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 libwxBase-unicode: Base library of wxGTK with non-GUI support classes - Unicode enabled

Description:wxBase is a collection of C++ classes providing basic data structures (strings, lists, arrays), powerful wxDateTime class for date manipulations, portable wrappers around many OS-specific functions allowing to build the same program under all supported folders, wxThread class for writing multithreaded programs using either Win32 or POSIX threads and much more. wxBase currently supports the following platforms: Win32, generic Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX, ...) and BeOS.

This package contains the unicode enabled version of wxBase.
Size:1.78 MB
Source RPM:wxGTK
Obsoletes:wxBase2.6-devel libwxBase2.8-unicode
Provides:libwxBase2.8-unicode libwxBaseu[=2.8.12-6mamba] libwxBase-unicode[=2.8.12-6mamba]
Requires:/sbin/ldconfig /sbin/ldconfig wxGTK-i18n[=2.8.12-6mamba]
RPM requirements:ldconfig glibc libexpat libgcc glibc libstdc++6 libz wxGTK-i18n
Required by:amule(i586) amule-adunanza(i586) audacity(i586) boinc-v2(i586) codeblocks(i586) FileZilla(i586) gnuplot(i586) graphthing(i586) libcodeblocks(i586) libwxBase-unicode-devel(i586) libwxGTK-unicode(i586) openbabel(i586) openobd(i586) poedit(i586) wxPython(i586) XaraLX(i586) xchm(i586) xmlcopyeditor(i586)
Build required by:
Filenames:/usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

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