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 perl-XML-Parser: XML::Parser - A perl module for parsing XML documents (source)

Description:This module provides ways to parse XML documents.
It is built on top of XML::Parser::Expat, which is a lower level interface to James Clark's expat library.
Each call to one of the parsing methods creates a new instance of XML::Parser::Expat which is then used to parse the document.
Expat options may be provided when the XML::Parser object is created.
These options are then passed on to the Expat object on each parse call.
They can also be given as extra arguments to the parse methods, in which case they override options given at XML::Parser creation time.

The behavior of the parser is controlled either by "Style" and/or "Handlers" options, or by "setHandlers" method.
These all provide mechanisms for XML::Parser to set the handlers needed by XML::Parser::Expat.
If neither Style nor Handlers are specified, then parsing just checks the document for being well-formed.

When underlying handlers get called, they receive as their first parameter the Expat object, not the Parser object.
License:GPL, Artistic
Size:252.90 KB
Build time:Wed Jan 22 2020
Built RPMS:perl-XML-Parser(i586) perl-XML-Parser(arm) perl-XML-Parser(x86_64)
Build requirements:glibc-devel libexpat-devel perl-URI perl-devel perl-libwww
Changelog:Wed Jan 22 2020 - autodist (2.46-1mamba)
- automatic update by autodist
Wed Nov 09 2016 - silvan (2.44_01-2mamba)
- rebuilt with perl 5.24
Mon Aug 29 2016 - autodist (2.44_01-1mamba)
- automatic update by autodist
Sun Feb 01 2015 - autodist (2.44-1mamba)
- automatic update by autodist
Mon Dec 29 2014 - autodist (2.43-1mamba)
- automatic update by autodist
Fri Jul 19 2013 - autodist (2.42_01-1mamba)
- automatic update by autodist
Fri Feb 08 2013 - autodist (2.41-1mamba)
- update to 2.41
Sat Nov 03 2012 - silvan (2.36-4mamba)
- perl 5.16 mass rebuild
Wed Nov 05 2008 - silvan (2.36-3mamba)
- automatic rebuild by autodist
Fri Oct 31 2008 - silvan (2.36-2mamba)
- rebuilt with perl 5.10
Sun Jul 20 2008 - gil (2.36-1mamba)
- update to 2.36
Thu Sep 20 2007 - aleph0 (2.34-3mamba)
- update specfile
Wed Mar 01 2006 - stefano (2.34-2qilnx)
- spec file fixed and updated
Tue Oct 26 2004 - Alessandro Ramazzina (2.34-1qilnx)
- new version build
Mon Oct 25 2004 - Alessandro Ramazzina (2.31-4qilnx)
- package created by autospec (rebuilt after SRPM loss)
Wed Sep 03 2003 - silvan (2.31-1qilnx)
- First build

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