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devel-future - auxiliary repository for not yet integrated new releases [unstable]

Depends on:

devel - base development repository [unstable]
devel-games - branch of devel repository containing big games [unstable]
devel-makedist - auxiliary repository for final testing, platform porting and media builds [unstable]
devel-kernel - latest kernel release [unstable]
devel-xorg - latest xorg release [unstable]
devel-kde4 - latest kde4 release [unstable]
devel-gnome - latest Gnome release [unstable]
devel-java - repository for openmamba java packages [unstable]
devel-misc - latest miscellaneous releases [unstable]
devel-autodist - auxiliary repository for automatic builds [unstable]

List of packages:

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beecrypt: Beecrypt is a general-purpose cryptography library
4.2.1-1mamba - java-beecrypt(i586) libbeecrypt(i586) libbeecrypt-devel(i586) python-beecrypt(i586) java-beecrypt(arm) libbeecrypt(arm) libbeecrypt-devel(arm) python-beecrypt(arm) beecrypt(source)

compiz-core: An OpenGL based compositing window manager
0.9.4-1mamba - compiz-core(i586) compiz-core-devel(i586) compiz-core-gtk(i586) compiz-core-kde4(i586) compiz-core(source)

compiz-plugins-extra: Compiz-Fusion community extra plugins
0.9.4-1mamba - compiz-plugins-extra(i586) compiz-plugins-extra-devel(i586) compiz-plugins-extra(source)

compiz-plugins-main: Compiz-Fusion community main plugins
0.9.4-1mamba - compiz-plugins-main(i586) compiz-plugins-main-devel(i586) compiz-plugins-main(source)

compizconfig-backend-kconfig4: The KDE4 kconfig backend for CompizConfig
0.9.4-1mamba - compizconfig-backend-kconfig4(i586) compizconfig-backend-kconfig4(source)

compizconfig-settings-manager: Settings Manager for Compiz (CCSM)
0.9.4-1mamba - compizconfig-settings-manager(i586) compizconfig-settings-manager(source)

dasher: Zooming predictive text entry system
5.0.0.beta.20171202git-1mamba - dasher(i586) dasher(x86_64) dasher(source)

gnome-pilot: GNOME pilot programs
2.91.93-2mamba - gnome-pilot(i586) gnome-pilot-devel(i586) gnome-pilot(source)

gtans: The Tangram is a chinese puzzle
1.99.0-1mamba - gtans(i586) gtans(source)

hicolor-icon-theme: Icon-theme contains the standard and also references the default icon theme called hicolor
0.17-1mamba - hicolor-icon-theme(i586) hicolor-icon-theme(arm) hicolor-icon-theme(x86_64) hicolor-icon-theme(source)

keepassx: keepassx is an application that allow to save password and other information to an encrypted database
2.0_alpha6-1mamba - keepassx(i586) keepassx-debug(i586) keepassx(x86_64) keepassx-debug(x86_64) keepassx(source)

libcompizconfig: Compiz configuration library
0.9.4-1mamba - libcompizconfig(i586) libcompizconfig-devel(i586) libcompizconfig(source)

libdbus-1-qt3: QT3 binding library for D-BUS
0.8.1-1mamba - libdbus-1-qt3(i586) libdbus-1-qt3-devel(i586) libdbus-1-qt3(source)

libglvnd: GL Vendor-Neutral Dispatch library
1.0.0-1mamba - libglvnd(i586) libglvnd-debug(i586) libglvnd-devel(i586) libglvnd(x86_64) libglvnd-debug(x86_64) libglvnd-devel(x86_64) libglvnd(source)

libntrack: A library for application developers that want to get events on network online status changes
014-2mamba - libntrack(i586) libntrack-devel(i586) libntrack-glib(i586) libntrack-glib-devel(i586) libntrack-qt4(i586) libntrack-qt4-devel(i586) pyntrack(i586) libntrack(source)

libparagui: Cross-platform high-level application framework and GUI library based on SDL
1.1.8-1mamba - libparagui(i586) libparagui-devel(i586) libparagui(source)

libxbase: XBase compatible database library
3.1.2-3mamba - libxbase(i586) libxbase-devel(i586) libxbase-static(i586) libxbase-tools(i586) libxbase(source)

mysql: A very fast and reliable SQL database engine
5.6.22-1mamba - libmysql(x86_64) libmysql-devel(x86_64) mysql(x86_64) mysql-bench(x86_64) mysql-client(x86_64) mysql-common(x86_64) mysql-server(x86_64) mysql(source)

ninja-ide: An IDE specially designed for Python Applications Development
2.3.20150712git-1mamba - ninja-ide(i586) ninja-ide(x86_64) ninja-ide(source)

obexd: D-Bus service for Obex Client access
1:0.48-1mamba - obex-client(arm) obexd(arm) obexd(source)

perl-GD-Graph: GD::Graph - This is GDGraph, a package to generate charts
1.4308-1mamba - perl-GD-Graph(i586) perl-GD-Graph(source)

perl-Moose: Moose - A postmodern object system for Perl 5
2.2009-1mamba - perl-Moose(i586) perl-Moose(arm) perl-Moose(x86_64) perl-Moose(source)

postfixadmin: A Web Based Management tool for Postfix
3.2-1mamba - postfixadmin(i586) postfixadmin-cyrus(i586) postfixadmin(x86_64) postfixadmin-cyrus(x86_64) postfixadmin(source)

python-compizconfig: Python bindings for the compizconfig library
0.9.4-2mamba - python-compizconfig(i586) python-compizconfig(source)

python-django18: A high-level Python Web framework
1.8.12-1mamba - python-django18(x86_64) python-django18-doc(x86_64) python-django18(source)

slviewer: Second Life Viewer
1.22.11.r113941-3mamba - slviewer(i586) slviewer(source)

telepathy-glib: GLib bindings for Telepathy
0.99.9-1mamba - telepathy-glib(x86_64) telepathy-glib-apidocs(x86_64) telepathy-glib-debug(x86_64) telepathy-glib-devel(x86_64) telepathy-glib(source)

tuxmath: TuxMath is an educational arcade game starring Tux, the Linux mascot!
1:2001.09.06-1mamba - tuxmath(i586) tuxmath(source)

wxGTK: GTK+ port of the wxWidgets library
2.9.4-1mamba - libwxBase-ansi(i586) libwxBase-ansi-devel(i586) libwxBase-unicode(i586) libwxBase-unicode-devel(i586) libwxGTK-ansi(i586) libwxGTK-ansi-devel(i586) libwxGTK-devel(i586) libwxGTK-unicode(i586) libwxGTK-unicode-devel(i586) wxGTK-examples(i586) wxGTK-i18n(i586) wxGTK(source)

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