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  • openmamba is a project based on the spontaneous contributions of people with the passion for open source. The result is an open and free operating system, that everybody can use and modify with the same freedom we have to make it. openmamba is a value for your and everybody.

  • The development activity does not generate incomes so it is done in the free time that developers have.

  • mambaSoft spends money for maintaining this web site to ensure you can perform fast and free downloads and use the wiki, the forum and the bug trackin system to find answers to your doubs and problems about this project.

  • Silvan Calarco, the founder of mambaSoft and main developer, spends part of its time for the growth of the project and would like to have more time and resources helped by financements.

  • Donations are precious at this stage of development in which it's important to spread and make openmamba appreciated by the largest possible number of people. On a next stage mambaSoft and openmamba could get financing with technical support, sale of material related to openmamba (merchandising, software boxes and documentation) and by producing OEM distributions for computer hardware resellers.

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If you like openmamba and want it to become better you can help with a financial contribution.

How to donate

Donations are possible via PayPal by clicking on the following link: