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milestone1-updates - stable milestone1 updates

Depends on:

milestone1 - stable milestone1 base packages
milestone1-games - stable milestone1 games packages

List of packages:

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alsa-driver: Alsa drivers for the Linux kernel - alsa-driver(i586) alsa-driver-devel(i586) alsa-driver(source)

alsa-firmware: firmware for several ALSA-supported sound cards
1.0.17-1mamba - alsa-firmware(i586) alsa-firmware(source)

alsa-oss: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) wrapper for OSS
1.0.17-1mamba - alsa-oss(i586) alsa-oss-devel(i586) alsa-oss-static(i586) libalsa-oss(i586) alsa-oss(source)

alsa-tools: Specialist tools for ALSA
1.0.17-2mamba - alsa-tools(i586) alsa-tools-firmware(i586) alsa-tools-X11(i586) alsa-tools(source)

alsa-utils: Utilities for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)
1.0.18-2mamba - alsa-utils(i586) alsa-utils(source)

altermime: A program which is used to alter mime-encoded mailpacks as typically received by Inflex, Xamime and AMaViS
0.3.10-1mamba - altermime(i586) altermime(source)

amavisd-new: An interface between mailer (MTA) and content checkers: virus scanners, and/or SpamAssassin
2.6.3-1mamba - amavisd-new(i586) amavisd-new(source)

amsn: A free open source MSN Messenger clone
1:0.98.1-2mamba - amsn(i586) amsn-plugins(i586) amsn-skins(i586) amsn(source)

aMule: An eMule-like client for the eD2k and Kademlia file sharing networks
2.2.5-1mamba - aMule(i586) aMule(source)

aMule-AdunanzA: An eMule-like client for the eD2k and Kademlia file sharing networks
1:3.14b3.2.2.2-3mamba - aMule-AdunanzA(i586) aMule-AdunanzA-doc(i586) aMule-AdunanzA-webserver(i586) aMule-AdunanzA(source)

apache: The Apache webserver
1:2.2.14-1mamba - apache(i586) apache-devel(i586) apache-manual(i586) apache(source)

at: Job spooling tools
3.1.10-3mamba - at(i586) at(source)

audacity: A free audio editor
1:1.3.6-1mamba - audacity(i586) audacity(source)

autospec: Crea specfile ed aggiorna/controlla/corregge in modo automatico pacchetti rpm
1.6.3-1mamba - autospec(i586) autospec-libs(i586) autospec-plugins(i586) autospec-tests(i586) autospec-tools(i586) autospec(source)

autotrace: Utility for converting bitmaps to vector graphics
0.31.1-9mamba - autotrace(i586) libautotrace(i586) libautotrace-devel(i586) autotrace(source)

awn-extras-applets: Avant Window Navigator extras applets
0.2.6-2mamba - awn-extras-applets(i586) awn-extras-applets(source)

b43-fwcutter: A tool which can extract firmware from various source files for the BCM43xx driver
011-2mamba - b43-fwcutter(i586) b43-fwcutter(source)

BackupPC: A system for backing up Linux, WinXX PCs, Macs and laptops to a server's disk
3.1.0-1mamba - BackupPC(i586) BackupPC(source)

bash: The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash)
3.2p39-1mamba - bash(i586) bash-doc(i586) bash(source)

bash-completion: Programmable completion for bash.
20060301-2mamba - bash-completion(i586) bash-completion(source)

bbpress: A forum software with a twist from the creators of WordPress - bbpress(i586) bbpress-theme-openmamba(i586) bbpress(source)

berkeley-logo: Berkeley Logo is a freeware interpreter wrote by several students.
5.5-1mamba - berkeley-logo(i586) berkeley-logo(source)

bind: A DNS (Domain Name System) server
9.5.0.P2-1mamba - bind(i586) bind-devel(i586) bind-utils(i586) bind(source)

bittorrent: A distributed file distribution system
1:4.4.0-1mamba - bittorrent(i586) bittorrent(source)

blender: 3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production
2.47-1mamba - blender(i586) blender(source)

cdcollect: A CD/DVD catalog application
0.6.0-1mamba - cdcollect(i586) cdcollect(source)

cheese: An application designed to take photos and videos with your webcam
2.24.2-2mamba - cheese(i586) cheese(source)

chemtool: Chemtool is a small program for drawing chemical structures on Linux and Unix systems using the GTK toolkit under X11
1.6.11-1mamba - chemtool(i586) chemtool(source)

chinese-fonts-ttf: Chinese True Type font covering both tranditional and simplified chinese
0.2.20080216.1-1mamba - chinese-fonts-ttf(i586) chinese-fonts-ttf(source)

clamav: Clam AntiVirus is a GPL anti-virus toolkit for UNIX
0.96.5-1mamba - clamav(i586) clamd(i586) libclamav(i586) libclamav-devel(i586) clamav(source)

cmake: A cross-platform, open-source make system
2.6.4-1mamba - cmake(i586) cmake(source)

compiz: An OpenGL based compositing window manager
0.7.6-2mamba - compiz(i586) compiz-devel(i586) compiz(source)

csv2xls: A command line utility that enables the creation of xls files across platforms
0.4.2-2mamba - csv2xls(i586) csv2xls(source)

cups: Common UNIX Printing System
1.3.8-1mamba - cups(i586) libcups(i586) libcups-devel(i586) php-cups(i586) cups(source)

curl: A tool for transfering data with URL syntax that supports many protocols
7.18.2-1mamba - curl(i586) curl-gnutls(i586) libcurl(i586) libcurl-devel(i586) libcurl-gnutls(i586) libcurl-gnutls-devel(i586) curl(source)

