-dom4j-demo(arm) java-dom4j-gcj(arm) java-dom4j-jarjar(arm) java-dom4j-jarjar-repolib(arm) java-dom4j-javadoc(arm) java-dom4j-manual(arm) java-dom4j-repolib(arm) java-dom4j(source)

java-DTDDoc: DTD Documentation Tool
1.1.0-2mamba - java-DTDDoc(arm) java-DTDDoc-javadoc(arm) java-DTDDoc-manual(arm) java-DTDDoc(source)

java-dtdparser: A Java DTD Parser
1.21-4mamba - java-dtdparser(arm) java-dtdparser-javadoc(arm) java-dtdparser-repolib(arm) java-dtdparser(source)

java-easymock2: Easy mock objects
2.4-4mamba - java-easymock2(arm) java-easymock2-javadoc(arm) java-easymock2(source)

java-gcj-compat: A Java compatible runtime and build environment based on gcj
1:1.0.80-46mamba - java-gcj-compat(arm) java-gcj-compat-javadoc(arm) java-gcj-compat-python(arm) java-gcj-compat-runtime(arm) java-gcj-compat-source(arm) java-gcj-compat(source)

java-gnu-getopt: Java getopt implementation
1.0.13-2mamba - java-gnu-getopt(arm) java-gnu-getopt-gcj(arm) java-gnu-getopt-javadoc(arm) java-gnu-getopt-repolib(arm) java-gnu-getopt(source)

java-gnu-regexp: Java NFA regular expression engine implementation
1.1.4-3mamba - java-gnu-regexp(arm) java-gnu-regexp-demo(arm) java-gnu-regexp-javadoc(arm) java-gnu-regexp(source)

java-gnu-trove: High performance collections for Java Objects and primitive types.
2.1.0-1mamba - java-gnu-trove(arm) java-gnu-trove-javadoc(arm) java-gnu-trove(source)

java-hamcrest: Hamcrest - library of matchers for building test expressions
1.3-1mamba - java-hamcrest(arm) java-hamcrest(source)

java-hsqldb: Lightweight 100% Java SQL Database Engine
2.5.0-1mamba - java-hsqldb(arm) java-hsqldb(source)

java-isorelax: public interfaces useful for applications to support RELAX Core.
20050331svn-4mamba - java-isorelax(arm) java-isorelax-javadoc(arm) java-isorelax(source)

java-jarjar: Jar Jar Links
0.9-3mamba - java-jarjar(arm) java-jarjar-javadoc(arm) java-jarjar(source)

java-jarjar1: Jar Jar Links
1.0rc8-3mamba - java-jarjar1(arm) java-jarjar1-javadoc(arm) java-jarjar1(source)

java-jflex: JFlex - The Fast Scanner Generator for Java
1.4.1-4mamba - java-jflex(arm) java-jflex-javadoc(arm) java-jflex(source)

java-jflex143: JFlex - The Fast Scanner Generator for Java
1.4.3-3mamba - java-jflex143(arm) java-jflex143-gcj(arm) java-jflex143-javadoc(arm) java-jflex143(source)

java-jhighlight: Small embeddable pure Java library for syntax highlighting
1.0-2mamba - java-jhighlight(arm) java-jhighlight-javadoc(arm) java-jhighlight(source)

java-jmock1: Test Java code using mock objects
1.2.0-3mamba - java-jmock1(arm) java-jmock1-javadoc(arm) java-jmock1(source)

java-jrexx: Automaton based regluar expression API for Java
1.1.1-2mamba - java-jrexx(arm) java-jrexx-javadoc(arm) java-jrexx(source)

java-junit: Simple JVM framework to write repeatable tests
4.12-3mamba - java-junit(arm) java-junit(source)

java-junit3: Java regression test package
3.8.2-4mamba - java-junit3(arm) java-junit3(source)

java-junit48: Java regression test package
4.8.2-2mamba - java-junit48(arm) java-junit48-demo(arm) java-junit48-javadoc(arm) java-junit48-manual(arm) java-junit48(source)

java-libz: is a re-implementation of zlib (libz) in pure Java.
1.0.7-3mamba - java-libz(arm) java-libz-demo(arm) java-libz-javadoc(arm) java-libz(source)

java-msv: Sun Multi-Schema Validator
1.2-4mamba - java-msv-demo(arm) java-msv-manual(arm) java-msv-msv(arm) java-msv-msv-javadoc(arm) java-msv-relames(arm) java-msv-relames-javadoc(arm) java-msv-rngconv(arm) java-msv-xmlgen(arm) java-msv-xmlgen-javadoc(arm) java-msv-xsdlib(arm) java-msv-xsdlib-javadoc(arm) java-msv(source)

java-piccolo: XML Parser for Java
1.04-3mamba - java-piccolo(arm) java-piccolo-javadoc(arm) java-piccolo(source)

java-qdox16: Extract class/interface/method definitions from sources
1.6.3-4mamba - java-qdox16(arm) java-qdox16-javadoc(arm) java-qdox16-repolib(arm) java-qdox16(source)

java-relaxngDatatype: RELAX NG Datatype API
1.0-3mamba - java-relaxngDatatype(arm) java-relaxngDatatype-javadoc(arm) java-relaxngDatatype(source)

java-rhino: Rhino - JavaScript for Java
1.7rc4-3mamba - java-rhino(arm) java-rhino-demo(arm) java-rhino-javadoc(arm) java-rhino(source)

java-rxtx: Provides access to serial ports
2.1-4mamba - java-rxtx(arm) java-rxtx(source)

java-sch41: pure Java implementation of SSH2
0.1.49-1mamba - java-sch41(arm) java-sch41-demo(arm) java-sch41-javadoc(arm) java-sch41(source)

java-servletapi4: Java Servlet 2.3 API classes
4.1.39-3mamba - java-servletapi4(arm) java-servletapi4-javadoc(arm) java-servletapi4(source)

java-stringtemplate32: ANTLR StringTemplate
3.2.1-3mamba - java-stringtemplate32(arm) java-stringtemplate32-javadoc(arm) java-stringtemplate32(source)

java-testng: A testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit
5.9-5mamba - java-testng(arm) java-testng-javadoc(arm) java-testng-manual(arm) testng-maven-plugin(arm) java-testng(source)

java-tidy: HTML syntax checker and pretty printer.
04aug2000-3mamba - java-tidy(arm) java-tidy-gcj(arm) java-tidy-javadoc(arm) java-tidy-scripts(arm) java-tidy(source)

java-xmldb-api: XML:DB API for Java
0.1.2-2mamba - java-xmldb-api(arm) java-xmldb-api-gcj(arm) java-xmldb-api-javadoc(arm) java-xmldb-api-sdk(arm) java-xmldb-common(arm) java-xmldb-api(source)

java-xpp2: Xml Pull Parser
2.1.10-1mamba - java-xpp2(arm) java-xpp2-demo(arm) java-xpp2-doc(arm) java-xpp2-javadoc(arm) java-xpp2(source)

java-xpp3: Xml Pull Parser
1.1.4c-4mamba - java-xpp3(arm) java-xpp3-javadoc(arm) java-xpp3-mini(arm) java-xpp3(source)

java_cup: CUP Parser Generator for Java
0.11a-4mamba - java_cup(arm) java_cup-javadoc(arm) java_cup-manual(arm) java_cup(source)

javacc: JavaCC is a parser/scanner generator for java
5.0-4mamba - javacc(arm) javacc-demo(arm) javacc-manual(arm) javacc(source)

javassist: Java Programming Assistant: bytecode manipulation
3.9.0-3mamba - javassist(arm) javassist-demo(arm) javassist-javadoc(arm) javassist-manual(arm) javassist-repolib(arm) javassist(source)

jbig2dec: A decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format.
0.17-1mamba - jbig2dec(arm) jbig2dec-debug(arm) libjbig2dec(arm) libjbig2dec-devel(arm) jbig2dec(source)

jemalloc: A general purpose malloc(3) implementation
5.2.1-1mamba - jemalloc(arm) jemalloc-debug(arm) libjemalloc(arm) libjemalloc-devel(arm) jemalloc(source)

jfsutils: IBM JFS utility programs
1.1.15-1mamba - jfsutils(arm) jfsutils(source)

jpackage-utils: JPackage utilities
1.7.5-7mamba - jpackage-utils(arm) jpackage-utils(source)

jsoncpp: An implementation of a JSON reader and writer in C++
1.9.1-1mamba - jsoncpp-debug(arm) libjsoncpp(arm) libjsoncpp-devel(arm) jsoncpp(source)

juk: A jukebox for KDE
19.12.0-1mamba - juk(arm) juk-debug(arm) juk(source)

kaccounts-integration: KDE Frameworks 5 framework to store secrets
19.12.0-1mamba - kaccounts-integration-debug(arm) libkaccounts-integration(arm) libkaccounts-integration-devel(arm) kaccounts-integration(source)

kactivities: KDE Activity Manager
4.13.3-2mamba - kactivities(arm) kactivities-debug(arm) libkactivities(arm) libkactivities-devel(arm) kactivities(source)

kactivities-stats: KDE Frameworks 5 Kactivities stats library
5.65.0-1mamba - kactivities-stats-debug(arm) libkactivities-stats(arm) libkactivities-stats-devel(arm) kactivities-stats(source)

kactivities5: User activities manager
5.65.0-1mamba - kactivities5-debug(arm) libkactivities5(arm) libkactivities5-devel(arm) kactivities5(source)

kactivitymanagerd: KDE Plasma 5 activity manager
5.17.5-1mamba - kactivitymanagerd(arm) kactivitymanagerd-debug(arm) kactivitymanagerd(source)

kalarmcal: KDE Frameworks 5 alarm calendar library
19.12.0-1mamba - kalarmcal-debug(arm) libkalarmcal(arm) libkalarmcal-devel(arm) kalarmcal(source)

kalternatives: A tool to graphically manage the alternatives system of some GNU/Linux distributions
0.13-3mamba - kalternatives(arm) kalternatives(source)

kamera: Digital camera io_slave for Konqueror
19.12.0-1mamba - kamera(arm) kamera(source)

kamoso: An application to take pictures and videos out of your webcam
19.12.0-1mamba - kamoso(arm) kamoso-debug(arm) kamoso(source)

kanagram: Letter Order Game
19.12.0-1mamba - kanagram(arm) kanagram(source)

kapman: Pac-Man Clone
19.12.0-1mamba - kapman(arm) kapman-debug(arm) kapman(source)

kapptemplate: KDE5 shell script to easy the beginning of new apps
19.12.0-1mamba - kapptemplate(arm) kapptemplate-debug(arm) kapptemplate(source)

karchive: Classes for easy reading, creation and manipulation of "archive" formats like ZIP and TAR
5.65.0-1mamba - karchive-debug(arm) libkarchive(arm) libkarchive-devel(arm) karchive(source)

kate: A fast and advanced text editor
19.12.0-1mamba - kate(arm) kwrite(arm) kate(source)

kauth: Execute actions as privileged user
5.65.0-1mamba - kauth-debug(arm) libkauth(arm) libkauth-devel(arm) kauth(source)

kbd: Tools for configuring the console (keyboard, virtual terminals, etc.)
2.2.0-1mamba - kbd(arm) kbd(source)

kblackbox: Blackbox Logic Game
19.12.0-1mamba - kblackbox(arm) kblackbox-debug(arm) kblackbox(source)

kblocks: KBlocks, Egyptian style
19.12.0-1mamba - kblocks(arm) kblocks-debug(arm) kblocks(source)

kblog: KDE Frameworks 5 blog library
19.12.0-1mamba - kblog-debug(arm) libkblog(arm) libkblog-devel(arm) kblog(source)

kbookmarks: Lets you access and manipulate bookmarks stored using the XBEL format
5.65.0-1mamba - kbookmarks-debug(arm) libkbookmarks(arm) libkbookmarks-devel(arm) kbookmarks(source)

kbounce: Ball Bouncing Game
19.12.0-1mamba - kbounce(arm) kbounce-debug(arm) kbounce(source)

kbreakout: Breakout-like Game
19.12.0-1mamba - kbreakout(arm) kbreakout-debug(arm) kbreakout(source)

kbruch: Exercise Fractions
19.12.0-1mamba - kbruch(arm) kbruch(source)

kcachegrind: A visualisation tool for the profiling data generated by Cachegrind and Calltree
19.12.0-1mamba - kcachegrind(arm) kcachegrind-debug(arm) kcachegrind(source)

kcalc: Scientific calculator
19.12.0-1mamba - kcalc(arm) kcalc-debug(arm) kcalc(source)

kcalendarcore: KDE Frameworks 5 library providing access to and handling of calendar data
5.65.0-1mamba - kcalendarcore-debug(arm) libkcalendarcore(arm) libkcalendarcore-devel(arm) kcalendarcore(source)

kcalutils: KDE Frameworks 5 Calentar utils library
19.12.0-1mamba - kcalutils-debug(arm) libkcalutils(arm) libkcalutils-devel(arm) kcalutils(source)

kcm_qt_graphicssystem: This KCM allows you to easily configure the standard Qt graphics system
1.3-1mamba - kcm_qt_graphicssystem(arm) kcm_qt_graphicssystem(source)

kcm_ufw: A KDE control center module to configure and control the Uncomplicated Firewall
0.4.3-1mamba - kcm_ufw(arm) kcm_ufw(source)

kcmutils: Various classes to work with KCModules
5.65.0-1mamba - kcmutils-debug(arm) libkcmutils(arm) libkcmutils-devel(arm) kcmutils(source)

kcodecs: A collection of methods to manipulate strings using various encodings
5.65.0-1mamba - kcodecs-debug(arm) libkcodecs(arm) libkcodecs-devel(arm) kcodecs(source)

kcolorchooser: A color chooser application
19.12.0-1mamba - kcolorchooser(arm) kcolorchooser(source)

kcompletion: KDE Frameworks 5 automatic completion framework
5.65.0-1mamba - kcompletion-debug(arm) libkcompletion(arm) libkcompletion-devel(arm) kcompletion(source)

kconfig: KDE Frameworks advanced configuration system
5.65.0-1mamba - kconfig(arm) kconfig-debug(arm) libkconfig(arm) libkconfig-devel(arm) kconfig(source)

kconfigwidgets: KDE Frameworks 5 widgets for configuration dialogs
5.65.0-1mamba - kconfigwidgets-debug(arm) libkconfigwidgets(arm) libkconfigwidgets-devel(arm) kconfigwidgets(source)

kcontacts: KDE Frameworks 5 address book API
1:5.65.0-1mamba - kcontacts-debug(arm) libkcontacts(arm) libkcontacts-devel(arm) kcontacts(source)

kcoreaddons: KCoreAddons provides classes built on top of QtCore to perform various tasks
5.65.0-1mamba - kcoreaddons-debug(arm) libkcoreaddons(arm) libkcoreaddons-devel(arm) kcoreaddons(source)

kcrash: KDE Frameworks 5 support for intercepting and handling application crashes
5.65.0-1mamba - kcrash-debug(arm) libkcrash(arm) libkcrash-devel(arm) kcrash(source)

kcron: An editor for the cron command scheduler
19.12.0-1mamba - kcron(arm) kcron-debug(arm) kcron(source)

kdbusaddons: Convenience classes for DBus
5.65.0-1mamba - kdbusaddons-debug(arm) libkdbusaddons(arm) libkdbusaddons-devel(arm) kdbusaddons(source)

kde-artwork-active: KDE Plasma Active theme
0.3-1mamba - kde-artwork-active(arm) kde-artwork-active(source)

kde-cli-tools: KDE Plasma 5 command line tools
5.17.5-1mamba - kde-cli-tools(arm) kde-cli-tools-debug(arm) kde-cli-tools(source)

kde-dev-scripts: Various scripts for KDE development
19.12.0-1mamba - kde-dev-scripts(arm) kde-dev-scripts(source)

kde-dev-utils: Utilities for KDE development
19.12.0-1mamba - kde-dev-utils(arm) kde-dev-utils-debug(arm) kde-dev-utils(source)

kde-gtk-config: GTK2 and GTK3 Configurator for KDE
2.2.1-2mamba - kde-gtk-config(arm) kde-gtk-config-debug(arm) kde-gtk-config(source)

kde-gtk-config5: GTK2 and GTK3 Configurator for KDE
5.17.5-1mamba - kde-gtk-config5(arm) kde-gtk-config5-debug(arm) kde-gtk-config5(source)

kde-runtime: KDE Software Compilation - Runtime components
4.14.3-2mamba - kde-runtime(arm) kde-runtime-debug(arm) kde-runtime-devel(arm) kde-runtime(source)

kdeclarative: Integration of QML and KDE work spaces
5.65.0-1mamba - kdeclarative-debug(arm) libkdeclarative(arm) libkdeclarative-devel(arm) kdeclarative(source)

kdecoration: KDE Frameworks 5 Plugin based library to create window decorations
5.17.5-1mamba - kdecoration-debug(arm) libkdecoration(arm) libkdecoration-devel(arm) kdecoration(source)

kded: KDE Frameworks 5 Central daemon of KDE work spaces
5.65.0-1mamba - kded(arm) kded-debug(arm) kded-devel(arm) kded(source)

kdegraphics-mobipocket: Mobipocket plugins for Strigi indexing, Okular and thumbnails
19.12.0-1mamba - kdegraphics-mobipocket(arm) kdegraphics-mobipocket-debug(arm) kdegraphics-mobipocket-devel(arm) kdegraphics-mobipocket(source)

kdegraphics-mobipocket4: Mobipocket plugins for Strigi indexing, Okular and thumbnails
16.08.3-1mamba - kdegraphics-mobipocket4(arm) kdegraphics-mobipocket4-debug(arm) kdegraphics-mobipocket4-devel(arm) kdegraphics-mobipocket4(source)

kdegraphics-thumbnailers: Thumbnailers for various graphic types
19.12.0-1mamba - kdegraphics-thumbnailers(arm) kdegraphics-thumbnailers(source)

kdelibs: KDE Software Compilation - Core Libraries
4.14.38-1mamba - kdelibs(arm) kdelibs-apidocs(arm) kdelibs-devel(arm) kdelibs(source)

kdelibs4support: Code and utilities to ease the transition from kdelibs 4 to KDE Frameworks 5
5.65.0-1mamba - kdelibs4support-debug(arm) libkdelibs4support(arm) libkdelibs4support-devel(arm) kdelibs4support(source)

kdenetwork-filesharing: Network file sharing support for KDE
19.12.0-1mamba - kdenetwork-filesharing(arm) kdenetwork-filesharing-debug(arm) kdenetwork-filesharing(source)

kdenetwork-strigi-analyzers: A torrent plugin for strigi
16.04.3-1mamba - kdenetwork-strigi-analyzers(arm) kdenetwork-strigi-analyzers-debug(arm) kdenetwork-strigi-analyzers(source)

kdepimlibs: KDE Software Compilation - PIM Libraries
4.14.10-3mamba - kdepimlibs(arm) kdepimlibs-apidocs(arm) kdepimlibs-dbus(arm) kdepimlibs-debug(arm) kdepimlibs-devel(arm) kdepimlibs(source)

kdeplasma-addons: KDE Software Compilation - Additional plasmoids
5.17.5-1mamba - kdeplasma-addons(arm) libkdeplasma-addons(arm) libkdeplasma-addons-devel(arm) kdeplasma-addons(source)

