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devel-games - branch of devel repository containing big games [unstable]

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devel - base development repository [unstable]

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AlephOne: 3D first-person shooter game
20120128-1mamba - AlephOne(i586) AlephOne(source)

AlephOne-data: AlephOne data files for Marathon Infinity Demo
20080808-2mamba - AlephOne-data(i586) AlephOne-data(source)

AlephOne-MarathonEvil: AlephOne data files for Marathon Evil Community edition
20120407-1mamba - AlephOne-MarathonEvil(i586) AlephOne-MarathonEvil(source)

armagetronad: A Tron Clone in 3d - armagetronad(i586) armagetronad(x86_64) armagetronad(source)

bzflag: A multiplayer 3D tank battle game
2.4.18-1mamba - bzflag(i586) bzflag(x86_64) bzflag(source)

crrcsim: CRRCSim is a model-airplane flight simulation program for Linux with ports to other platforms.
0.9.12-2mamba - crrcsim(i586) crrcsim-debug(i586) crrcsim(source)

emr: Excalibur: Morgana 's Revenge
3.0.0602-2mamba - emr(i586) emr(source)

enemy-territory: First Person Shooter, fragg'em all
2.60-4mamba - enemy-territory(i586) enemy-territory-client(i586) enemy-territory-etpro(i586) enemy-territory-server(i586) enemy-territory-server-etpro(i586) enemy-territory(source)

ESP_Haudoken: Guide the dot through each level without touching the black area.
0.2.1-1mamba - ESP_Haudoken(i586) ESP_Haudoken(source)

extremetuxracer: A downhill racing game featuring Tux
0.7.5-1mamba - extremetuxracer(i586) extremetuxracer(x86_64) extremetuxracer(source)

FlightGear: Flight Simulator
2016.1.1-1mamba - FlightGear(i586) FlightGear-data(i586) FlightGear(x86_64) FlightGear-data(x86_64) FlightGear(source)

freeciv: Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game
2.6.0-1mamba - freeciv(i586) freeciv(x86_64) freeciv(source)

frozen-bubble: Frozen Bubble arcade game
2.2.1_beta1-2mamba - frozen-bubble(i586) frozen-bubble(x86_64) frozen-bubble(source)

libSimGear: Tools and libraries useful for FlightGear
2016.1.1-1mamba - libSimGear-devel(i586) libSimGear-devel(x86_64) libSimGear(source)

lincity-ng: A City Simulation Game
2.0-3mamba - lincity-ng(i586) lincity-ng(x86_64) lincity-ng(source)

megaglest: 3D real time strategy game
3.13.0-1mamba - megaglest(i586) megaglest(x86_64) megaglest(source)

megaglest-data: Data files for the game MegaGlest
3.13.0-1mamba - megaglest-data(i586) megaglest-data(x86_64) megaglest-data(source)

naev: Naev is a 2D space trading and combat game, in a similar vein to Escape Velocity.
0.7.0-2mamba - naev(i586) naev-debug(i586) naev(x86_64) naev-debug(x86_64) naev(source)

openarena: An open-source content package for Quake III Arena licensed under the GPL
0.8.8-1mamba - openarena(i586) openarena(source)

opengfx: A set of base graphics for OpenTTD
0.5.4-1mamba - opengfx(i586) opengfx(x86_64) opengfx(source)

OpenSceneGraph: An open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit
3.4.0-1mamba - OpenSceneGraph(i586) OpenSceneGraph(x86_64) OpenSceneGraph(source)

opensfx: A set of base sound effects for OpenTTD
0.2.3-1mamba - opensfx(i586) opensfx(x86_64) opensfx(source)

openttd: An Open Source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe
1.7.2-1mamba - openttd(i586) openttd(x86_64) openttd(source)

openttd-openmsx: A set of base musics for OpenTTD
0.3.1-2mamba - openttd-openmsx(i586) openttd-openmsx(x86_64) openttd-openmsx(source)

pinball: The Emilia Pinball Project
0.3.1-4mamba - pinball(i586) pinball-devel(i586) pinball(x86_64) pinball-devel(x86_64) pinball(source)

scorched3d: A 3D version of the classic DOS game Scorched Earth
43.3d-1mamba - scorched3d(i586) scorched3d(source)

stuntrally: A rally game featuring 146 tracks in 24 sceneries, 19 cars and a Track Editor
2.5-1mamba - stuntrally(i586) stuntrally-debug(i586) stuntrally-devel(i586) stuntrally(x86_64) stuntrally-debug(x86_64) stuntrally-devel(x86_64) stuntrally(source)

supertux: A classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game
0.3.5-1mamba - supertux(i586) supertux(x86_64) supertux(source)

supertux-editor: SuperTux Milestone 2 level editor
0.3.4_20130826git-1mamba - supertux-editor(i586) supertux-editor(source)

supertuxkart: A Free 3D kart racing game
0.9.2-1mamba - supertuxkart(i586) supertuxkart(x86_64) supertuxkart(source)

torcs: The Open Racing Car Simulator
1.3.6-1mamba - torcs(i586) torcs(x86_64) torcs(source)

tremulous: First Person Shooter game
1.1.0-3mamba - tremulous(i586) tremulous(source)

tuxfootball: is a 2D football game
0.3.1-1mamba - tuxfootball(i586) tuxfootball(x86_64) tuxfootball(source)

vegastrike: Vegastrike - a free 3D space fight simulator
0.5.1.r1-1mamba - vegastrike(i586) vegastrike(source)

vegastrike-data: Data files for VegaStrike
0.5.0-2mamba - vegastrike-data(i586) vegastrike-music(i586) vegastrike-data(source)

warzone2100: 3D real time strategy game
3.2.3-1mamba - warzone2100(i586) warzone2100(x86_64) warzone2100(source)

widelands: A game like Settlers II
18-1mamba - widelands(i586) widelands(x86_64) widelands(source)

xmoto: A nice 2D motocross game
0.5.10-1mamba - xmoto(i586) xmoto(x86_64) xmoto(source)

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