dar: A shell command that backs up directory trees and files
2.3.8-1mamba - dar(i586) libdar(i586) libdar-devel(i586) libdar22(i586) dar(source)

desktop-base-openmamba: openmamba default desktop theme and menu entries
2.0.43-1mamba - desktop-base-openmamba(i586) desktop-base-openmamba(source)

dhcp: The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) client
4.1.0p1-1mamba - dhcp-client(i586) dhcp-common(i586) dhcp-devel(i586) dhcp-server(i586) dhcp(source)

dhcpcd: A RFC 2131 compliant DHCP client
5.1.3-1mamba - dhcpcd(i586) dhcpcd(source)

distromatic: A tool for maintaining an RPM based distribution
0.8.96-1mamba - distromatic(i586) distromatic(source)

docbook-dsssl: DocBook DSSL Stylesheet
1.79-1mamba - docbook-dsssl(i586) docbook-dsssl(source)

docbook-utils: Shell scripts to manage DocBook documents
0.6.14-2mamba - docbook-utils(i586) docbook-utils(source)

dvdauthor: Set of tools to author a DVD
0.6.14-3mamba - dvdauthor(i586) dvdauthor(source)

e2fsprogs: Utilities for managing the ext2/3/4 filesystem
1.41.4-1mamba - e2fsprogs(i586) libe2fs(i586) libe2fs-devel(i586) uuidd(i586) e2fsprogs(source)

eciadsl: User space tools for ECI HiFocus USB modem or Globespan based modem.
0.12-2mamba - eciadsl(i586) eciadsl(source)

evolution: An integrated mail, addressbook and calendaring tool - evolution(i586) evolution-devel(i586) evolution-gnome-pilot(i586) evolution(source)

fetchmail: A mail-retrieval and forwarding utility
6.3.9-1mamba - fetchmail(i586) fetchmail(source)

file: An utility for determining file types
4.26-1mamba - file(i586) libmagic(i586) libmagic-devel(i586) file(source)

firefox3: The next generation browsing technology from mozilla.org
1:3.5.3-2mamba - firefox3(i586) firefox3-devel(i586) firefox3-i18n-af(i586) firefox3-i18n-ar(i586) firefox3-i18n-be(i586) firefox3-i18n-bg(i586) firefox3-i18n-bn-IN(i586) firefox3-i18n-ca(i586) firefox3-i18n-cs(i586) firefox3-i18n-cy(i586) firefox3-i18n-da(i586) firefox3-i18n-de(i586) firefox3-i18n-el(i586) firefox3-i18n-en-GB(i586) firefox3-i18n-eo(i586) firefox3-i18n-es-AR(i586) firefox3-i18n-es-ES(i586) firefox3-i18n-et(i586) firefox3-i18n-eu(i586) firefox3-i18n-fi(i586) firefox3-i18n-fr(i586) firefox3-i18n-fy-NL(i586) firefox3-i18n-ga-IE(i586) firefox3-i18n-gl(i586) firefox3-i18n-gu-IN(i586) firefox3-i18n-he(i586) firefox3-i18n-hi-IN(i586) firefox3-i18n-hu(i586) firefox3-i18n-id(i586) firefox3-i18n-is(i586) firefox3-i18n-it(i586) firefox3-i18n-ja(i586) firefox3-i18n-ka(i586) firefox3-i18n-kn(i586) firefox3-i18n-ko(i586) firefox3-i18n-ku(i586) firefox3-i18n-lt(i586) firefox3-i18n-lv(i586) firefox3-i18n-mk(i586) firefox3-i18n-mn(i586) firefox3-i18n-mr(i586) firefox3-i18n-nb-NO(i586) firefox3-i18n-nl(i586) firefox3-i18n-nn-NO(i586) firefox3-i18n-oc(i586) firefox3-i18n-pa-IN(i586) firefox3-i18n-pl(i586) firefox3-i18n-pt-BR(i586) firefox3-i18n-pt-PT(i586) firefox3-i18n-ro(i586) firefox3-i18n-ru(i586) firefox3-i18n-si(i586) firefox3-i18n-sk(i586) firefox3-i18n-sl(i586) firefox3-i18n-sq(i586) firefox3-i18n-sr(i586) firefox3-i18n-sv-SE(i586) firefox3-i18n-te(i586) firefox3-i18n-th(i586) firefox3-i18n-tr(i586) firefox3-i18n-uk(i586) firefox3-i18n-zh-CN(i586) firefox3-i18n-zh-TW(i586) firefox3(source)

gambas2: A development environment based on a BASIC interpreter with object extensions
2.17.0-1mamba - gambas2-gb-chart(i586) gambas2-gb-compress(i586) gambas2-gb-crypt(i586) gambas2-gb-db(i586) gambas2-gb-db-form(i586) gambas2-gb-db-mysql(i586) gambas2-gb-db-postgresql(i586) gambas2-gb-db-sqlite2(i586) gambas2-gb-db-sqlite3(i586) gambas2-gb-debug(i586) gambas2-gb-desktop(i586) gambas2-gb-draw(i586) gambas2-gb-eval(i586) gambas2-gb-form(i586) gambas2-gb-form-dialog(i586) gambas2-gb-form-mdi(i586) gambas2-gb-gtk(i586) gambas2-gb-gui(i586) gambas2-gb-image(i586) gambas2-gb-net(i586) gambas2-gb-net-curl(i586) gambas2-gb-net-smtp(i586) gambas2-gb-odbc(i586) gambas2-gb-opengl(i586) gambas2-gb-option(i586) gambas2-gb-pcre(i586) gambas2-gb-pdf(i586) gambas2-gb-qt(i586) gambas2-gb-qt-ext(i586) gambas2-gb-qt-kde(i586) gambas2-gb-qt-kde-html(i586) gambas2-gb-qt-opengl(i586) gambas2-gb-report(i586) gambas2-gb-sdl(i586) gambas2-gb-v4l(i586) gambas2-gb-vb(i586) gambas2-gb-web(i586) gambas2-gb-xml(i586) gambas2-ide(i586) gambas2-runtime(i586) gambas2(source)