kdesdk-kioslaves: KDE KIO-Slaves
19.12.0-1mamba - kdesdk-kioslaves(arm) kdesdk-kioslaves-debug(arm) kdesdk-kioslaves(source)

kdesdk-strigi-analyzers: Analyzer plugins for strigi
16.04.3-1mamba - kdesdk-strigi-analyzers(arm) kdesdk-strigi-analyzers-debug(arm) kdesdk-strigi-analyzers(source)

kdesdk-thumbnailers: A plugin to allow KDE software to create thumbnails for Gettext translations files (po)
19.12.0-1mamba - kdesdk-thumbnailers(arm) kdesdk-thumbnailers-debug(arm) kdesdk-thumbnailers(source)

kdesignerplugin: Integrating KDE frameworks widgets with Qt Designer
5.65.0-1mamba - kdesignerplugin(arm) kdesignerplugin-debug(arm) kdesignerplugin(source)

kdesu: KDE Frameworks 5 User interface for running shell commands with root privileges
5.65.0-1mamba - kdesu-debug(arm) libkdesu(arm) libkdesu-devel(arm) kdesu(source)

kdesudo: KdeSudo is a frontend for sudo. Unlike kdesu, it uses directly sudo as backend - kdesudo(arm) kdesudo(source)

kdewebkit: KDE Frameworks 5 - Integration of the HTML rendering engine WebKit
5.65.0-1mamba - kdewebkit-debug(arm) libkdewebkit(arm) libkdewebkit-devel(arm) kdewebkit(source)

kdf: A graphical free disk space view
19.12.0-1mamba - kdf(arm) kdf-debug(arm) kdf(source)

kdgantt2: KDE Frameworks 5 kdgantt2 library
16.08.3-1mamba - kdgantt2-debug(arm) libkdgantt2(arm) libkdgantt2-devel(arm) kdgantt2(source)

kdialog: KDE Frameworks 5 dialog tool
19.12.0-1mamba - kdialog(arm) kdialog-debug(arm) kdialog(source)

kdiamond: Three-in-a-row game
19.12.0-1mamba - kdiamond(arm) kdiamond-debug(arm) kdiamond(source)

kdnssd: Network service discovery using Zeroconf
5.65.0-1mamba - kdnssd-debug(arm) libkdnssd(arm) libkdnssd-devel(arm) kdnssd(source)

kdoctools: Provides tools to generate documentation in various format from DocBook files
5.65.0-1mamba - kdoctools(arm) kdoctools-debug(arm) kdoctools-devel(arm) kdoctools(source)

keditbookmarks: KDE Frameworks 5 bookmarks editor
19.12.0-1mamba - keditbookmarks(arm) keditbookmarks-debug(arm) libkeditbookmarks(arm) libkeditbookmarks-devel(arm) keditbookmarks(source)

kemoticons: Convert text emoticons to graphical emoticons
5.65.0-1mamba - kemoticons-debug(arm) libkemoticons(arm) libkemoticons-devel(arm) kemoticons(source)

kernel: The Linux Kernel, the operating system core itself
4.19.88-1mamba - kernel-mamba-arm(arm) kernel-mamba-arm-headers(arm) kernel-mamba-arm-headers-sanitised(arm) kernel-mamba-arm-source(arm) kernel(source)

kernel-cubox: The Linux Kernel, the operating system core itself for the Cubox board
3.6.9.git20131108-5mamba - kernel-cubox(arm) kernel-cubox-firmware(arm) kernel-cubox-headers(arm) kernel-cubox-headers-sanitised(arm) kernel-cubox-modules(arm) kernel-cubox-source(arm) kernel-cubox(source)

kernel-hannspad: The Linux Kernel, the operating system core itself for the HANNSpad SN10T1 - kernel-hannspad(arm) kernel-hannspad-headers(arm) kernel-hannspad-headers-sanitised(arm) kernel-hannspad-modules(arm) kernel-hannspad-modules-extra(arm) kernel-hannspad-source(arm) kernel-hannspad(source)

kernel-iconia: The Linux Kernel, the operating system core itself for the Acer Iconia A500 Tablet - kernel-iconia(arm) kernel-iconia-headers(arm) kernel-iconia-headers-sanitised(arm) kernel-iconia-modules(arm) kernel-iconia-modules-extra(arm) kernel-iconia-source(arm) kernel-iconia(source)

kernel-longterm: The Linux Kernel, the operating system core itself
4.9.75-1mamba - kernel-mamba-longterm(arm) kernel-mamba-longterm-firmware(arm) kernel-mamba-longterm-headers(arm) kernel-mamba-longterm-headers-sanitised(arm) kernel-mamba-longterm-source(arm) kernel-longterm(source)

kernel-rpi: The Linux Kernel, the operating system core itself for the RaspberryPI - kernel-rpi(arm) kernel-rpi-headers(arm) kernel-rpi-headers-sanitised(arm) kernel-rpi-modules(arm) kernel-rpi-source(arm) kernel-rpi-v7(arm) kernel-rpi-v7-headers(arm) kernel-rpi-v7-headers-sanitised(arm) kernel-rpi-v7-modules(arm) kernel-rpi-v7-source(arm) kernel-rpi(source)

kernel-sgn: The Linux Kernel, the operating system core itself for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet
3.0.31.git20130916-3mamba - kernel-sgn(arm) kernel-sgn-headers(arm) kernel-sgn-headers-sanitised(arm) kernel-sgn-modules(arm) kernel-sgn-source(arm) kernel-sgn(source)

kernel-sunxi: Linux kernel for Allwinner/Boxchip F20 (sun3i), A10 (sun4i), A12/A13/A10S (sun5i) and A20 (sun7i) SoCs - kernel-sunxi(arm) kernel-sunxi-firmware(arm) kernel-sunxi-headers(arm) kernel-sunxi-headers-sanitised(arm) kernel-sunxi-modules(arm) kernel-sunxi-source(arm) kernel-sunxi(source)

kexec-tools: Load one kernel from another
2.0.20-1mamba - kexec-tools(arm) kexec-tools(source)

keybinder: A library for registering global keyboard shortcuts
0.3.0-1mamba - keybinder-debug(arm) libkeybinder(arm) libkeybinder-devel(arm) keybinder(source)

kfilemetadata: a simple library for extracting the text and metadata from a number of different files
5.65.0-1mamba - kfilemetadata-debug(arm) libkfilemetadata(arm) libkfilemetadata-devel(arm) kfilemetadata(source)

kfind: KDE Frameworks 5 file search tool
19.12.0-1mamba - kfind(arm) kfind-debug(arm) kfind(source)

kfloppy: A tool to format floppy disks
19.12.0-1mamba - kfloppy(arm) kfloppy-debug(arm) kfloppy(source)

kfourinline: Four-in-a-row Board Game
19.12.0-1mamba - kfourinline(arm) kfourinline-debug(arm) kfourinline(source)

kgamma5: KDE Plasma 5 gamma calibration tool
5.17.5-1mamba - kgamma5(arm) kgamma5-debug(arm) kgamma5(source)

kgeography: Geography Trainer
19.12.0-1mamba - kgeography(arm) kgeography(source)

kget: An advanced download manager for the K Desktop Environment
19.12.0-1mamba - kget(arm) kget-debug(arm) kget-devel(arm) kget(source)

kglobalaccel: KDE Frameworks 5 global desktop keyboard shortcuts
5.65.0-1mamba - kglobalaccel(arm) kglobalaccel-debug(arm) libkglobalaccel(arm) libkglobalaccel-devel(arm) kglobalaccel(source)

kgoldrunner: A game of action and puzzle-solving
19.12.0-1mamba - kgoldrunner(arm) kgoldrunner-debug(arm) kgoldrunner(source)

kguiaddons: KDE Frameworks 5 utilities for graphical user interfaces
5.65.0-1mamba - kguiaddons-debug(arm) libkguiaddons(arm) libkguiaddons-devel(arm) kguiaddons(source)

khangman: Hangman Game
19.12.0-1mamba - khangman(arm) khangman(source)

kholidays: KDE Frameworks 5 holidays library
1:5.65.0-1mamba - kholidays-debug(arm) libkholidays(arm) libkholidays-devel(arm) kholidays(source)

khotkeys: KDE Plasma 5 hotkeys configuration tool
5.17.5-1mamba - khotkeys(arm) khotkeys-debug(arm) libkhotkeys(arm) khotkeys(source)

khtml: KDE Frameworks 5 HTML rendering engine
5.65.0-1mamba - khtml-debug(arm) libkhtml(arm) libkhtml-devel(arm) khtml(source)

ki18n: KDE Gettext-based UI text internationalization
5.65.0-1mamba - ki18n-debug(arm) libki18n(arm) libki18n-devel(arm) ki18n(source)

kiconthemes: Icon GUI utilities
5.65.0-1mamba - kiconthemes-debug(arm) libkiconthemes(arm) libkiconthemes-devel(arm) kiconthemes(source)

kidentitymanagement: KDE Frameworks 5 identity management library
19.12.0-1mamba - kidentitymanagement-debug(arm) libkidentitymanagement(arm) libkidentitymanagement-devel(arm) kidentitymanagement(source)

kidletime: Reporting of idle time of user and system
5.65.0-1mamba - kidletime-debug(arm) libkidletime(arm) libkidletime-devel(arm) kidletime(source)

kig: Interactive Geometry
19.12.0-1mamba - kig(arm) kig(source)

killbots: KDE kill bots game
19.12.0-1mamba - killbots(arm) killbots-debug(arm) killbots(source)

kimageformats: KDE Frameworks 5 plugins to allow QImage to support extra file formats
5.65.0-1mamba - kimageformats(arm) kimageformats-debug(arm) kimageformats(source)

kimap: KDE Frameworks 5 IMAP library
19.12.0-1mamba - kimap-debug(arm) libkimap(arm) libkimap-devel(arm) kimap(source)

