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supporti di installazione openmamba installation

Installation from livecd

openmamba installation is performed through the installer program distributed in the livecd. Once you have started the computer from livecd, click on the openmamba installer icon.

The installation procedure will let you install the system through an interface organazied in the following simple steps:

1. Introduction

2. Disk choice

3. Partitioning tool

4. User details dialog

5. System details dialog

6. Confirm before formatting

7. Installation in progress

8. Installation completed

9. Installation log and reboot

"Live" media

With the livecd and flash-1GB "live" media you can both have a demonstration and fully use the GNU/Linux openmamba system without the need to install it on a fixed disk. These media can be downloaded from the download page.

Upgrade from QiLinux 2.0 (obsolete)

This procedure is not supported any longer. Please, follow the installation instruction from livecd instead.