gcompris: Educational software which propose different activities to kids from 2 to 10
8.4.6-1mamba - gcompris(i586) gcompris-i18n-da(i586) gcompris-i18n-de(i586) gcompris-i18n-en(i586) gcompris-i18n-es(i586) gcompris-i18n-eu(i586) gcompris-i18n-fi(i586) gcompris-i18n-fr(i586) gcompris-i18n-hu(i586) gcompris-i18n-it(i586) gcompris-i18n-nl(i586) gcompris-i18n-pt(i586) gcompris-i18n-ru(i586) gcompris-i18n-sv(i586) gcompris(source)

Geo-db-LiteCountry: GeoLite LiteCountry - Country database for GeoIP
20080803-1mamba - Geo-db-LiteCountry(i586) Geo-db-LiteCountry(source)

gimp: The GNU Image Manipulation Program
2.4.7-1mamba - gimp(i586) gimp-console(i586) libgimp(i586) libgimp-apidocs(i586) libgimp-devel(i586) python-gimp(i586) gimp(source)

gimp-help: The GIMP help for use with the internal GIMP help browser and more
1:2.4.1-1mamba - gimp-help-i18n-de(i586) gimp-help-i18n-en(i586) gimp-help-i18n-es(i586) gimp-help-i18n-fr(i586) gimp-help-i18n-it(i586) gimp-help-i18n-ko(i586) gimp-help-i18n-nl(i586) gimp-help-i18n-no(i586) gimp-help-i18n-pl(i586) gimp-help-i18n-ru(i586) gimp-help-i18n-sv(i586) gimp-help-images(i586) gimp-help(source)

git: A version control system designed to handle very large projects with speed and efficiency - git(i586) git-gui(i586) perl-Git(i586) git(source)

gnome-doc-utils: A collection of documentation utilities for the Gnome project
0.14.0-1mamba - gnome-doc-utils(i586) gnome-doc-utils-devel(i586) gnome-doc-utils(source)

hydrogen: Advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux
0.9.3-3mamba - hydrogen(i586) hydrogen(source)

ImageMagick: Tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many image formats - ImageMagick(i586) ImageMagick-devel(i586) perl-Magick(i586) ImageMagick(source)

initscripts: The inittab file and the /etc/init.d scripts
1.4.10-1mamba - initscripts(i586) initscripts(source)

intltool: Utility for internationalizing various kinds of data files
0.40.5-1mamba - intltool(i586) intltool(source)

iscan: A graphical scanner utility that supports SEIKO EPSON devices - iscan(i586) iscan(source)

jack: A low-latency audio server that can connect a number of different applications to an audio device
1:0.116.1-4mamba - jack(i586) libjack(i586) libjack-devel(i586) jack(source)

karelj: A robot simulator.
1.1-2mamba - karelj(i586) karelj(source)

kernel: The Linux Kernel, the operating system core itself
2.6.24-7.5mamba - kernel-mamba(i586) kernel-mamba-headers(i586) kernel-mamba-sound(i586) kernel-mamba-source(i586) kernel-mamba-wireless(i586) kernel(source)

kernel-extramodules: Additional modules for the Linux Kernel
3:2.6.24-17mamba - kernel-mamba-extramodules(i586) madwifi-tools(i586) ndiswrapper(i586) kernel-extramodules(source)

kernel-nongpl: Additional modules for the Linux Kernel that are not (fully) released under an OSI license
1:2.6.24-6mamba - hsfmodem(i586) kernel-mamba-nongpl-divas4linux(i586) kernel-mamba-nongpl-fglrx(i586) kernel-mamba-nongpl-softmodems(i586) libGL-fglrx-X11(i586) slmodem(i586) xorg-drv-video-fglrx(i586) kernel-nongpl(source)

klamav: KlamAV is an anti-virus manager for KDE using ClamAV
0.46-3mamba - klamav(i586) klamav(source)

klogwatch: A KDE firewall log monitor
2.0.3-1mamba - klogwatch(i586) klogwatch(source)

knemo: A KDE network monitor tool
0.4.8-4mamba - knemo(i586) knemo(source)

knetstats: A KDE network monitor tool
1.6.1-1mamba - knetstats(i586) knetstats(source)

koffice: Office Suite for the K Desktop Environment (KDE)
1:1.6.3-5mamba - koffice(i586) koffice-devel(i586) koffice-karbon(i586) koffice-kchart(i586) koffice-kexi(i586) koffice-kformula(i586) koffice-kivio(i586) koffice-kplato(i586) koffice-kpresenter(i586) koffice-krita(i586) koffice-kspread(i586) koffice-kugar(i586) koffice-kword(i586) libkoffice-karbon(i586) libkoffice-kchart(i586) libkoffice-kexi(i586) libkoffice-kformula(i586) libkoffice-kivio(i586) libkoffice-kplato(i586) libkoffice-kpresenter(i586) libkoffice-krita(i586) libkoffice-kspread(i586) libkoffice-kugar(i586) libkoffice-kword(i586) koffice(source)

