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 java-sun-doccheck: Javadoc tool extension (source)

 Beware, this package has warnings:
 • missing build provider for sun-java-4

Description:The Sun Doc Check Doclet is an extension to the Javadoc tool It runs on source code and
reviews documentation comments, generating an HTML report that identifies empty comments and
other ommissions and irregularities in the documentation comments. The report displays the
number of doc errors, categorizes problems according to severity, and suggests text to
include. It can be instructed to ignore packages and classes using wildcard patterns. An
included utility package contains functionality that scans a directory tree to generate a
list of packages, as well as pattern-matching classes for filenames.

Support Note - DocCheck is experimental code developed originally for internal use at Sun and
released to the developer community for use as-is. It is not a supported product. Use at your
own risk. While we have worked to make it useful, bugs might not be fixed and features might not
be added. It might not be updated, or might be re-released with a different implementation or
options or page design that is incompatible with the current design.
License:BSD, Sun Binary Code License
Size:370.34 KB
Build time:Fri Dec 10 2010
Built RPMS:java-sun-doccheck(i586) java-sun-doccheck-javadoc(i586)
Build requirements:apache-ant jpackage-utils sun-java-4(unresolved)
Changelog:Fri Dec 10 2010 - gil (1.2b2-2mamba)
- rebuilt devel

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