kinfocenter5: KDE Frameworks 5 system information
5.17.5-1mamba - kinfocenter5(arm) kinfocenter5-debug(arm) kinfocenter5(source)

kinit: Helper library to speed up start of applications on KDE workspaces
5.65.0-1mamba - kinit(arm) kinit-debug(arm) kinit-devel(arm) kinit(source)

kio: Network transparent access to files and data
5.65.0-1mamba - kio(arm) kio-debug(arm) libkio(arm) libkio-devel(arm) kio(source)

kio-extras: KDE Frameworks 5 extra KIO slaves
19.12.0-1mamba - kio-extras(arm) kio-extras-debug(arm) libkio-extras(arm) libkio-extras-devel(arm) kio-extras(source)

kirigami2: KDE Frameworks 5 interface for mobile and convergent applications
5.65.0-1mamba - kirigami2-debug(arm) libkirigami2(arm) libkirigami2-devel(arm) kirigami2(source)

kiriki: Yahtzee-like Dice Game
19.12.0-1mamba - kiriki(arm) kiriki-debug(arm) kiriki(source)

kitemmodels: Set of item models extending the Qt model-view framework
5.65.0-1mamba - kitemmodels-debug(arm) libkitemmodels(arm) libkitemmodels-devel(arm) kitemmodels(source)

kitemviews: Set of item views extending the Qt model-view framework
5.65.0-1mamba - kitemviews-debug(arm) libkitemviews(arm) libkitemviews-devel(arm) kitemviews(source)

kiten: Japanese Reference/Study Tool
19.12.0-1mamba - kiten(arm) kiten-devel(arm) kiten(source)

kjobwidgets: Widgets for showing progress of asynchronous jobs
5.65.0-1mamba - kjobwidgets-debug(arm) libkjobwidgets(arm) libkjobwidgets-devel(arm) kjobwidgets(source)

kjs: KDE Frameworks 5 Javascript engine
5.65.0-1mamba - kjs(arm) kjs-debug(arm) libkjs(arm) libkjs-devel(arm) kjs(source)

kjsembed: KDE Frameworks 5 component for binding Javascript object to QObjects
5.65.0-1mamba - kjsembed(arm) kjsembed-debug(arm) libkjsembed(arm) libkjsembed-devel(arm) kjsembed(source)

kjumpingcube: Territory Capture Game
19.12.0-1mamba - kjumpingcube(arm) kjumpingcube-debug(arm) kjumpingcube(source)

kldap: KDE Frameworks 5 LDAP library
19.12.0-1mamba - kldap-debug(arm) libkldap(arm) libkldap-devel(arm) kldap(source)

kleopatra: KDE Frameworks 5 certificates manager
19.12.0-1mamba - kleopatra(arm) kleopatra-debug(arm) libkleopatra(arm) kleopatra(source)

klettres: Learn The Alphabet
19.12.0-1mamba - klettres(arm) klettres(source)

klines: KDE Tactical Game
19.12.0-1mamba - klines(arm) klines-debug(arm) klines(source)

kmahjongg: KDE Mahjongg Solitaire
15.12.0-1mamba - kmahjongg(arm) kmahjongg-debug(arm) kmahjongg(source)

kmbox: KDE Frameworks 5 mailbox library
19.12.0-1mamba - kmbox-debug(arm) libkmbox(arm) libkmbox-devel(arm) kmbox(source)

kmenuedit: KDE Frameworks 5 menu editor
5.17.5-1mamba - kmenuedit(arm) kmenuedit-debug(arm) kmenuedit(source)

kmime: KDE Frameworks 5 mime library
19.12.0-1mamba - kmime-debug(arm) libkmime(arm) libkmime-devel(arm) kmime(source)

kmines: Minesweeper-like Game
19.12.0-1mamba - kmines(arm) kmines-debug(arm) kmines(source)

kmix-legacy: The KDE audio mixer
19.12.0-1mamba - kmix-legacy(arm) kmix-legacy-debug(arm) kmix-legacy(source)

kmod: Utilities for Linux kernel module handling
26-1mamba - kmod(arm) kmod-debug(arm) libkmod(arm) libkmod-devel(arm) kmod(source)

kmplot: Mathematical Function Plotter
19.12.0-1mamba - kmplot(arm) kmplot(source)

knavalbattle: Naval Battle
19.12.0-1mamba - knavalbattle(arm) knavalbattle-debug(arm) knavalbattle(source)

knetwalk: Network Construction Game
19.12.0-1mamba - knetwalk(arm) knetwalk-debug(arm) knetwalk(source)

knewstuff: Framework for downloading and sharing additional application data
5.65.0-1mamba - knewstuff-debug(arm) libknewstuff(arm) libknewstuff-devel(arm) knewstuff(source)

knotifications: Desktop notifications framework
5.65.0-1mamba - knotifications-debug(arm) libknotifications(arm) libknotifications-devel(arm) knotifications(source)

knotifyconfig: Configuration dialog for desktop notifications
5.65.0-1mamba - knotifyconfig-debug(arm) libknotifyconfig(arm) libknotifyconfig-devel(arm) knotifyconfig(source)

kolf: Miniature Golf
19.12.0-1mamba - kolf(arm) kolf-debug(arm) kolf(source)

kollision: A simple ball dodging game
19.12.0-1mamba - kollision(arm) kollision-debug(arm) kollision(source)

kompare: A program to view the differences between files
19.12.0-1mamba - kompare(arm) kompare-debug(arm) kompare-devel(arm) kompare(source)

konquest: Galactic Strategy Game
19.12.0-1mamba - konquest(arm) konquest-debug(arm) konquest(source)

konsole: Terminal Emulator for the K Desktop Environment
19.12.0-1mamba - konsole(arm) konsole(source)

kontactinterface: KDE Frameworks 5 Kontact interface library
19.12.0-1mamba - kontactinterface-debug(arm) libkontactinterface(arm) libkontactinterface-devel(arm) kontactinterface(source)

konversation: A KDE graphical Internet Relay Chat client (IRC)
1.7.5-1mamba - konversation(arm) konversation(source)

kopete: Multi-protocol plugin-based instant messenger for the K Desktop Environment
19.12.0-1mamba - kopete(arm) kopete-debug(arm) kopete-devel(arm) kopete(source)

kpackage: Package framework lets the user to install and load packages of non binary content
5.65.0-1mamba - kpackage(arm) kpackage-debug(arm) libkpackage(arm) libkpackage-devel(arm) kpackage(source)

kparts: Plugin framework for user interface components
5.65.0-1mamba - kparts-debug(arm) libkparts(arm) libkparts-devel(arm) kparts(source)

kpartsplugin: A plugin for Netscape-compatible browsers in Unix environments
20120723-2mamba - kpartsplugin(arm) kpartsplugin-debug(arm) kpartsplugin(source)

kpat: Patience Card Game
4.14.3-1mamba - kpat(arm) kpat-debug(arm) kpat(source)

kpeople: KDE Frameworks 5 access to all contacts and aggregates them by person
5.65.0-1mamba - kpeople-debug(arm) libkpeople(arm) libkpeople-devel(arm) kpeople(source)

kpimtextedit: KDE Frameworks 5 PIM text edit library
19.12.0-1mamba - kpimtextedit-debug(arm) libkpimtextedit(arm) libkpimtextedit-devel(arm) kpimtextedit(source)

kpmcore: Library for managing partitions
4.0.1-1mamba - kpmcore-debug(arm) libkpmcore(arm) libkpmcore-devel(arm) kpmcore(source)

kppp: Dialer and front end for the Point to Point Protocol (ppp) Daemon
4.14.3-1mamba - kppp(arm) kppp-debug(arm) kppp(source)

kpty: Interfacing with pseudo terminal devices
5.65.0-1mamba - kpty-debug(arm) libkpty(arm) libkpty-devel(arm) kpty(source)

kqoauth: A library written in C++ for Qt that implements the OAuth 1.0 authentication specification RFC 5849
0.98-1mamba - kqoauth-debug(arm) libkqoauth(arm) libkqoauth-devel(arm) kqoauth(source)

krb5: The kerberos network authentication system
1.16.2-1mamba - krb5(arm) krb5-server(arm) libkrb5(arm) libkrb5-devel(arm) krb5(source)

krdc: KDE Remote Desktop Client
19.12.0-1mamba - krdc(arm) krdc-debug(arm) krdc-devel(arm) krdc(source)

kreversi: Reversi Board Game
19.12.0-1mamba - kreversi(arm) kreversi-debug(arm) kreversi(source)

krfb: Allows you to invite somebody at a remote location to access and possibly control your desktop
19.12.0-1mamba - krfb(arm) krfb-debug(arm) krfb(source)

kross: KDE Frameworks 5 Kross implementation
5.65.0-1mamba - kross(arm) kross-debug(arm) libkross(arm) libkross-devel(arm) kross(source)

kruler: A ruler in inch, centimeter and pixel to check distances on the screen
19.12.0-1mamba - kruler(arm) kruler(source)

krunner: KDE Frameworks 5 - Framework for Plasma runners
5.65.0-1mamba - krunner-debug(arm) libkrunner(arm) libkrunner-devel(arm) krunner(source)

kscd: A CD player with an interface to the internet CDDB database
4.14.3-1mamba - kscd(arm) kscd-debug(arm) kscd(source)

kscreen: KDE Frameworks 5 restore and save screen configurations depending on which monitors are connected
5.17.5-1mamba - kscreen(arm) kscreen-debug(arm) kscreen(source)

kscreenlocker: KDE Frameworks 5 screen locker
5.17.5-1mamba - kscreenlocker(arm) kscreenlocker-debug(arm) libkscreenlocker(arm) libkscreenlocker-devel(arm) kscreenlocker(source)

kservice: Plugin framework for desktop services
5.65.0-1mamba - kservice(arm) kservice-debug(arm) libkservice(arm) libkservice-devel(arm) kservice(source)