lash: A session management system for JACK and ALSA audio applications on GNU/Linux
0.5.4-1mamba - lash(i586) liblash(i586) liblash-devel(i586) python-lash(i586) lash(source)

less: A text file browser similar to more, but better
418-2mamba - less(i586) less(source)

liballegro: A game programming library
4.2.2-1mamba - liballegro(i586) liballegro-devel(i586) liballegro(source)

libalsa: Library for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)
1.0.18-1mamba - libalsa(i586) libalsa-devel(i586) libalsa(source)

libalsa-plugins: Plugins for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)
1.0.18-3mamba - libalsa-plugins(i586) libalsa-plugins(source)

libapr: The Apache Portable Runtime (APR)
1:1.3.9-1mamba - libapr(i586) libapr-devel(i586) libapr(source)

libaprutil: The Apache Portable Runtime (APR)
1:1.3.9-1mamba - libaprutil(i586) libaprutil-devel(i586) libaprutil(source)

libbluez: An implementation of the Bluetooth wireless standards specifications for Linux
3.36-1mamba - libbluez(i586) libbluez-devel(i586) libbluez(source)

libboost: Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
1.35.0-1mamba - libboost(i586) libboost-devel(i586) libboost-python(i586) libboost-python-devel(i586) libboost(source)

libcairomm: A C++ wrapper for the cairo graphics library
1.6.2-1mamba - libcairomm(i586) libcairomm-devel(i586) libcairomm(source)

libcap-ng: An alternate posix capabilities library
0.6.2-2mamba - libcap-ng(i586) libcap-ng-devel(i586) libcap-ng-utils(i586) python-libcap-ng(i586) libcap-ng(source)

libclucene: A C++ port of Lucene: the high-performance, full-featured text search engine
0.9.21-1mamba - libclucene(i586) libclucene-devel(i586) libclucene(source)

libcroco: A generic Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) parsing and manipulation toolkit
0.6.1-2mamba - libcroco(i586) libcroco-devel(i586) libcroco(source)

libcryptopp: Free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes
5.5.2-1mamba - libcryptopp(i586) libcryptopp-devel(i586) libcryptopp-tools(i586) libcryptopp(source)

libdevil: A full featured cross-platform image library
1.6.8-2mamba - libdevil(i586) libdevil-devel(i586) libdevil-static(i586) libdevil(source)

libexiv2: Exif and IPTC metadata library and tools
1:0.14-2mamba - libexiv2(i586) libexiv2-devel(i586) libexiv2(source)

libfreetype: Free TrueType font rasterizer library
2.3.7-2mamba - libfreetype(i586) libfreetype-devel(i586) libfreetype(source)

libGeoIP: GeoIP is a C library find what country an IP address or hostname originates from.
1.4.5-1mamba - libGeoIP(i586) libGeoIP-devel(i586) libGeoIP-static(i586) libGeoIP-tools(i586) libGeoIP(source)

libkexiv2: KDE wrapper library for Exiv2 library with some extras
0.1.7-2mamba - libkexiv2(i586) libkexiv2-devel(i586) libkexiv2(source)

liblcms: A free color management engine in 100K
1.19-4mamba - liblcms(i586) liblcms-devel(i586) liblcms-static(i586) python-lcms(i586) python-lcms-static(i586) liblcms(source)

liblive: Live.com streaming libraries
2008.07.25-1mamba - liblive(i586) liblive(source)

libmxml: A small XML parsing library that you can use to read XML and XML-like data files
2.5-1mamba - libmxml(i586) libmxml-devel(i586) libmxml(source)

libnspr: Netscape Portable Runtime
4.8-2mamba - libnspr(i586) libnspr-devel(i586) libnspr(source)

libnss: Network Security Services
3.12.3-1mamba - libnss(i586) libnss-devel(i586) libnss-tools(i586) libnss(source)

libpixman: A generic library for manipulating pixel regions
0.11.8-1mamba - libpixman(i586) libpixman-devel(i586) libpixman(source)

libpng2: A library of functions for manipulating PNG image format files
1.0.42-1mamba - libpng2(i586) libpng2-devel(i586) libpng2(source)

libqt4: A multiplatform, C++ GUI application development framework
4.4.1-3mamba - libqt4(i586) libqt4-accessible(i586) libqt4-demos(i586) libqt4-designer(i586) libqt4-devel(i586) libqt4-mysql(i586) libqt4-odbc(i586) libqt4-phonon(i586) libqt4-phonon-devel(i586) libqt4-postgresql(i586) libqt4-sqlite(i586) libqt4-sqlite2(i586) libqt4(source)

libraptor: An RDF Parser Toolkit
1.4.18-1mamba - libraptor(i586) libraptor-apidocs(i586) libraptor-devel(i586) libraptor(source)

librasqal: A library that handles Resource Description Framework (RDF) query syntaxes and more
0.9.16-1mamba - librasqal(i586) librasqal-devel(i586) librasqal(source)

libsnack: A sound toolkint designed to be used with a scripting language such as Tcl/Tk or Python
2.2.10-1mamba - libsnack(i586) libsnack(source)

libupnp: Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) SDK
1.6.6-1mamba - libupnp(i586) libupnp-devel(i586) libupnp(source)

libv4l: Collection of video4linux support libraries
0.6.1-1mamba - libv4l(i586) libv4l-devel(i586) libv4l(source)

libwv2: MSWord conversion library
0.2.3-2mamba - libwv2(i586) libwv2-devel(i586) libwv2(source)

