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 java-msv: Sun Multi-Schema Validator (source)

Description:The Sun Multi-Schema XML Validator (MSV) is a Java technology tool to validate XML documents against several kinds of XML schemata. It supports RELAX NG,
RELAX Namespace, RELAX Core, TREX, XML DTDs, and a subset of XML Schema Part 1. This latest (version 1.2) release includes several bug fixes and adds better conformance to RELAX NG/W3C XML standards and JAXP masquerading.

This tool is:

* A command line tool that can read XML documents and validate them against a schema (DTD/RELAX/TREX/W3C).
If an error is found, error messages are provided.
* A library that can be incorporated into Java applications as a validator.

See the included commandline.html file for details on how to use MSV from the command line. See the included developer.html file for details on how to use it as a library.
Size:12.63 MB
Patches:java-msv-1.2-build_xmls.patch java-msv-1.2-disable-crimson.patch java-msv-1.2-noclasspathsinmanifests.patch java-msv-1.2-jdk15.patch 
Build time:Sun Jun 16 2013
Built RPMS:java-msv-demo(i586) java-msv-manual(i586) java-msv-msv(i586) java-msv-msv-javadoc(i586) java-msv-relames(i586) java-msv-relames-javadoc(i586) java-msv-rngconv(i586) java-msv-xmlgen(i586) java-msv-xmlgen-javadoc(i586) java-msv-xsdlib(i586) java-msv-xsdlib-javadoc(i586) java-msv-demo(arm) java-msv-manual(arm) java-msv-msv(arm) java-msv-msv-javadoc(arm) java-msv-relames(arm) java-msv-relames-javadoc(arm) java-msv-rngconv(arm) java-msv-xmlgen(arm) java-msv-xmlgen-javadoc(arm) java-msv-xsdlib(arm) java-msv-xsdlib-javadoc(arm) java-msv-demo(x86_64) java-msv-manual(x86_64) java-msv-msv(x86_64) java-msv-msv-javadoc(x86_64) java-msv-relames(x86_64) java-msv-relames-javadoc(x86_64) java-msv-rngconv(x86_64) java-msv-xmlgen(x86_64) java-msv-xmlgen-javadoc(x86_64) java-msv-xsdlib(x86_64) java-msv-xsdlib-javadoc(x86_64)
Build requirements:apache-ant apache-ant-junit java-isorelax java-isorelax-javadoc java-junit3 java-relaxngDatatype java-relaxngDatatype-javadoc jpackage-utils xalan-j2 xerces-j2 xerces-j2-javadoc-apis xerces-j2-javadoc-impl xerces-j2-javadoc-xni xml-commons-apis xml-commons-resolver

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