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 avidemux2: Graphical video editing tool (source)

Group:Graphical Desktop/Applications/Multimedia
Description:Avidemux2 is a graphical tool to edit AVI. It allows you to multiplex and demultiplex audio to/from video.

It is able to cut video, import BMP, MJPEG and MPEG video, and encode them.
You can also process video with included filters. It requires a DivX compatible encoder and the Gimp Toolkit (GTK) libraries.

This package contains the Qt4 frontend.
Size:17.33 MB
Patches:avidemux-2.4.3-x264.patch avidemux-2.5.0-gcc-4.4.patch 
Build time:Mon Oct 25 2010
Built RPMS:avidemux2(i586) avidemux2-gtk(i586)
Build requirements:automake desktop-file-utils gcc glibc-devel libICE-devel libSDL-devel libSM-devel libX11-devel libXext-devel libXv-devel liba52dec-devel libalsa-devel libamrnb-devel libarts-devel libatk-devel libcairo-devel libdca-devel libesound-devel libfaac-devel libfaad2-devel libfontconfig-devel libfreetype-devel libgcc libglib-devel libgtk-devel libid3tag-devel libjack-devel liblame-devel libmad-devel libpango-devel libpng-devel libqt4-devel libsamplerate-devel libslang-devel libstdc++6-devel libvorbis-devel libx264-devel libxml2-devel libxvidcore-devel libz-devel mjpegtools-devel nasm spidermonkey
Changelog:Mon Oct 25 2010 - autodist (2.5.4-1mamba)
- automatic update to 2.5.4 by autodist
Sat May 08 2010 - autodist (2.5.3-1mamba)
- automatic update to 2.5.3 by autodist
Mon Dec 21 2009 - autodist (2.5.2-1mamba)
- automatic update to 2.5.2 by autodist

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