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 nagios: An Open Source host, service and network monitoring program (source)

Description:NAGIOS (Nagios Ain't Gonna Insist On Sainthood) is an application, system and
network monitoring application.
It can escalate problems by email, pager or any other medium.
It is also useful for incident or SLA reporting.
Nagios is written in C and is designed as a background process, intermittently
running checks on various services that you specify.

The actual service checks are performed by separate "plugin" programs which
return the status of the checks to Nagios.
The plugins are located in the nagios-plugins package.

This package provide core programs for nagios. The web interface,
documentation, and development files are built as separate packages
Size:3.12 MB
Sources:nagios-3.2.3.tar.gz nagios-1.2-cfg.tar.bz2
Patches:nagios-1.2-daemon_init.patch nagios-1.2-cfg_in.patch nagios-3.0.4-cfg_in.patch 
Build time:Wed Nov 03 2010
Built RPMS:nagios(i586) nagios-devel(i586) nagios-www(i586)
Build requirements:apache debianutils glibc-devel libgd-devel libglib-devel libjpeg-devel libltdl-devel libpng-devel libz-devel perl-devel
Changelog:Wed Nov 03 2010 - autodist (3.2.3-1mamba)
- automatic update by autodist
Wed May 12 2010 - autodist (3.2.1-1mamba)
- automatic update by autodist

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