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 cracklib: A password-checking library (source)

Description:CrackLib tests passwords to determine whether they match certain security-oriented characteristics.
You can use CrackLib to stop users from choosing passwords which would be easy to guess.
CrackLib performs certain tests:

* It tries to generate words from a username and gecos entry and checks those words against the password;
* It checks for simplistic patterns in passwords;
* It checks for the password in a dictionary.

CrackLib is actually a library containing a particular C function which is used to check the password, as well as other C functions.
CrackLib is not a replacement for a passwd program; it must be used in conjunction with an existing passwd program.

Install the cracklib package if you need a program to check users' passwords to see if they are at least minimally secure.
If you install CrackLib, you'll also want to install the cracklib-dicts package.
Size:8.35 MB
Build time:Wed Oct 30 2019
Built RPMS:libcrack(i586) libcrack-devel(i586) libcrack-dicts(i586) python-cracklib(i586) libcrack(arm) libcrack-devel(arm) libcrack-dicts(arm) python-cracklib(arm) libcrack(x86_64) libcrack-devel(x86_64) libcrack-dicts(x86_64) python-cracklib(x86_64)
Build requirements:glibc-devel libpython-devel libz-devel python[>=2.4.4]
Changelog:Sat Oct 26 2019 - silvan (2.9.7-1mamba)
- update to 2.9.7
Sat Apr 30 2016 - silvan (2.9.6-1mamba)
- update to 2.9.6
Sun May 03 2015 - autodist (2.9.4-1mamba)
- automatic update by autodist
Mon Aug 18 2014 - autodist (2.9.1-1mamba)
- automatic version update by autodist
Sat Jun 08 2013 - autodist (2.9.0-1mamba)
- automatic version update by autodist
Mon Dec 17 2012 - autodist (2.8.22-1mamba)
- automatic version update by autodist
Tue Nov 09 2010 - autodist (2.8.18-1mamba)
- automatic update by autodist
Sat Aug 21 2010 - silvan (2.8.16-2mamba)
- libcrack-dicts: do not require libcrack
Tue Jun 22 2010 - autodist (2.8.16-1mamba)
- automatic update by autodist
Tue Jan 27 2009 - silvan (2.8.13-1mamba)
- automatic update by autodist
Sun Jun 24 2007 - silvan (2.8.10-1mamba)
- update to 2.8.10
Sat Oct 28 2006 - silvan (2.7-5qilnx)
- rename as libcrack (obsolete cracklib-*)
- fix libcrack.so: make it a symlink to libcrack.so.2.7 file
Mon Dec 13 2004 - silvan (2.7-4qilnx)
- include libcrack.so.* in main package, not just libcrack.so.2.7
Tue Jul 27 2004 - davide (2.7-3qilnx)
- trivial fixes in the specfile needed by the QiLinux distromatic parser
Fri May 28 2004 - davide (2.7-2qilnx)
- added missing ldconfig calls
Wed May 07 2003 - Alessandro Ramazzina (2.7-1qilnx)
- creation of cracklib package

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