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%define        pkg_version  1_1_3
Name:          java-kilim1
Version:       1.1.3
Release:       2mamba
Summary:       Java Configuration Framework
Group:         Development/Libraries/Java
Vendor:        openmamba
Distribution:  openmamba
Packager:      gil <puntogil@...>
License:       BSD, LGPL
BuildRequires: apache-ant
BuildRequires: java-nanoxml-lite
BuildRequires: jpackage-utils
Requires:      java-nanoxml-lite
Requires:      jpackage-utils
BuildRoot:     %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-root

Kilim is a generic configuration framework for Java, which can be used
easily with existing applications, frameworks, and systems. It was
originally built into Jonathan in order to allow fine configuration of
its various frameworks (protocols, resource management policies, etc.)
without requiring specific code, and has since grown independently of

%package javadoc
Group:         Documentation
Summary:       Javadoc for %{name}

%description javadoc
Kilim Java Configuration Framework.

This package contains javadoc for %{name}.

%package manual
Group:         Documentation
Summary:       Documents for  %{name}

%description manual
Kilim Java Configuration Framework.

This package contains documents for %{name}.


%setup -q -n kilim

for j in $(find . -name "*.jar"); do
	rm -f $j

for j in $(find . -name "CVS"); do
	rm -f $j


export CLASSPATH=$(build-classpath nanoxml-lite)
pushd externals
	for jar in $(echo $CLASSPATH | sed 's/:/ /g'); do
		ln -sf ${jar} .
ant distrib javadoc

[ "%{buildroot}" != / ] && rm -rf "%{buildroot}"

mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_javadir}
install -m 644 distrib/kilim.jar %{buildroot}%{_javadir}/kilim1-%{version}.jar
install -m 644 distrib/kilim-tools.jar %{buildroot}%{_javadir}/kilim1-tools-%{version}.jar

	cd %{buildroot}%{_javadir}
	for jar in *-%{version}*; do
		ln -sf ${jar} ${jar/-%{version}/}

mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_javadocdir}/kilim1-%{version}
cp -pr doc/apis/* %{buildroot}%{_javadocdir}/kilim1-%{version}
ln -sf kilim1-%{version} %{buildroot}%{_javadocdir}/kilim1

[ "%{buildroot}" != / ] && rm -rf "%{buildroot}"

%doc Readme.txt

%files javadoc

%files manual
%doc doc/GettingStarted

* Thu Nov 25 2010 gil <puntogil@...> 1.1.3-2mamba
- ... add a changelog entry

* Fri Sep 04 2009 gil <puntogil@...> 1.1.3-1mamba
- package created by autospec