libxine: A free multimedia player. It plays back CDs, DVDs, and VCDs
2:1.1.15-3mamba - libxine(i586) libxine-devel(i586) libxine(source)

libxmlrpc-c: Programming library for writing an XML-RPC server or client in C or C++
1.06.30-2mamba - libxmlrpc-c(i586) libxmlrpc-c-devel(i586) libxmlrpc-c(source)

links: A text-based browser with support for HTML tables and frames
2.2-1mamba - links(i586) links(source)

livecd-tools: Live cd utilities
2.2.13-1mamba - livecd-tools(i586) livecd-tools(source)

lopster: A Napster Client developed in C using the GTK user interface
1.2.2-5mamba - lopster(i586) lopster(source)

lrzsz: An open source x/y/zmodem implementation
0.12.20-2mamba - lrzsz(i586) lrzsz(source)

lyx: WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) document processor
1.5.6-1mamba - lyx(i586) lyx(source)

magento: An open-source eCommerce platform focused on flexibility and control
1.1.4-1mamba - magento(i586) magento(source)

makedist: A toolkit for making CD/DVD/archive images from an RPM based distribution repository
2.0.9-1mamba - makedist(i586) makedist(source)

makedist-openmamba: A makedist plugin containing build definitions for pen/livecds and more
1.0-1mamba - makedist-openmamba(i586) makedist-openmamba(source)

man-pages: English man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project
3.08-1mamba - man-pages(i586) man-pages-i18n-it(i586) man-pages-posix(i586) man-pages(source)

maxima: A sophisticated computer algebra system
5.15.0-1mamba - maxima(i586) maxima(source)

mc: A user-friendly file manager and visual shell
4.6.1-6mamba - mc(i586) mc(source)

Mesa: A 3-D graphics library with an API which is very similar to that of OpenGL
7.0.4-1mamba - libGL-devel(i586) libGL-Mesa-dri(i586) libGL-Mesa-fbdev(i586) libGL-Mesa-indirect-devel(i586) libGLU(i586) libGLU-devel(i586) libGLUT(i586) libGLUT-devel(i586) libGLw(i586) libGLw-devel(i586) libOSMesa(i586) libOSMesa-devel(i586) Mesa-tools(i586) Mesa(source)

metacity: A minimal X window manager aimed at nontechnical users used by Gnome
2.22.0-1mamba - metacity(i586) metacity-devel(i586) metacity(source)

miro: A powerful TV viewer
1.2.7-1mamba - miro(i586) miro(source)

mpg123: A real time MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 audio player for layers 1,2 and 3
1.5.1-1mamba - mpg123(i586) mpg123-devel(i586) mpg123(source)

msr-tools: Utilities to read and write a CPU MSR
1.2-1mamba - msr-tools(i586) msr-tools(source)

muse: A MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities
0.9-1mamba - muse(i586) muse(source)

nautilus: A graphical shell for the GNOME desktop enviornment - libnautilus-extension(i586) libnautilus-extension-devel(i586) nautilus(i586) nautilus(source)

nfs-utils: NFS utilities and supporting clients and daemons for the kernel NFS server
1.2.0-3mamba - nfs-utils(i586) nfs-utils(source)

nmap: Network exploration tool and security scanner
1:4.68-1mamba - nmap(i586) zenmap(i586) nmap(source)

ntp: Synchronizes system time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP)
4.2.4p7-1mamba - ntp(i586) ntp(source)

obexpushd: A program for receiving files via Bluetooth, IRDA or TCP
0.9-1mamba - obexpushd(i586) obexpushd(source)

openjade: An implementation of DSSSL an ISO standard for formatting SGML
1.3.2-7mamba - libopenjade(i586) libopenjade-devel(i586) openjade(i586) openjade(source)

openmamba-release: Release file for openmamba 1.1 (milestone1)
1.1-2mamba - openmamba-devel(i586) openmamba-devel-contrib(i586) openmamba-devel-embedded(i586) openmamba-devel-games(i586) openmamba-devel-makedist(i586) openmamba-release(i586) openmamba-release(source)

openssh: OpenSSH free Secure Shell (SSH) implementation
5.3p1-1mamba - openssh-clients(i586) openssh-common(i586) openssh-server(i586) openssh(source)

openssl: Secure Sockets Layer communications libs and utils
0.9.8k-1mamba - libopenssl(i586) libopenssl-devel(i586) openssl(i586) openssl(source)

otrs: An Open source Ticket Request System (also well known as trouble ticket system)
2.3.4-5mamba - otrs(i586) otrs(source)

pathological: An enriched clone of the game "Logical" by Rainbow Arts
1.1.3-3mamba - pathological(i586) pathological(source)

pcb: PCB Editor layout
20080202-1mamba - pcb(i586) pcb(source)

perl-Apache-Clean: Apache::Clean - interface into HTML::Clean for mod_perl 2.0
2.00_7-1mamba - perl-Apache-Clean(i586) perl-Apache-Clean(source)

perl-Apache-Reload: Apache::Reload - Reload Perl Modules when changed on disk
0.10-1mamba - perl-Apache-Reload(i586) perl-Apache-Reload(source)

perl-Authen-Captcha: Authen::Captcha - Perl extension for creating captcha's to verify the human element in transactions.
1.023-2mamba - perl-Authen-Captcha(i586) perl-Authen-Captcha(source)

perl-Authen-PAM: Authen::PAM - Perl interface to PAM library
0.16-1mamba - perl-Authen-PAM(i586) perl-Authen-PAM(source)