ksh: The Original ATT Korn Shell
2011.02.08-1mamba - ksh(arm) ksh(source)

kshisen: Shisen-Sho Mahjongg-like Tile Game
19.12.0-1mamba - kshisen(arm) kshisen-debug(arm) kshisen(source)

ksirk: World Domination Strategy Game
19.12.0-1mamba - ksirk(arm) ksirk-debug(arm) ksirk(source)

ksmtp: KDE Frameworks 5 SMTP component
19.12.0-1mamba - ksmtp-debug(arm) libksmtp(arm) libksmtp-devel(arm) ksmtp(source)

kspaceduel: An arcade two-player space game for KDE
19.12.0-1mamba - kspaceduel(arm) kspaceduel-debug(arm) kspaceduel(source)

ksquares: Connect the dots to create squares
19.12.0-1mamba - ksquares(arm) ksquares-debug(arm) ksquares(source)

ksysguard: KDE Frameworks 5 program to monitor various elements of your system
5.17.5-1mamba - ksysguard(arm) ksysguard-debug(arm) ksysguard(source)

ksystemlog: System log viewer tool
19.12.0-1mamba - ksystemlog(arm) ksystemlog-debug(arm) ksystemlog(source)

kteatime: System tray applet that makes sure your tea doesn't get too strong
19.12.0-1mamba - kteatime(arm) kteatime-debug(arm) kteatime(source)

ktexteditor: Full text editor component
5.65.0-1mamba - ktexteditor-debug(arm) libktexteditor(arm) libktexteditor-devel(arm) ktexteditor(source)

ktextwidgets: KDE Frameworks 5 text editing widgets
5.65.0-1mamba - ktextwidgets-debug(arm) libktextwidgets(arm) libktextwidgets-devel(arm) ktextwidgets(source)

ktnef: KDE Frameworks 5 tnef library
19.12.0-1mamba - ktnef-debug(arm) libktnef(arm) libktnef-devel(arm) ktnef(source)

ktouch: Touch Typing Tutor
19.12.0-1mamba - ktouch(arm) ktouch(source)

ktuberling: Picture Game for Children
19.12.0-1mamba - ktuberling(arm) ktuberling-debug(arm) ktuberling(source)

kturtle: KTurtle - Educational Programming Environment
19.12.0-1mamba - kturtle(arm) kturtle(source)

kunitconversion: Converting physical units
5.65.0-1mamba - kunitconversion-debug(arm) libkunitconversion(arm) libkunitconversion-devel(arm) kunitconversion(source)

kvkbd: A virtual keyboard for KDE
0.7.2-1mamba - kvkbd(arm) kvkbd(source)

kwallet: Safe desktop-wide storage for passwords
5.65.0-1mamba - kwallet(arm) kwallet-debug(arm) libkwallet(arm) libkwallet-devel(arm) kwallet(source)

kwallet-pam: KDE Plasma 5 kwallet login integration with PAM
5.17.5-1mamba - kwallet-pam(arm) kwallet-pam-debug(arm) kwallet-pam(source)

kwalletmanager: Wallet Management Tool
19.12.0-1mamba - kwalletmanager(arm) kwalletmanager-debug(arm) kwalletmanager(source)

kwayland: KDE Frameworks 5 Qt-style API to interact with the wayland-client and wayland-server API.
5.65.0-1mamba - kwayland-debug(arm) libkwayland(arm) libkwayland-devel(arm) kwayland(source)

kwebkitpart: A web browser component for KDE
1.3.4-1mamba - kwebkitpart(arm) kwebkitpart(source)

kwidgetsaddons: KDE Frameworks 5 large set of desktop widgets
5.65.0-1mamba - kwidgetsaddons-debug(arm) libkwidgetsaddons(arm) libkwidgetsaddons-devel(arm) kwidgetsaddons(source)

kwin: KDE Frameworks 5 window manager
5.17.5-1mamba - kwin(arm) kwin-debug(arm) libkwin(arm) libkwin-devel(arm) kwin(source)

kwindowsystem: KDE Frameworks 5 access to the windowing system framework
5.65.0-1mamba - kwindowsystem-debug(arm) libkwindowsystem(arm) libkwindowsystem-devel(arm) kwindowsystem(source)

kwordquiz: KWordQuiz - Flash Card Trainer
19.12.0-1mamba - kwordquiz(arm) kwordquiz(source)

kxmlgui: Framework for managing menu and toolbar actions
5.65.0-1mamba - kxmlgui-debug(arm) libkxmlgui(arm) libkxmlgui-devel(arm) kxmlgui(source)

kxmlrpcclient: KDE Frameworks 5 XML-RPC client
5.65.0-1mamba - kxmlrpcclient-debug(arm) libkxmlrpcclient(arm) libkxmlrpcclient-devel(arm) kxmlrpcclient(source)

ladcca: A session management system for JACK and ALSA audio applications
0.4.0-3mamba - ladcca(arm) libladcca(arm) libladcca-devel(arm) ladcca(source)

ladspa: Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API (LADSPA)
1.15-1mamba - ladspa-devel(arm) ladspa(source)

lash: A session management system for JACK and ALSA audio applications on GNU/Linux
0.6.0_rc2-1mamba - lash(arm) liblash(arm) liblash-devel(arm) python-lash(arm) lash(source)

latex-font-inconsolata: A monospaced font, with support files for use with TeX
20100907-2mamba - latex-font-inconsolata(arm) latex-font-inconsolata(source)

latex2html: LATEX2HTML converts LATEX documents to HTML
2019.2-1mamba - latex2html(arm) latex2html(source)

lbxproxy: lbxproxy - Low BandWidth X proxy
1.0.3-1mamba - lbxproxy(arm) lbxproxy(source)

ldap-scripts: OpenLDAP scripts for openmamba
0.5.0-3mamba - ldap-scripts(arm) ldap-scripts(source)

ldb: A LDAP-like embedded database used as the database engine used in Samba4
1:2.0.8-2mamba - ldb(arm) ldb-debug(arm) libldb(arm) libldb-devel(arm) python-ldb(arm) ldb(source)

leafpad: GTK+2 based notepad clone - leafpad(arm) leafpad(source)

less: A text file browser similar to more, but better
551-1mamba - less(arm) less(source)

lesstif: A free Motif clone
0.95.2-2mamba - lesstif(arm) lesstif-mwm(arm) liblesstif(arm) liblesstif-devel(arm) liblesstif-static(arm) lesstif(source)

liba52dec: A library for decoding ATSC A/52 (aka AC-3) audio streams
0.7.4-4mamba - liba52dec(arm) liba52dec-devel(arm) liba52dec(source)

libaa: A portable ascii art GFX library
1.4.0-3mamba - libaa(arm) libaa-devel(arm) libaa(source)

libaacplus: AAC+ encoding library
2.0.2-1mamba - libaacplus(arm) libaacplus-debug(arm) libaacplus-devel(arm) libaacplus-tools(arm) libaacplus(source)

libaal: A library that provides application abstraction mechanism
1.0.5-2mamba - libaal(arm) libaal-devel(arm) libaal(source)

libaccounts-glib: Glib client library for the accounts and SSO (Single Sign-On) framework
1.23-1mamba - libaccounts-glib(arm) libaccounts-glib-apidocs(arm) libaccounts-glib-debug(arm) libaccounts-glib-devel(arm) libaccounts-glib-tools(arm) libaccounts-glib(source)

libACE: An framework that provides many components and patterns for embedded systems
5.7.9-1mamba - libACE(arm) libACE-devel(arm) libACE(source)

libacl: Access control list utilities
2.2.53-1mamba - libacl(arm) libacl-devel(arm) libacl-tools(arm) libacl(source)

libadplug: AdPlug is an hardware independent AdLib sound player library
2.2.1-2mamba - libadplug(arm) libadplug-devel(arm) libadplug(source)

libaio: Kernel Asynchronous I/O (AIO) Support for Linux
0.3.112-1mamba - libaio(arm) libaio-devel(arm) libaio(source)

liballegro4: A game programming library - liballegro4(arm) liballegro4-devel(arm) liballegro4-tools(arm) liballegro4(source)

libalsa: Library for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - libalsa(arm) libalsa-debug(arm) libalsa-devel(arm) libalsa(source)

libalsa-plugins: Plugins for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)
1.2.1-1mamba - libalsa-plugins(arm) libalsa-plugins-debug(arm) libalsa-plugins(source)

libamrnb: amrnb library decoder/encoder - libamrnb(arm) libamrnb-devel(arm) libamrnb(source)

libamrwb: 3GPP AMR-WB Floating-point Speech Codec - libamrwb(arm) libamrwb-devel(arm) libamrwb-static(arm) libamrwb(source)

libao: A cross platform audio library
1.2.2-1mamba - libao(arm) libao-devel(arm) libao(source)

libapiextractor: A library to parse header and typesystem files and create a representation of the API
0.10.10-1mamba - libapiextractor(arm) libapiextractor-devel(arm) libapiextractor(source)

libappimage: Implements functionality for dealing with AppImage files
1.0.2-2mamba - libappimage(arm) libappimage-debug(arm) libappimage-devel(arm) libappimage(source)

libapr: The Apache Portable Runtime (APR)
1:1.7.0-2mamba - libapr(arm) libapr-devel(arm) libapr(source)

libaprutil: The Apache Portable Runtime (APR)
1:1.6.1-2mamba - libaprutil(arm) libaprutil-devel(arm) libaprutil(source)

libarchive: Single library to read/write tar, cpio, pax, zip, iso9660, etc.
3.4.1-1mamba - libarchive(arm) libarchive-devel(arm) libarchive-tools(arm) libarchive(source)

libarchive2: Single library to read/write tar, cpio, pax, zip, iso9660, etc.
2.8.5-2mamba - libarchive2(arm) libarchive2-devel(arm) libarchive2-tools(arm) libarchive2(source)

