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What is openmamba?
openmamba GNU/Linux is a ready-to-use operating system for notebooks, desktop, server, single-board computers and tablets. It comes with a plenty of software programs for office, multimedia, internet, games and much more and it is free software, so you have the freedom to download, use, modify and copy it. It is a project created and maintained by mambaSoft and open to the contributions of a community of developers and Open Source enthusiasts.

Which distribution is it based on?
openmamba is not based on any major distribution but it is entirely built in autonomy starting from source codes of the software components which constitute it.
openmamba was born in 2007 as the prosecution of the work on the QiLinux distribution which development was ceased in 2006.

Can I install it on my computer?
Yes! If you have a PC (32 or 64 bit Intel compatible architecture), you can install it from the livedvd or livecd. See the install page for instructions.

I have a PC with a 64 bit AMD processor, can I install and use openmamba on it?
Yes, openmamba "rolling" release has been ported to the 64 bit architecture or you can install the milestone2 release and use it without pain in 32 bit mode.

What kind of software packaging is the distribution based on?
openmamba uses RPM as the package manager and PackageKit on top of smart for packages installation and upgrades from repositories. PackageKit graphical frontends are available for installations and upgrades from the graphical desktop.

Can I install RPMs packaged for other distributions?
It is not convenient for open source software and the best thing is to repackage it for openmamba. On the contrary, commercial software packaged for other RPM based distributions (RedHat, Suse, Mandriva) mostly works. In case of problems please use the forum to get support.

What is the desktop based on?
The default and most supported desktop in openmamba is KDE 4 but currently also Gnome and LXDE releases are available. Graphical accelleration is supported through Open Source drivers but AMD/ATI and NVIDIA proprietary drivers are supported as well.

What is the audio management based on?
openmamba uses Alsa preconfigured for mixing input and output audio sources in order to provide a satisfactory multimedia desktop experience to most users by default. Furthermore it provides the JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit) low-latency audio server to allow using professional quality applications for those who want to do music production and live performances.

Is it a commercial project?
No, altough the openmamba GNU/Linux system was created and is sponsored by mambaSoft, it is entirely an open project. This means that any of its components, including the scripts used to create the distribution media and maintain the repositories, are released under an open source license. mambaSoft only reserves the possibility to use the openmamba related web sites for commercial advertising of itself or third parties with the purpose of financing this project.

Can I have professional support?
Yes, mambaSoft provides the support you might need to install and use openmamba for your own business or the business of your company. For more details on professional support see our web site.

I'm a developer and would like to work on this project...
Fine, we have a lot of facilities for you to let you contribute to openmamba. Just write us at and we'll provide you with more details and let you start to contribute.

This is not a project of mine, so why should I spend my time working on it?
You can install openmamba plus your branch on your computers to have your own customized distribution, mostly maintained upstream and available to anybody in the internet. Also if you contribute to the head of the distribution that work will always be available to you and the whole community. So you first get benefit from your own contributions.

I'm not a developer but I like the project, can I be of any help anyway?
Sure, GNU/Linux development covers also many non technical fields. Work on graphic art, documentation, translations, administration and more is needed. Just write us at telling (if you know) what you would like to do to contribute to the growth of this project.

How are openmamba packages organized?
openmamba packages are currently grouped into the following repositories:

  • the devel trunk repository contains the whole main distribution
  • devel-contrib is a branch of the devel repository with updates and additions coming from contributors
  • the personal developers repositories, where any developer can make it's own modifications and fixes to openmamba

How is openmamba spelled and what is the font used in the logo?
It is a single word (no spaces) with all letters in lower case. Like in the logo it is possible to write "open" in green and "mamba" in black (e.g. openmamba). The font face used is free mono with little modifications.

I have a question on openmamba but I haven't found an answer on this page, what can I do?
Write us, we will gladly consider your questions and give you feedback.