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 gedit: gEdit is a small but powerful text editor for GNOME (source)

Group:Graphical Desktop/Applications/Utilities
Description:gEdit is the official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment.
While aiming at simplicity and ease of use, gedit is a powerful general purpose text editor.
Currently it features:

* Full support for internationalized text (UTF-8)
* Configurable syntax highlighting for various languages (C, C++, Java, HTML, XML, Python, Perl and many others)
* Undo/Redo
* Editing files from remote locations
* File reverting
* Print and print preview support
* Clipboard support (cut/copy/paste)
* Search and replace
* Go to specific line
* Auto indentation
* Text wrapping
* Line numbers
* Right margin
* Current line highlighting
* Bracket matching
* Backup files
* Configurable fonts and colors
* A complete online user manual

gEdit features also a flexible plugin system which can be used to dynamically add new advanced features to gedit itself.
See the plugins page for more info on the existing plugins.

You'll need to have GNOME and GTK+ installed to use gEdit.
Size:6.76 MB
Sources:gedit-2.30.4.tar.gz gedit.png gedit1.desktop
Build time:Mon Oct 10 2011
Built RPMS:gedit(i586) gedit-apidocs(i586) gedit-devel(i586)
Build requirements:GConf-devel ORBit2-devel glibc-devel gnome-doc-utils-devel gtk-doc iso-codes-devel libICE-devel libSM-devel libX11-devel libXau-devel libXdmcp-devel libXrender-devel libalsa-devel libart_lgpl-devel libatk-devel libaudiofile-devel libbonobo-devel libbonoboui-devel libcairo-devel libdbus-devel libdbus-glib-devel libenchant-devel libesound-devel libexpat-devel libfontconfig-devel libfreetype-devel libglade-devel libglib-devel libglitz-devel libgnome-devel libgnome-keyring-devel libgnome-vfs-devel libgnomecanvas-devel libgnomeui-devel libgtk-devel libgtksourceview-devel[>=2.2.0] libjpeg-devel libopenssl-devel libpango-devel libpixman-devel libpng-devel libpopt-devel libscrollkeeper-devel libselinux libxcb-devel libxcb-util-devel libxml2-devel libz-devel pygtksourceview-devel
Changelog:Mon Oct 10 2011 - silvan (2.30.4-3mamba)
- move plugin library files from devel to main package
Fri Nov 12 2010 - silvan (2.30.4-2mamba)
- rebuilt with libpng 1.4

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