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devel-java - repository for openmamba java packages [unstable]

Depends on:

devel - base development repository [unstable]
devel-makedist - auxiliary repository for final testing, platform porting and media builds [unstable]

List of packages:

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apache-fop: Apache Formatting Objects Processor
1.1-1mamba - apache-fop(i586) apache-fop(source)

jakarta-commons-configuration: Commons Configuration Package
1.6-1mamba - jakarta-commons-configuration(i586) jakarta-commons-configuration-javadoc(i586) jakarta-commons-configuration(source)

java-tagsoup: a SAX-compliant parser written in Java
1.2-1mamba - java-tagsoup(i586) java-tagsoup-javadoc(i586) java-tagsoup(source)

javapackages: Macros and scripts for Java packaging support
3.4.2-1mamba - javapackages(i586) javapackages-debug(i586) maven-local(i586) python-javapackages(i586) javapackages(source)

maven-compiler-plugin: Maven Compiler Plugin is used to compile the sources of your project
3.1-1mamba - maven-compiler-plugin(i586) maven-compiler-plugin(source)

plexus-compiler: A Plexus component to use different compilers through a uniform API
2.3-1mamba - plexus-compiler(i586) plexus-compiler(source)

rpm-maven-plugin: Allows artifacts from one or more projects to be packaged in an RPM for distribution
2.1_alpha_3-1mamba - rpm-maven-plugin(i586) rpm-maven-plugin(source)

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