perl-Authen-SASL: SASL authentication module for PERL
2.12-1mamba - perl-Authen-SASL(i586) perl-Authen-SASL(source)

perl-BerkeleyDB: BerkeleyDB - Perl extension for Berkeley DB version 2, 3 or 4
0.38-1mamba - perl-BerkeleyDB(i586) perl-BerkeleyDB(source)

perl-Convert-TNEF: Convert::TNEF - Perl module to read TNEF files
0.17-1mamba - perl-Convert-TNEF(i586) perl-Convert-TNEF(source)

perl-Convert-UUlib: Convert::UUlib - Perl interface to the uulib library (a.k.a. uudeview/uuenview)
1.12-1mamba - perl-Convert-UUlib(i586) perl-Convert-UUlib(source)

perl-Date-Pcalc: Date::Pcalc - Gregorian calendar date calculations
1.2-1mamba - perl-Date-Pcalc(i586) perl-Date-Pcalc(source)

perl-Email-Date-Format: Email::Date::Format - produce RFC 2822 date strings
1.002-1mamba - perl-Email-Date-Format(i586) perl-Email-Date-Format(source)

perl-Event: perl :: Event - A Generic Perl Event Loop
1.11-1mamba - perl-Event(i586) perl-Event(source)

perl-File-RsyncP: File::RsyncP - Perl Rsync client
0.68-1mamba - perl-File-RsyncP(i586) perl-File-RsyncP(source)

perl-GSSAPI: GSSAPI - Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 library
0.26-1mamba - perl-GSSAPI(i586) perl-GSSAPI(source)

perl-HTML-Clean: HTML::Clean - Cleans up HTML code for web browsers, not humans
0.8-1mamba - perl-HTML-Clean(i586) perl-HTML-Clean(source)

perl-LWP-Parallel-UserAgent: Allows you to connect to download several Web pages in parallel
2.57-3mamba - perl-LWP-Parallel-UserAgent(i586) perl-LWP-Parallel-UserAgent(source)

perl-Mail-DKIM: Mail::DKIM - Signs/verifies Internet mail with DKIM/DomainKey signatures
0.33-1mamba - perl-Mail-DKIM(i586) perl-Mail-DKIM(source)

perl-Mail-POP3Client: Mail::POP3Client - Perl 5 module to talk to a POP3 (RFC1939) server
2.18-1mamba - perl-Mail-POP3Client(i586) perl-Mail-POP3Client(source)

perl-MIME-Lite: MIME::Lite - low-calorie MIME generator
3.023-1mamba - perl-MIME-Lite(i586) perl-MIME-Lite(source)

perl-Net-DBus: Net::DBus - Perl extension for the DBus message system
0.33.6-1mamba - perl-Net-DBus(i586) perl-Net-DBus(source)

perl-Net-IMAP-Simple: Net::IMAP::Simple - Perl extension for simple IMAP account handling
1.17-1mamba - perl-Net-IMAP-Simple(i586) perl-Net-IMAP-Simple(source)

perl-Net-IMAP-Simple-SSL: Net::IMAP::Simple::SSL - SSL support for Net::IMAP::Simple
1.3-1mamba - perl-Net-IMAP-Simple-SSL(i586) perl-Net-IMAP-Simple-SSL(source)

perl-Net-Jabber: Net::Jabber - Jabber Perl Library
2.0-1mamba - perl-Net-Jabber(i586) perl-Net-Jabber(source)

perl-Net-Server: Net::Server - Extensible, general Perl server engine
0.97-1mamba - perl-Net-Server(i586) perl-Net-Server(source)

perl-Net-XMPP: Net::XMPP - XMPP Perl Library
1.02-1mamba - perl-Net-XMPP(i586) perl-Net-XMPP(source)

perl-PDF-API2: PDF::API2 - Module for the Creation and Modification of PDF Files
0.73-1mamba - perl-PDF-API2(i586) perl-PDF-API2(source)

perl-SOAP-Lite: SOAP::Lite - Client and server side SOAP implementation
0.710.08-2mamba - perl-SOAP-Lite(i586) perl-SOAP-Lite(source)

perl-Text-CSV: Text::CSV - comma-separated values manupulator (using XS or PurePerl)
1.10-1mamba - perl-Text-CSV(i586) perl-Text-CSV(source)

perl-Text-CSV_XS: Text::CSV_XS - comma-separated values manipulation routines
0.60-1mamba - perl-Text-CSV_XS(i586) perl-Text-CSV_XS(source)

perl-Unix-Syslog: Unix::Syslog - Perl interface to the UNIX syslog(3) calls
1.1-1mamba - perl-Unix-Syslog(i586) perl-Unix-Syslog(source)

perl-XML-LibXML: XML::LibXML - Perl binding for libxml2
1.66-1mamba - perl-XML-LibXML(i586) perl-XML-LibXML(source)

perl-XML-Stream: XML::Stream - Creates and XML Stream connection and parses return data
1.22-1mamba - perl-XML-Stream(i586) perl-XML-Stream(source)

perl-YAML-Tiny: YAML::Tiny - Read/Write YAML files with as little code as possible
1.36-1mamba - perl-YAML-Tiny(i586) perl-YAML-Tiny(source)

php: The PHP HTML-embedded scripting language
5.2.11-2mamba - apache-mod_php(i586) php(i586) php-devel(i586) php-imap(i586) php-ldap(i586) php-mysql(i586) php-mysqli(i586) php-odbc(i586) php-pgsql(i586) php-sqlite(i586) php-xsl(i586) php(source)

