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 apache-ws-woden: WSDL document library (source)

Description:The Woden project is an incubation subproject of the Apache
Web Services Project to develop a Java class library for
reading, manipulating, creating and writing WSDL documents,
initially to support WSDL 2.0 but with the longer term aim
of supporting past, present and future versions of WSDL.

There are two main deliverables: an API and an implementation.
The Woden API will consist of a set of Java interfaces. The
WSDL 2.0-specific portion of the Woden API will conform to the
W3C WSDL 2.0 specification. The implementation will be a high
performance implementation directly usable in other Apache
projects such as Axis2.
License:Apache License Version 2.0
Size:3.59 MB
Sources:woden-1.0M8-src-svn.tar.gz maven2-2.2.0-settings.xml
Patches:apache-ws-woden-1.0-nomkdirlibrary.patch apache-ws-woden-1.0-nogetPreReq.patch apache-ws-woden-1.0-OMW3CTestSuiteTest.patch apache-ws-woden-1.0-W3CTestSuiteTest.patch 
Build time:Thu Nov 25 2010
Built RPMS:apache-ws-woden(i586) apache-ws-woden-javadoc(i586)
Build requirements:apache-ant apache-geronimo-1.2-specs apache-ws-commons-XmlSchema apache-ws-commons-axiom jakarta-commons-logging java-bea-stax-api java-junit3 java-wsdl4j java-wstx jpackage-utils xerces-j2 xml-commons-apis
Changelog:Thu Nov 25 2010 - gil (1.0-2mamba)
- rebuilt devel
Wed Jan 13 2010 - gil (1.0-1mamba)
- package created by autospec

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