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 linsmith: Smith Charting program (source)

Group:Graphical Desktop/Applications/Educational
Description:linSmith is a Smith Charting program, mainly designed for educational use.
As such, there is an emphasis on capabilities that improve the 'showing the effect of'-style of operation.

It's main features are:

-Definition of multiple load impedances (at different frequencies)
-Addition of discrete (L, C and transformer) and line components (open and closed stubs)
-Connection in series and parallel
-A 'virtual' component switches from impedance to admittance to help explaining (or understanding) parallel components
-The chart works in real impedances (not normalized ones)
-Direct view of the result on the screen
-Ability to generate publication quality Postscript output
-A 'log' file with textual results at each intermediate step
-Load and circuit configuration is stored separately, permitting several solutions without re-defining the other (this may actually change to single files - I'm not quite convinced here)
Size:1.07 MB
Sources:linsmith-0.99.21.tar.gz linsmith.png
Build time:Sat Mar 26 2011
Built RPMS:linsmith(i586)
Build requirements:GConf-devel ORBit2-devel glibc-devel libICE-devel libSM-devel libart_lgpl-devel libatk-devel libbonobo-devel libbonoboui-devel libcairo-devel libfontconfig-devel libfreetype-devel libglib-devel libgnome-devel libgnome-keyring-devel libgnome-vfs-devel libgnomecanvas-devel libgnomeprint-devel libgnomeui-devel libgtk-devel libpango-devel libpopt-devel libxml2-devel libz-devel
Changelog:Sat Mar 26 2011 - autodist (0.99.21-1mamba)
- automatic update by autodist

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