phpmyadmin: MySQL administration tool - phpmyadmin(i586) phpmyadmin-themes(i586) phpmyadmin(source)

pidgin: A multi-protocol instant messaging client compatible with AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, and more protocols
2.5.1-1mamba - pidgin(i586) pidgin-devel(i586) pidgin(source)

pipslite: A filter program for CUPS that offers high quality printing with Seiko Epson color ink jet printers - pipslite(i586) pipslite-devel(i586) pipslite(source)

pm-utils: A small collection of scripts that handle suspend and resume on behalf of HAL
1.2.5-1mamba - pm-utils(i586) pm-utils-devel(i586) pm-utils(source)

postfix: A fast, easy to administer, and secure mail transfer agent
2.5.6-2mamba - postfix(i586) postfix-virtualdomains-mysql(i586) postfix(source)

postplug: Pluggable boot-time configuration tool
1.0.21-1mamba - postplug(i586) postplug-sound(i586) postplug-xorg(i586) postplug(source)

pstoedit: Translates PostScript and PDF graphics into other vector formats
3.45-2mamba - libpstoedit(i586) libpstoedit-devel(i586) pstoedit(i586) pstoedit(source)

pyalsaaudio: ALSA wrapper for Python.
0.3-1mamba - pyalsaaudio(i586) pyalsaaudio(source)

PyQt: A set of Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
3.17.4-1mamba - PyQt(i586) PyQt(source)

python-babel: Library for internationalizing Python applications
0.9.6-1mamba - python-babel(i586) python-babel-tool(i586) python-babel(source)

python-dbus: Python bindings for D-Bus
0.83.0-3mamba - python-dbus(i586) python-dbus-devel(i586) python-dbus(source)

python-excelerator: A module to work with Excel 97+ files - python-excelerator(i586) python-excelerator(source)

python-feedparser: Feed Parser package for Python
4.1-1mamba - python-feedparser(i586) python-feedparser(source)

python-genshi: Python toolkit for generation of output for the web
0.6-2mamba - python-genshi(i586) python-genshi(source)

python-Imaging: Python Imaging Library
1.1.7-4mamba - python-Imaging(i586) python-Imaging-devel(i586) python-Imaging-sane(i586) python-Imaging-tk(i586) python-Imaging(source)

python-iwscan: Python bindings for wireless scanning via iwlib
20090609-1mamba - python-iwscan(i586) python-iwscan(source)

python-lxml: Python binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries
2.3.1-1mamba - python-lxml(i586) python-lxml-doc(i586) python-lxml(source)

python-nose: nose extends unittest to make testing easier
0.11.3-2mamba - python-nose(i586) python-nose(source)

python-pyjon-reports: A simple mean of creating templated PDF documents in Python
0.6-1mamba - python-pyjon-reports(i586) python-pyjon-reports(source)

python-pypdf: PDF toolkit
1.13-1mamba - python-pypdf(i586) python-pypdf(source)

python-pyslsk: A client for SoulSeek filesharing system
1.2.7b-4mamba - python-pyslsk(i586) python-pyslsk(source)

python-reportlab: An Open Source Python library for generating PDFs and graphics
2.5-1mamba - python-reportlab(i586) python-reportlab-doc(i586) python-reportlab(source)

python-setuptools: Download, build, install, upgrade and uninstall Python packages
0.6c11-2mamba - python-setuptools(i586) python-setuptools-devel(i586) python-setuptools(source)

python-simplejson: Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python
2.1.6-1mamba - python-simplejson(i586) python-simplejson(source)

python-sip: A tool for automatically generating Python bindings for C and C++ libraries
4.7.7-1mamba - python-sip(i586) python-sip(source)

python-wpactrl: Python bindings for wpa_supplicant/hostapd ctrl socket
20090609-1mamba - python-wpactrl(i586) python-wpactrl(source)

python-xml: XML package for Python
0.8.4-3mamba - python-xml(i586) python-xml(source)

python-z3c-rml: An alternative implementation of RML
0.9.1-1mamba - python-z3c-rml(i586) python-z3c-rml(source)

python-zope-event: Very basic event publishing system
3.5.0-1mamba - python-zope-event(i586) python-zope-event(source)

python-zope-interface: Python library for API definitions through interfaces
3.8.0-1mamba - python-zope-interface(i586) python-zope-interface(source)

python-zope-schema: zope.interface extension for defining data schemas
3.8.0-1mamba - python-zope-schema(i586) python-zope-schema(source)

qjackctl: A simple Qt application to control the JACK sound server daemon
0.3.4-2mamba - qjackctl(i586) qjackctl(source)

qsynth: A fluidsynth GUI front-end application written in C++ around the Qt3 toolkit
0.3.4-2mamba - qsynth(i586) qsynth(source)

qtractor: A MIDI/Audio multi-track sequencer
1:0.3.0-2mamba - qtractor(i586) qtractor(source)

rkhunter: A tool that scans for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits by running several tests
1.3.4-1mamba - rkhunter(i586) rkhunter(source)

rootfiles: Root home dir configuration files
2.1-2mamba - rootfiles(i586) rootfiles(source)

rsync: An utility that provides fast incremental file transfer
3.0.3-1mamba - rsync(i586) rsync(source)

ruby: An interpreted scripting language for quick and easy object-oriented programming
1.8.7.p72-1mamba - ruby(i586) ruby-devel(i586) ruby(source)

samba: Samba provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients
3.0.37-1mamba - libsmbclient(i586) libsmbclient-devel(i586) libsmbsharemodes(i586) libsmbsharemodes-devel(i586) samba(i586) samba-server(i586) samba-swat(i586) samba-winbind(i586) samba(source)

