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 java-subethasmtp12: A multithreaded standalone SMTP mail server implementation (source)

Description:SubEtha SMTP is a Java library which allows your application to receive SMTP mail with a
simple, easy-to-understand API.

This component can be used in almost any kind of email processing application.
Hypothetical (and not-so hypothetical) uses include:

* A mailing list manager (see SubEthaMail)
* A mail server that delivers mail to user inboxes
* A mail archiver like The Mail Archive
* An email test harness (see Wiser)
* An email2fax system
* SMTPseudo A filtering forwarding server
* Baton SMTP proxy for one or more backends (rules based on sender/envelope)
* Mireka is an SMTP proxy, which can help to prevent or diagnose mail problems.

SubEthaSMTP's simple, low-level API is suitable for writing almost any kind of
mail-receiving application. Read more in UsingSubEthaSMTP or join our MailingList.
License:Apache Software License 2.0, LGPL
Size:1.12 MB
Build time:Sat Dec 18 2010
Built RPMS:java-subethasmtp12(i586) java-subethasmtp12-javadoc(i586) java-subethasmtp12-jdk14(i586)
Build requirements:apache-ant jakarta-commons-logging java-junit3 java-junit48 java-retroweaver java-sun-jaf java-sun-mail-1.4-api jpackage-utils
Changelog:Sat Dec 18 2010 - gil (1.2.1-2mamba)
- rebuilt devel

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