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 java-JacORB: The free Java implementation of the OMG's CORBA standard. (source)

Description:The free Java implementation of the OMG's CORBA standard.

JacORB Features

* high-performance, fully multithreaded ORB
* 100% pure Java, JDK 1.3 and 1.4 compatible, also cooperates with Sun's JDK 1.2 classes
(releases prior to 1.4 are compatible with JDK 1.1)
* IDL compiler, supports OMG IDL/Java language mapping rev. 2.3, OBV
* native IIOP, GIOP 1.2 and Bidirectional GIOP
* POA (Portable Object Adapter)
* AMI (Asynchronous Method Invocation)
* Quality of Service Policies (QoS)
* ETF (Extensible Transport Framework)
* POAMonitor, a GUI tools that lets you inspect your object adapters (screenshot)
* Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII) and Dynamic Skeleton Interface (DSI)
* Dynamic Management of Anys (DynAny)
* Portable Interceptors (standard)
* OMG Interoperable Naming Service
* NameManager, a GUI browser for the name service (requires Swing or JDK 1.2) (screenshot)
* improved IIOP over SSL, includes KeyStoreManager
* OMG Notification Service and Event Service
* Transaction Service, Collection and Concurrency services
* TradingService (supports trader links), an extension of Mark Spruiell's free JTrader
* CORBA 2.3 Code set support
* OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS)
* Domain Manager, an object domain management service, includes a domain browser GUI
* Interface Repository
* IRBrowser, a GUI front end for the Interface Repository (screenshot)
* Implementation Repository
* Implementation Repository Manager, a GUI front end for the Implementation Repository
* IDL and Java source for all CORBA/COSS interfaces
* examples and full source code included
Size:10.51 MB
Build time:Thu Nov 25 2010
Built RPMS:java-JacORB(i586) java-JacORB-demo(i586) java-JacORB-javadoc(i586) java-JacORB-manual(i586)
Build requirements:antlr apache-ant jakarta-commons-collections jakarta-commons-logging java-backport-util-concurrent java-concurrent java-excalibur-avalon-framework-api java-excalibur-avalon-framework-impl java-excalibur-avalon-logkit java-picocontainer13 java-slf4j java-tanuki-wrapper java-xdoclet jpackage-utils xjavadoc
Changelog:Thu Nov 25 2010 - gil (2.3.1-6mamba)
- rebuilt devel
Tue Feb 16 2010 - gil (2.3.1-5mamba)
- edit idl script
Tue Feb 16 2010 - gil (2.3.1-4mamba)
- installed idl script in /usr/bin
Mon Feb 15 2010 - gil (2.3.1-3mamba)
- installed jaco script in /usr/bin
Mon Feb 15 2010 - gil (2.3.1-2mamba)
- edit conf files
Mon Feb 15 2010 - gil (2.3.1-1mamba)
- update to 2.3.1

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