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 pbbuttonsd: PBButtons is a program suite to support special functions of laptops and notebooks (source)

Description:PBButtons is a program suite to support laptop specific functions and make them
available again under Linux.
Basically it was developed to support the special hotkeys of an Apple iBook,
Powerbook or TiBook but since version 0.5 the design has been changed to
support all kind of laptops or notebooks.

With this programms the keys for the display brightness, the volume of speaker
and headphone, the mute key and the eject key will do their job as expected.
The daemon also do some power management tasks including low battery warnings,
dimming the display if idle, sleep on command, etc.

The main part of PBButtons is the daemon pbbuttonsd which work as a server that
do all the work.
It runs in background and is preferable started at boot time.
Multiple clients could register themselves to get messages about events from
the server.

The smallest client is pbbcmd which allows to change all of pbbuttonsd options
at runtime from the command line.
It could ask for the status of each option and could also change it.
This client is now part of the pbbuttonsd package.
Size:582.31 KB
Sources:pbbuttonsd-0.8.1a.tar.gz pbbuttonsd.init
Build time:Sun Dec 28 2014
Built RPMS:pbbuttonsd(i586) pbbuttonsd-devel(i586) pbbuttonsd(x86_64) pbbuttonsd-devel(x86_64)
Build requirements:
Changelog:Sun Dec 28 2014 - autodist (0.8.1a-4mamba)
- automatic rebuild by autodist
Sun Dec 28 2014 - autodist (0.8.1a-3mamba)
- automatic rebuild by autodist

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