libart_lgpl: A library for high-performance 2D graphics
2.3.21-2mamba - libart_lgpl(arm) libart_lgpl-devel(arm) libart_lgpl(source)

libass: Portable Advanced Substation Alpha/Substation Alpha subtitle renderer
0.14.0-1mamba - libass(arm) libass-devel(arm) libass-static(arm) libass(source)

libass4: Portable Advanced Substation Alpha/Substation Alpha subtitle renderer
0.9.11-3mamba - libass4(arm) libass4-devel(arm) libass4-static(arm) libass4(source)

libass5: Portable Advanced Substation Alpha/Substation Alpha subtitle renderer
0.13.4-2mamba - libass5(arm) libass5-devel(arm) libass5-static(arm) libass5(source)

libassuan: Libassuan is the IPC library used by some GnuPG related software
2.5.3-1mamba - libassuan(arm) libassuan-devel(arm) libassuan(source)

libasyncns: A library for executing name service queries asynchronously
0.8-2mamba - libasyncns(arm) libasyncns-devel(arm) libasyncns-docs(arm) libasyncns-static(arm) libasyncns(source)

libat-spi: Gnome Accessibility Project's Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
1.32.0-4mamba - libat-spi(arm) libat-spi-apidocs(arm) libat-spi-devel(arm) python-atspi(arm) libat-spi(source)

libat-spi2-atk: A GTK+ module that bridges ATK to D-Bus at-spi
2.34.1-1mamba - libat-spi2-atk(arm) libat-spi2-atk-devel(arm) libat-spi2-atk(source)

libatasmart: ATA S.M.A.R.T. Disk Health Monitoring Library
0.19-1mamba - libatasmart(arm) libatasmart-devel(arm) libatasmart-static(arm) libatasmart(source)

libatk: Accessibility features for Gtk+
2.34.1-1mamba - libatk(arm) libatk-apidocs(arm) libatk-devel(arm) libatk(source)

libatkmm: The official C++ interface for the ATK accessibility toolkit library
2.28.0-1mamba - libatkmm(arm) libatkmm-devel(arm) libatkmm(source)

libatlas: ATLAS - Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software
3.8.4-3mamba - libatlas(arm) libatlas-devel(arm) libatlas-doc(arm) libatlas(source)

libatm: Drivers and tools to support ATM networking under Linux.
2.5.1-2mamba - libatm(arm) libatm-devel(arm) libatm(source)

libatomic_ops: Atomic memory update operations
1:7.6.10-1mamba - libatomic_ops-devel(arm) libatomic_ops(source)

libattica: A Qt library to access Open Collaboration Service providers
0.4.2-1mamba - libattica(arm) libattica-debug(arm) libattica-devel(arm) libattica(source)

libaudiofile: A uniform programming interface to standard digital audio file formats
0.3.6-1mamba - libaudiofile(arm) libaudiofile-devel(arm) libaudiofile(source)

libaudiofile0: A uniform programming interface to standard digital audio file formats
0.3.1-2mamba - libaudiofile0(arm) libaudiofile0-devel(arm) libaudiofile0(source)

libavc1394: Library for providing raw access to IEEE 1394 devices
0.5.4-1mamba - libavc1394(arm) libavc1394-devel(arm) libavc1394(source)

libbabl: babl is a dynamic, any to any, pixel format translation library
0.1.72-1mamba - libbabl(arm) libbabl-devel(arm) libbabl(source)

libbackend-elements: A collection of elementary building blocks for implementing compiler backends in c++.
1.7.2-1mamba - libbackend-elements-debug(arm) libbackend-elements-devel(arm) libbackend-elements(source)

libbinio: A platform-independent way to access binary data streams in C++
1.4-5mamba - libbinio(arm) libbinio-devel(arm) libbinio(source)

libbio2jack: A library for porting bio OSS/ALSA audio applications to Jack
0.9-2mamba - libbio2jack(arm) libbio2jack-devel(arm) libbio2jack(source)

libblockdev: A C library supporting GObject Introspection for manipulation of block devices
2.23-1mamba - libblockdev(arm) libblockdev-debug(arm) libblockdev-devel(arm) libblockdev-tools(arm) libblockdev(source)

libbluedevil: A Qt-style library for accessing the bluez bluetooth stack
1.9.4-1mamba - libbluedevil(arm) libbluedevil-devel(arm) libbluedevil(source)

libbluedevil5: A Qt-style library for accessing the bluez bluetooth stack
5.2.0-2mamba - libbluedevil5(arm) libbluedevil5-devel(arm) libbluedevil5(source)

libbluray: An open-source library designed for Blu-Ray Discs playback for media players
1.1.2-1mamba - libbluray(arm) libbluray-devel(arm) libbluray(source)

libbluray1: An open-source library designed for Blu-Ray Discs playback for media players
0.9.2-3mamba - libbluray1(arm) libbluray1-devel(arm) libbluray1(source)

libbonobo: Bonobo is a component and compound document system for GNOME
2.32.1-1mamba - libbonobo(arm) libbonobo-apidocs(arm) libbonobo-devel(arm) libbonobo(source)

libbonoboui: User Interface library for libbonobo
2.24.5-3mamba - libbonoboui(arm) libbonoboui-apidocs(arm) libbonoboui-devel(arm) libbonoboui(source)

libboost: Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
1.71.0-5mamba - libboost(arm) libboost-debug(arm) libboost-devel(arm) python-boost-py27(arm) python-boost-py3(arm) python-boost-py36(arm) libboost(source)

libboost152: Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
1.52.0-2mamba - libboost152(arm) libboost152-devel(arm) python-boost152(arm) python-boost152-devel(arm) libboost152(source)

libboost155: Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
1.55.0-3mamba - libboost155(arm) libboost155-devel(arm) python-boost155(arm) python-boost155-devel(arm) libboost155(source)

libboost157: Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
1.57.0-5mamba - libboost157(arm) libboost157-devel(arm) python-boost157(arm) python3-boost157(arm) libboost157(source)

libboost158: Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
1.58.0-3mamba - libboost158(arm) libboost158-devel(arm) python-boost158(arm) python3-boost158(arm) libboost158(source)

libboost159: Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
1.59.0-4mamba - libboost159(arm) libboost159-devel(arm) python-boost159(arm) python3-boost159(arm) libboost159(source)

libboost165: Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
1.65.1-5mamba - libboost165(arm) libboost165-devel(arm) python-boost165(arm) python3-boost165(arm) libboost165(source)

libboost166: Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
1.66.0-6mamba - libboost166(arm) libboost166-devel(arm) python-boost166(arm) python3-boost166(arm) libboost166(source)

libboost169: Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
1.69.0-4mamba - libboost169(arm) libboost169-debug(arm) libboost169-devel(arm) python27-boost169(arm) python36-boost169(arm) libboost169(source)

libbrotli: A data format library for data streams
1.0.7-1mamba - libbrotli(arm) libbrotli-debug(arm) libbrotli-devel(arm) libbrotli-tools(arm) libbrotli(source)

libbsd: This library provides useful functions commonly found on BSD systems
0.10.0-1mamba - libbsd(arm) libbsd-debug(arm) libbsd-devel(arm) libbsd(source)

libbytesize: A tiny library providing a C "class" for working with arbitrary big sizes in bytes
2.1-1mamba - libbytesize(arm) libbytesize-debug(arm) libbytesize-devel(arm) libbytesize(source)

libcaca: A library for Colour AsCii Art, text mode graphics
0.99.beta19-1mamba - caca-utils(arm) libcaca(arm) libcaca-devel(arm) libcaca-java(arm) python-caca(arm) libcaca(source)

libcacard: CAC (Common Access Card) library
2.7.0-1mamba - libcacard(arm) libcacard-debug(arm) libcacard-devel(arm) libcacard(source)

libcairo: Cairo provides anti-aliased vector-based rendering for X
1.17.2-2mamba - libcairo(arm) libcairo-apidocs(arm) libcairo-devel(arm) libcairo-tools(arm) libcairo(source)

libcairomm: A C++ wrapper for the cairo graphics library
1.12.2-1mamba - libcairomm(arm) libcairomm-devel(arm) libcairomm(source)

libcanberra: Portable Sound Event Library
0.30-8mamba - libcanberra(arm) libcanberra-apidocs(arm) libcanberra-devel(arm) libcanberra-gtk2(arm) libcanberra-gtk3(arm) libcanberra-system-bootup-sounds(arm) libcanberra(source)

libcap: POSIX 1003.1e capabilities
2.27-1mamba - libcap(arm) libcap-devel(arm) libcap-tools(arm) libcap(source)

libcap-ng: An alternate posix capabilities library
0.7.10-1mamba - libcap-ng(arm) libcap-ng-devel(arm) libcap-ng-utils(arm) python-libcap-ng(arm) python-libcap-ng-py36(arm) libcap-ng(source)

libcares: A C library that performs DNS requests and name resolves asynchronously
1.14.0-1mamba - libcares(arm) libcares-devel(arm) libcares(source)

libcdaudio: Control operation of a CD-ROM when playing audio CDs
0.99.12p2-2mamba - libcdaudio(arm) libcdaudio-devel(arm) libcdaudio(source)

libcddb: Libcddb is a C library to access data on a CDDB server
1.3.2-4mamba - libcddb(arm) libcddb-devel(arm) libcddb(source)

libcdio: Compact Disc Input and Control Library
2.1.0-1mamba - libcdio(arm) libcdio-devel(arm) libcdio-tools(arm) libcdio(source)

libcdio-paranoia: CD paranoia on top of libcdio
10.2-1mamba - libcdio-paranoia(arm) libcdio-paranoia-debug(arm) libcdio-paranoia-devel(arm) libcdio-paranoia-tools(arm) libcdio-paranoia(source)

