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Name:          java-jiprof
Version:       1.1.1
Release:       2mamba
Summary:       Java Interactive Profiler
Group:         Development/Libraries/Java
Vendor:        openmamba
Distribution:  openmamba
Packager:      gil <puntogil@...>
License:       BSD
BuildRequires: apache-ant
BuildRequires: java-junit3
BuildRequires: jpackage-utils
BuildRequires: objectweb-asm2
Requires:      jpackage-utils
Requires:      xerces-j2
BuildRoot:     %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-root

JIP is a high performance, low overhead profiler that is written entirely in Java. JIP
gives the developer the ability to turn the profiler on and off while the VM is running.
You can also filter out classes and packages as well as control the output.

%package javadoc
Group:         Documentation
Summary:       Javadoc for %{name}

%description javadoc
The Java Interactive Profiler.

This package contains javadoc for %{name}

%package manual
Group:         Documentation
Summary:       Manual for %{name}

%description manual
The Java Interactive Profiler.

This package contains manual for %{name}


%setup -q -c %{name}-%{version}

for j in $(find -name "*.jar"); do
  	mv $j  $


export CLASSPATH=$(build-classpath junit-3.8.2 asm2/asm2 asm2/asm2-attrs asm2/asm2-commons xerces-j2 xercesImpl):bin
ant dist

[ "%{buildroot}" != / ] && rm -rf "%{buildroot}"

mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_javadir}/jiprof

install -pm 644 client/client.jar %{buildroot}%{_javadir}/jiprof/client-%{version}.jar
install -pm 644 profile/profile.jar %{buildroot}%{_javadir}/jiprof/profile-%{version}.jar
install -pm 644 profile/jipViewer.jar %{buildroot}%{_javadir}/jiprof/jipViewer-%{version}.jar

	cd %{buildroot}%{_javadir}/jiprof
	for jar in *-%{version}*; do 
		ln -sf ${jar} ${jar/-%{version}/}

mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_javadocdir}/jiprof-%{version}
cp -pr doc/javadoc/* %{buildroot}%{_javadocdir}/jiprof-%{version}
ln -s jiprof-%{version} %{buildroot}%{_javadocdir}/jiprof
rm -rf doc/javadoc

[ "%{buildroot}" != / ] && rm -rf "%{buildroot}"

%dir %{_javadir}/jiprof
%doc doc/license.txt

%files javadoc

%files manual
%doc doc/*

* Fri Dec 10 2010 gil <puntogil@...> 1.1.1-2mamba
- rebuilt devel

* Thu Sep 24 2009 gil <puntogil@...> 1.1.1-1mamba
- package created by autospec