screen: A screen manager that multiplexes a physical terminal between several processes
4.0.3-1mamba - screen(i586) screen(source)

shadow: Utilities for managing shadow password files and user/group accounts
4.0.7-10mamba - shadow(i586) shadow-common(i586) shadow(source)

snort: The Open Source Intrusion Detection System - snort(i586) snort-devel(i586) snort(source)

splashutils: Programs and scripts to provide a grahical environment during kernel boot - splashutils(i586) splashutils-devel(i586) splashutils(source)

squid: The Squid proxy caching server
3.0.STABLE21-1mamba - squid(i586) squid(source)

strace: A debugging tool which prints out all the system calls made by a process/program
4.5.18-1mamba - strace(i586) strace(source)

strigi: The fastest and smallest desktop searching program
0.5.11-1mamba - strigi(i586) strigi-devel(i586) strigi(source)

suspend: The user space tools implementing kernel capabilities of suspending to RAM or disk
0.8-8mamba - suspend(i586) suspend(source)

sysfsutils: System utilities based on sysfs
2.1.0-3mamba - libsysfs(i586) libsysfs-devel(i586) sysfsutils(i586) sysfsutils(source)

tar: A GNU file archiving program
1.26-1mamba - tar(i586) tar(source)

tcltk85: A Tcl/Tk development environment: tcl, tk, tix, tclX, expect, and itcl
8.5.4-1mamba - expect85(i586) expect85-examples(i586) expect85-tk(i586) libtcl85(i586) libtcl85-devel(i586) libtk85(i586) libtk85-devel(i586) tcltk85(source)

tightvnc: A VNC distribution with many new features, improvements, and bugfixes over VNC
1.3.10-1mamba - tightvnc(i586) tightvnc-server(i586) tightvnc(source)

toptray: Assistant for Politecnico di Torino
0.1-1mamba - toptray(i586) toptray(source)

transcode: A text-console utility for video stream processing
1.0.5-4mamba - transcode(i586) transcode(source)

ttf-freefont: Free USC outline fonts
20090104-1mamba - ttf-freefont(i586) ttf-freefont(source)

tuneroid: A tuner for variety of musical instruments
0.9.5-1mamba - tuneroid(i586) tuneroid(source)

tuxtype: Tux Typing is an educational typing tutor for children.
1.5.3-6mamba - tuxtype(i586) tuxtype(source)

udev: A userspace tool to manage a dynamic devices directory
2:124-3mamba - udev(i586) udev-devel(i586) udev-static(i586) udev(source)

urandr: A GUI to RandR 1.2
0.1-2mamba - urandr(i586) urandr(source)

urwid: A console user interface library for Python - urwid(i586) urwid(source)

usb_modeswitch: USB_ModeSwitch is (surprise!) a mode switching tool for controlling "flip flop" (multiple device) USB gear.
1.0.5-2mamba - usb_modeswitch(i586) usb_modeswitch(source)

usermin: A web-based interface for webmail, password changing, mail filters, fetchmail and much more
1.400-1mamba - usermin(i586) usermin(source)

vim: VIsual editor iMproved
7.2-1mamba - vim(i586) vim(source)

virtualbox: A general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware
1.6.6-1mamba - virtualbox(i586) virtualbox-additions-VBoxGuest(i586) virtualbox(source)

vsftpd: Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon.
2.2.1-1mamba - vsftpd(i586) vsftpd(source)

webmin: A web-based interface for system administration for Unix
1.430-1mamba - webmin(i586) webmin(source)

wicd: An open source wired and wireless network manager
1.5.9-3mamba - wicd(i586) wicd(source)

wine: An open source implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix
2:1.0-1mamba - libwine(i586) wine(i586) wine-devel(i586) wine-fonts(i586) wine(source)

wireshark: A free network protocol analyzer
1.0.3-1mamba - libwireshark(i586) libwireshark-devel(i586) wireshark(i586) wireshark(source)

wlassistant: Wireless network management tool
0.5.7-4mamba - wlassistant(i586) wlassistant(source)

wxPython: A GUI toolkit for the Python programming language - wxPython(i586) wxPython(source)

xabacus: This is an implementation of the classic Chinese abacus which has its origins in the 12th century.
7.4-1mamba - xabacus(i586) xabacus(source)

xbindkeys: A program that allows you to launch shell commands with your keyboard or your mouse under X Window
1.8.2-13mamba - xbindkeys(i586) xbindkeys(source)

xfractint: A freeware fractal generator
20.2.04-2mamba - xfractint(i586) xfractint(source)

xorg-drv-input-synaptics: Xorg/XFree86 Synaptics TouchPad Driver
0.15.2-1mamba - xorg-drv-input-synaptics(i586) xorg-drv-input-synaptics(source)

xorg-drv-video: X.Org video drivers
7.3-5mamba - xorg-drv-video-amd(i586) xorg-drv-video-base(i586) xorg-drv-video-base-devel(i586) xorg-drv-video-nsc(i586) xorg-drv-video-sun(i586) xorg-drv-video(source)

xz: Utilities for the .xz and .lzma formats
5.0.3-1mamba - liblzma(i586) liblzma-devel(i586) xz(i586) xz(source)

zd1211-firmware: zd1211rw driver firmware
1.4-2mamba - zd1211-firmware(i586) zd1211-firmware(source)

ZynAddSubFX: A software synthesizer capable of making a countless number of instruments
2.2.1-3mamba - ZynAddSubFX(i586) ZynAddSubFX(source)

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