libcdio12: Compact Disc Input and Control Library
0.82-4mamba - libcdio12(arm) libcdio12-devel(arm) libcdio12-tools(arm) libcdio12(source)

libcdio13: Compact Disc Input and Control Library
0.83-3mamba - libcdio13(arm) libcdio13-devel(arm) libcdio13-tools(arm) libcdio13(source)

libcdio18: Compact Disc Input and Control Library
0.94-4mamba - libcdio18(arm) libcdio18-devel(arm) libcdio18-tools(arm) libcdio18(source)

libcdio218: Compact Disc Input and Control Library
2.0.0-2mamba - libcdio218(arm) libcdio218-devel(arm) libcdio218-tools(arm) libcdio218(source)

libcec: USB CEC Adaptor communication Library
1:4.0.4-1mamba - libcec(arm) libcec-debug(arm) libcec-devel(arm) libcec-rpi(arm) libcec-rpi-devel(arm) libcec(source)

libcec-p8-platform: Platform support library used by libCEC and binary add-ons for Kodi - libcec-p8-platform(arm) libcec-p8-platform-debug(arm) libcec-p8-platform-devel(arm) libcec-p8-platform(source)

libcelt: The CELT (Constrained Energy Lapped Transform) ultra-low delay audio codec
0.11.3-1mamba - libcelt(arm) libcelt-devel(arm) libcelt-static(arm) libcelt(source)

libcfg+: A C library that features multi- command line and configuration file parsing
0.6.2-6mamba - libcfg+(arm) libcfg+-devel(arm) libcfg+(source)

libcfitsio: A FITS File Subroutine Library
1:3.450-1mamba - libcfitsio(arm) libcfitsio-devel(arm) libcfitsio(source)

libcfitsio0: A FITS File Subroutine Library
1:3.340-2mamba - libcfitsio0(arm) libcfitsio0-devel(arm) libcfitsio0(source)

libcfitsio5: A FITS File Subroutine Library
1:3.430-2mamba - libcfitsio5(arm) libcfitsio5-devel(arm) libcfitsio5(source)

libcgi: A CGI (Common Gateway Interface) programming interface
1.0-2mamba - libcgi(arm) libcgi-devel(arm) libcgi(source)

libcheck: A unit test framework for C
0.13.0-1mamba - libcheck(arm) libcheck-devel(arm) libcheck(source)

libchm: CHMLIB is a library for dealing with Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files
0.40-1mamba - libchm(arm) libchm-devel(arm) libchm(source)

libclucene: A C++ port of Lucene: the high-performance, full-featured text search engine - libclucene(arm) libclucene-devel(arm) libclucene(source)

libclutter: Open Source software library for creating fast, compelling, portable, and dynamic graphical user interfaces
1.26.2-1mamba - libclutter(arm) libclutter-devel(arm) libclutter-doc(arm) libclutter(source)

libcogl: A library for using 3D graphics hardware for rendering
1.22.4-1mamba - libcogl(arm) libcogl-apidocs(arm) libcogl-devel(arm) libcogl(source)

libcogl9: A library for using 3D graphics hardware for rendering
1.10.4-3mamba - libcogl9(arm) libcogl9-devel(arm) libcogl9(source)

libcomps: Alternative for yum.comps library written in pure C with Python bindings
0.1.8-1mamba - libcomps(arm) libcomps-debug(arm) libcomps-devel(arm) libcomps(source)

libconfig: C/C++ Configuration File Library
1.7.2-1mamba - libconfig(arm) libconfig-devel(arm) libconfig-static(arm) libconfig(source)

libconfig9: C/C++ Configuration File Library
1.5-3mamba - libconfig9(arm) libconfig9-devel(arm) libconfig9-static(arm) libconfig9(source)

libconfuse: A configuration file parser library
3.2.2-1mamba - libconfuse(arm) libconfuse-devel(arm) libconfuse(source)

libconfuse0: A configuration file parser library
2.8-2mamba - libconfuse0(arm) libconfuse0-devel(arm) libconfuse0(source)

libcppunit: C++ Port of JUnit Testing Framework
1.14.0-1mamba - libcppunit(arm) libcppunit-apidocs(arm) libcppunit-devel(arm) libcppunit(source)

libcroco: A generic Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) parsing and manipulation toolkit
0.6.13-1mamba - libcroco(arm) libcroco-devel(arm) libcroco(source)

libcryptopp: Free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes
5.6.2-4mamba - libcryptopp(arm) libcryptopp-devel(arm) libcryptopp(source)

libcryptsetup: A library for setting up encrypted filesystems
1:2.2.2-1mamba - cryptsetup(arm) libcryptsetup(arm) libcryptsetup-devel(arm) libcryptsetup(source)

libcryptsetup4: A library for setting up encrypted filesystems
1.7.5-3mamba - cryptsetup4(arm) libcryptsetup4(arm) libcryptsetup4-devel(arm) libcryptsetup4(source)

libcuefile: A library for working with cue files and toc files
r475-1mamba - libcuefile(arm) libcuefile-debug(arm) libcuefile-devel(arm) libcuefile(source)

libcult: A collection of c++ libraries that uses the mechanisms available on the GNU development platform
1.4.6-1mamba - libcult(arm) libcult-debug(arm) libcult-devel(arm) libcult(source)

libdaemon: A lightweight C library that eases the writing of UNIX daemons
0.14-1mamba - libdaemon(arm) libdaemon-devel(arm) libdaemon(source)

libdbi: Database Independent Abstraction Layer
0.9.0-1mamba - libdbi(arm) libdbi-devel(arm) libdbi-static(arm) libdbi(source)

libdbus-c++: C++ Interface for DBus
0.9.0-1mamba - libdbus-c++(arm) libdbus-c++-devel(arm) libdbus-c++-static(arm) libdbus-c++(source)

libdbus-glib: GLIB bindings for libdbus-glib
0.110-1mamba - libdbus-glib(arm) libdbus-glib-apidocs(arm) libdbus-glib-devel(arm) libdbus-glib-tools(arm) libdbus-glib(source)

libdbusmenu: DBus Menu Library
16.04.0-2mamba - libdbusmenu(arm) libdbusmenu-apidocs(arm) libdbusmenu-devel(arm) libdbusmenu-gtk(arm) libdbusmenu-gtk-devel(arm) libdbusmenu-gtk3(arm) libdbusmenu-gtk3-devel(arm) libdbusmenu-jsonloader(arm) libdbusmenu-jsonloader-devel(arm) libdbusmenu(source)

libdbusmenu-qt: A Qt implementation of the DBusMenu protocol
0.9.2-1mamba - libdbusmenu-qt(arm) libdbusmenu-qt-apidocs(arm) libdbusmenu-qt-devel(arm) libdbusmenu-qt(source)

libdc1394: High level programming interface to control IEEE 1394 based cameras
2.2.6-1mamba - libdc1394(arm) libdc1394-devel(arm) libdc1394(source)

libdc1394_22: High level programming interface to control IEEE 1394 based cameras
2.2.5-2mamba - libdc1394_22(arm) libdc1394_22-devel(arm) libdc1394_22(source)

libdca: A free library for decoding DTS Coherent Acoustics streams
0.0.6-1mamba - libdca(arm) libdca-devel(arm) libdca-tools(arm) libdca(source)

libdecibel: a realtime communications framework
20090213svn-2mamba - libdecibel(arm) libdecibel-devel(arm) libdecibel(source)

libdevil: A full featured cross-platform image library
1.7.8-4mamba - libdevil(arm) libdevil-devel(arm) libdevil-static(arm) libdevil(source)

libdirac: Libraries for Dirac
1.0.2-3mamba - Dirac(arm) Dirac-docs(arm) libdirac(arm) libdirac-devel(arm) libdirac-static(arm) libdirac(source)

libdirectfb: Graphics abstraction library for the Linux Framebuffer Device
1.7.7-1mamba - directfb-tools(arm) libdirectfb(arm) libdirectfb-devel(arm) libdirectfb(source)

libdirectfb16: Graphics abstraction library for the Linux Framebuffer Device
1.6.3-2mamba - directfb16-tools(arm) libdirectfb16(arm) libdirectfb16-devel(arm) libdirectfb16(source)

libdirectfb5: Graphics abstraction library for the Linux Framebuffer Device
1.4.13-2mamba - directfb5-tools(arm) libdirectfb5(arm) libdirectfb5-devel(arm) libdirectfb5(source)

libdirectfb6: Graphics abstraction library for the Linux Framebuffer Device
1.4.17-3mamba - libdirectfb6(arm) libdirectfb6-devel(arm) libdirectfb6(source)

libdiscid: A Library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs
0.6.2-1mamba - libdiscid(arm) libdiscid-devel(arm) libdiscid(source)

libdjconsole: A driver for the DJ Console, built on top of libusb
0.1.3-2mamba - libdjconsole(arm) libdjconsole-devel(arm) libdjconsole(source)

libdmtx: A library for reading and writing Data Matrix 2D barcodes
0.7.5-1mamba - libdmtx(arm) libdmtx-devel(arm) libdmtx(source)

libdmx: X.Org dmx library
1.1.4-1mamba - libdmx(arm) libdmx-devel(arm) libdmx(source)

libdnf: Software management library
0.33.0-1mamba - libdnf(arm) libdnf-debug(arm) libdnf-devel(arm) libdnf(source)

libdotconf: A configuration file parser library
1.3-1mamba - libdotconf(arm) libdotconf-devel(arm) libdotconf(source)

libdrm: A library interface to Linux DRM (Direct Rendering Manager)
1:2.4.100-1mamba - libdrm(arm) libdrm-devel(arm) libdrm(source)

libdv: A software decoder for DV format video, as defined by the IEC 61834 and SMPTE 314M standards
1.0.0-4mamba - dv(arm) libdv(arm) libdv-devel(arm) libdv(source)

