Available repositories:

milestone4: stable milestone4 base packages
milestone4-games: stable milestone4 games packages
milestone4-updates: stable milestone4 updates
milestone4-makedist: service repository for porting, testing and media builds
milestone4-kernel: newest kernel release
milestone3: stable milestone3 base packages
milestone3-games: stable milestone3 games packages
milestone3-updates: stable milestone3 updates
milestone3-makedist: service repository for porting, testing and media builds
milestone3-kernel: newest kernel release
milestone3-kernel-past: legacy kernel release
milestone2: stable milestone2 base packages
milestone2-games: stable milestone2 games packages
milestone2-updates: stable milestone2 updates
milestone2-kernel: newest kernel release for milestone2 stable systems
milestone2-kernel-next: next-generation kernel release for milestone2 stable systems
milestone2-kde4: newest kde4 release for milestone2 stable systems
milestone2-xorg: newest X.org release for milestone2 stable systems
milestone2-java: java updates for milestone2 stable systems
milestone2-makedist: auxiliary repository for final testing and media builds
milestone1: stable milestone1 base packages
milestone1-games: stable milestone1 games packages
milestone1-updates: stable milestone1 updates
milestone1-1.1: stable milestone1 1.1 updates
milestone1-java: milestone1 contributed java packages
milestone1-contrib: milestone1 contributed packages
milestone1-makedist: auxiliary repository for milestone1 media builds
devel: base development repository [unstable]
devel-games: branch of devel repository containing big games [unstable]
devel-makedist: auxiliary repository for final testing, platform porting and media builds [unstable]
devel-java: repository for openmamba java packages [unstable]
devel-kernel: latest kernel release [unstable]
devel-kernel-past: legacy kernel release [unstable]
devel-xorg: latest xorg release [unstable]
devel-gnome: latest Gnome release [unstable]
devel-kde4: latest kde4 release [unstable]
devel-misc: latest miscellaneous releases [unstable]
devel-embedded: auxiliary repository for embedded systems [unstable]
devel-autodist: auxiliary repository for automatic builds [unstable]
devel-future: auxiliary repository for not yet integrated new releases [unstable]
devel-past: archive repository for obsoleted and removed packages [unstable]
devel-distservers: repository for openmamba distribution servers [unstable]
devel-contrib: auxiliary repository for contributors [unstable]
devel-the_packagizers: the_packagizers development group [unstable]
devel-stativa: stativa development group [unstable]
devel-contrib-java: contributed java packages [unstable]
distromatic-tests: Dummy test repository [unstable]
devel-silvan: personal repository maintained by silvan [unstable]
devel-stefano: personal repository maintained by stefano [unstable]
devel-aleph0: personal repository maintained by aleph0 [unstable]
devel-tiziano: personal repository maintained by tiziano [unstable]
devel-skiver: personal repository maintained by skiver [unstable]
devel-fabiog: personal repository maintained by fabiog [unstable]
devel-mambaclimb: personal repository maintained by mambaclimb [unstable]
devel-gil: personal repository maintained by gil [unstable]
devel-bonzo: personal repository maintained by bonzo [unstable]
devel-ercolinux: personal repository maintained by ercolinux [unstable]
devel-ciccio: personal repository maintained by ciccio [unstable]
devel-Z10Bel: personal repository maintained by Z10Bel [unstable]
devel-iw2oaz: personal repository maintained by iw2oaz [unstable]
devel-zorro: personal repository maintained by zorro [unstable]
devel-michiamophil: personal repository maintained by michiamophil [unstable]

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