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The openmamba community is made of people who contribute to the development and spreading of GNU/Linux open source software. The reason to make a community is to improve the development of open collaborative projects including the openmamba GNU/Linux distribution on which this project is based. Community participants can communicate through the mailing lists and the forum.

Among the benefits you get from participating to this community are the possibility to contribute with your own ideas and works in a big open project and to get recognized visibility on what you have done and can do.

People and groups

The first required step in order to partecipate as a member is the registration. You can then ask and get benefits from the services described below.

Two or more community members can join to form a group by sending a request and specifying the group name and definitions (a short description and a long one). The two or more members are responsible of the privileges management for the group services. Those privileges can be transmitted to registered users only. The activities in a group can be organized indipendently and organization can be different from openmamba general organization.


Community benefits and services

In order to join the community you choose your role(s) from the list below and contribute accordingly. You'll be free to spend how much time you may and wish. Your contributions for each role will be automatically tracked on your personal page thus giving you recognized visibility on your abilities in the open source community.

Registration is free and both technical and non-technical roles are available; in order to get benefit from openmamba services you'll have to perform some of the tasks that will be defined by the community or yourself.

You may get benefits from the openmamba community both if you help to develop and spread the openmamba GNU/Linux distribution and if just use your personal page to host your own open source project.

Community automatized registration is a work in progress. Write us if you don't want to wait for joining the community .


Every openmamba community individual can assume one or more roles from the following list:

  • supporter (donation required)
  • referent of a sponsorizing company
  • distribution beta-tester
  • software scout
  • software packager
  • non GUI software developer
  • GUI software developer
  • Linux drivers developer
  • embedded systems developer
  • low level (kernel and hardware) software maintainer
  • development (compiler and build tools) software maintainer
  • middle level (system base tools and libraries) software maintainer
  • graphical environment software maintainer (Xorg, KDE, Gnome,...)
  • office applications maintainer
  • multimedia applications maintainer
  • porting distribution to new hardware platforms
  • website developer
  • documentation/wiki contents writer
  • translator
  • graphic designer/artist (themes, icons, website, gui styles...)
  • public relations (help making openmamba known on the web)
  • forum and/or mailing list moderator
  • website maintainer
  • head repositories maintainer
  • distribution architecture designer

openmamba services

openmamba offers the following services to its community members:

  • community personal page on
  • subscription to the openmamba-community mailing list
  • a redirect e-mail address in the domain (e.g.
  • a personal development repository to create and spread your own sub-distribution

Support openmamba

You can be part of the community without having to perform any activity. openmamba needs founding to maintain itself and financial support is appreciated.

Donations can be made via paypal by clicking on the link below:

After making the donation your name will be listed in the credits page.

Become a sponsor of openmamba

You may tie your company name and image to openmamba thus gaining appreciation and visibility in the open source community.

Sponsorship fee is 1500 € and you will give you:

  • a 200x40 banner on the openmamba homepage for the lenght of one year
  • a community account with the role of referent of a sponsorizing company

Please write us for sponsorship information.