libdvbpsi: Library for decoding and generating MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables
1.3.3-1mamba - libdvbpsi(arm) libdvbpsi-devel(arm) libdvbpsi(source)

libdvdcss: Library for accessing DVDs like block devices with transparent decryption
1.4.2-1mamba - libdvdcss(arm) libdvdcss-devel(arm) libdvdcss(source)

libdvdnav: A library for reading DVD video disks
6.0.1-1mamba - libdvdnav(arm) libdvdnav-devel(arm) libdvdnav(source)

libdvdread: A library for reading DVD video disks
6.0.2-1mamba - libdvdread(arm) libdvdread-devel(arm) libdvdread(source)

libdvdread4: A library for reading DVD video disks
6.0.1-2mamba - libdvdread4(arm) libdvdread4-debug(arm) libdvdread4-devel(arm) libdvdread4(source)

libebml: Extensible Binary Meta Language library
1.3.10-1mamba - libebml(arm) libebml-devel(arm) libebml(source)

libecore: A clean and tiny event loop library with many modules
1.7.9-1mamba - libecore(arm) libecore-debug(arm) libecore-devel(arm) libecore(source)

libedit: The NetBSD Editline library.
3.1_20130712-1mamba - libedit(arm) libedit-devel(arm) libedit-static(arm) libedit(source)

libeet: A tiny library designed to write an arbitary set of chunks of data to a file
1.7.9-1mamba - libeet(arm) libeet-devel(arm) libeet(source)

libeina: A library providing data structure utilities for EFL
1.7.9-1mamba - libeina(arm) libeina-devel(arm) libeina(source)

libEMF: Library for manipulation with Enhanced MetaFile (EMF, ECMA-234)
1.0.7-1mamba - libEMF(arm) libEMF-devel(arm) libEMF(source)

libepoxy: A library for handling OpenGL function pointer management for you
1.5.4-1mamba - libepoxy(arm) libepoxy-debug(arm) libepoxy-devel(arm) libepoxy(source)

liberation-fonts-ttf: Fonts to replace commonly used Microsoft Windows Fonts
2.00.1-1mamba - liberation-fonts-ttf(arm) liberation-fonts-ttf(source)

libesmtp: SMTP client library
1.0.6-3mamba - libesmtp(arm) libesmtp-devel(arm) libesmtp-static(arm) libesmtp(source)

libesound: Mixes multiple digitized audio streams and samples together for playback by a single audio device
0.2.41-1mamba - libesound(arm) libesound-devel(arm) libesound(source)

libevas: A clean display canvas API that implements a scene graph, not an immediate-mode rendering target
1.7.9-1mamba - libevas(arm) libevas-debug(arm) libevas-devel(arm) libevas-tools(arm) libevas(source)

libevdev: A wrapper library for evdev devices
1.8.0-1mamba - libevdev(arm) libevdev-debug(arm) libevdev-devel(arm) libevdev-tools(arm) libevdev(source)

libevent: An event notification library
2.1.11-1mamba - libevent(arm) libevent-devel(arm) libevent(source)

libevent1: An event notification library
1.4.14b-1mamba - libevent1(arm) libevent1-devel(arm) libevent1(source)

libevent5: An event notification library
2.0.22-2mamba - libevent5(arm) libevent5-devel(arm) libevent5(source)

libevent6: An event notification library
2.1.10-2mamba - libevent6(arm) libevent6-devel(arm) libevent6(source)

libevhtp: An API which manages threads and thread-pools in an event based manner
1.2.9-1mamba - libevhtp(arm) libevhtp-debug(arm) libevhtp-devel(arm) libevhtp(source)

libevolution-data-server: Backend data server for Evolution
3.34.3-1mamba - libevolution-data-server(arm) libevolution-data-server-debug(arm) libevolution-data-server-devel(arm) libevolution-data-server(source)

libewf: A library to access the Expert Witness Compression Format (EWF)
20140608-1mamba - ewf-tools(arm) libewf(arm) libewf-devel(arm) libewf(source)

libexif: The EXIF library allows you to parse an EXIF file and read the data from those tags
0.6.21-1mamba - libexif(arm) libexif-devel(arm) libexif(source)

libexiv2: Exif and IPTC metadata library and tools
1:0.27.2-1mamba - exiv2(arm) libexiv2(arm) libexiv2-devel(arm) libexiv2(source)

libexiv2_12: Exif and IPTC metadata library and tools
1:0.23-2mamba - exiv2_12(arm) libexiv2_12(arm) libexiv2_12-devel(arm) libexiv2_12(source)

libexiv2_14: Exif and IPTC metadata library and tools
1:0.25-4mamba - exiv2_14(arm) libexiv2_14(arm) libexiv2_14-devel(arm) libexiv2_14(source)

libexiv2_24: Exif and IPTC metadata library and tools
1:0.24-2mamba - libexiv2_24(arm) libexiv2_24-devel(arm) libexiv2_24(source)

libexiv2_26: Exif and IPTC metadata library and tools
1:0.26-3mamba - exiv2_26(arm) libexiv2_26(arm) libexiv2_26-devel(arm) libexiv2_26(source)

libexiv2_6: Exif and IPTC metadata library and tools
2:0.19-1mamba - exiv2_6(arm) libexiv2_6(arm) libexiv2_6-devel(arm) libexiv2_6(source)

libeXosip2: A library that hides the complexity of using the SIP protocol for mutlimedia session establishement
4.1.0-2mamba - libeXosip2(arm) libeXosip2-devel(arm) libeXosip2(source)

libfakekey: X Virtual Keyboard Library of the Matchbox WM project
0.3-1mamba - libfakekey(arm) libfakekey-devel(arm) libfakekey(source)

libfame: Fast Assembly MPEG Encoding library
0.9.1-5mamba - libfame(arm) libfame-devel(arm) libfame(source)

libffado: Free Firewire Audio Drivers Library
2.2.1-1mamba - ffado(arm) libffado(arm) libffado-devel(arm) libffado(source)

libffcall: Libraries that can be used to build foreign function call interfaces.
2.2-1mamba - libffcall(arm) libffcall-devel(arm) libffcall-static(arm) libffcall(source)

libffcall0: Libraries that can be used to build foreign function call interfaces.
1.10.20120424svn-2mamba - libffcall0(arm) libffcall0-devel(arm) libffcall0-static(arm) libffcall0(source)

libffi: A Portable Foreign Function Interface Library
1:3.2.1-2mamba - libffi(arm) libffi-devel(arm) libffi(source)

libffi5: A Portable Foreign Function Interface Library
1:3.0.10-2mamba - libffi5(arm) libffi5-devel(arm) libffi5(source)

libfftw: Fast Fourier Transform library
3.3.8-1mamba - libfftw(arm) libfftw-devel(arm) libfftw(source)

libflac: Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
1.3.3-1mamba - libflac(arm) libflac-devel(arm) libflac-doc(arm) libflac(source)

libfltk: A cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit
1.3.5-1mamba - libfltk(arm) libfltk-devel(arm) libfltk(source)

libfm: A library used by the PCMan File Manager
1.3.1-1mamba - libfm(arm) libfm-devel(arm) libfm(source)

libfontenc: X.Org fontenc library
1.1.4-1mamba - libfontenc(arm) libfontenc-devel(arm) libfontenc(source)

libfreebob: FreeBoB firewire audio driver library
1.0.11-2mamba - libfreebob(arm) libfreebob-devel(arm) libfreebob-static(arm) libfreebob(source)

libfreeglut: GLUT (and hence freeglut) allows the user to create and manage windows containing OpenGL contexts
3.2.1-1mamba - libfreeglut(arm) libfreeglut-debug(arm) libfreeglut-devel(arm) libfreeglut(source)

libfreetds: A database communication library for Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server
1.00.100-1mamba - libfreetds(arm) libfreetds-devel(arm) libfreetds-doc(arm) libfreetds-static(arm) libfreetds(source)

libfreetype: Free TrueType font rasterizer library
2.10.1-1mamba - libfreetype(arm) libfreetype-devel(arm) libfreetype(source)

libfribidi: A Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
1.0.8-1mamba - libfribidi(arm) libfribidi-devel(arm) libfribidi(source)

libfrontend-elements: A collection of elementary building blocks for implementing compiler frontends in c++
1.1.4-1mamba - libfrontend-elements(arm) libfrontend-elements-debug(arm) libfrontend-elements-devel(arm) libfrontend-elements(source)

libFS: X.Org FS library
1.0.8-1mamba - libFS(arm) libFS-devel(arm) libFS(source)

libftdi1: A library to talk to FTDI chips: FT232BM/245BM, FT2232C/D and FT232/245R
1.4-1mamba - ftdi1-utils(arm) libftdi1(arm) libftdi1-devel(arm) libftdi1(source)

libftgl: OpenGL frontend to Freetype 2
2.4.0-1mamba - libftgl(arm) libftgl-devel(arm) libftgl-static(arm) libftgl(source)

libgadu: A library providing support for Gadu-Gadu protocol
1.12.2-1mamba - libgadu(arm) libgadu-devel(arm) libgadu(source)

libgamin: Library providing the FAM File Alteration Monitor API
0.1.10-5mamba - libgamin(arm) libgamin-devel(arm) python-gamin(arm) libgamin(source)

libgammu: A library to work with mobile phones from many vendors
1.41.0-1mamba - gammu(arm) libgammu(arm) libgammu-devel(arm) libgammu(source)

libgavl: Library for handling uncompressed audio and video data
1.4.0-1mamba - libgavl(arm) libgavl-devel(arm) libgavl-docs(arm) libgavl(source)

libgc: Boehm Conservative Garbage Collection for C/C++
1:8.0.4-1mamba - libgc(arm) libgc-devel(arm) libgc(source)

libgcr: A library for displaying certificates, and crypto UI, accessing key stores
3.34.0-1mamba - libgcr(arm) libgcr-apidocs(arm) libgcr-debug(arm)